Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Has Certainly Been A Busy Monday, Of Miles & Miles--

A business sign in Point Reyes, which actually depicts our location geologically of where we were. Point Reyes is the epicenter of earth quake activity in the U.S. There was an earthquake in San Fransisco this morning, I was told it was a 3. on the richter scale.We've crossed the Golden Gate a total of 4 times on this trip. My husband gets to add a crossing, from his travel over the bridge in the late 60's, of when he was in the military.
Feels like you are on the edge of the world, truly.
We have traveled several hundred miles just in one day, & today's one of them.
This sign sooo, has my message, I then purveyed Many Villages, looking for abalone, of which I found.

The above photo is of Diana, she was very helpful, friendly & most informative, & had an excellent selection of abalone. Diana is of Native American heritage, she has lived in California for 40 years, & is originally from Syracuse, N.Y. She shared the story of the Legend of Hiawatha & the League of Nations. She explained there was a multiple group of different Indians Tribes, from-- N.Y., Ohio, Pa, Tenn. & some other states. This League of Nations, Diana said, is known to have set in place a model of an original framework, of a written document, & this document from this original League of Nations, has been used as a model for some of the very important documents of the U.S. government. She said information on Hiawatha can be found, & that Hiawatha was known to his people as a Prophet, & had informed his people that the white man would be coming. There is more to be known about Hiawatha beyond the Hiawatha poem, that many of us learned in school, her information made clear. It was a rather enlightening conversation regarding Native American history, that was never taught in our schools growing up, & am uncertain how it is being taught at present? It is a very sad & discouraging history, but it is always far better to know the truth, for without truth, we will never be fully free.

Diana's really cool stuff can be found at Many Villages, Stinson Beach, Ca. & can be reached at
A cool poster, which states-- "Open Your Mind To A Banned Book" "Open Books For Open Minds"
I spotted this poster at a very interesting books store also at Stinson Beach. My husband bought a book, he's an unbelievable book reader, me, well I blog & I blog, & I .....
How's that for car decor....

I have never received an ice cream cone, from a person with a better smile than this. Meet Rudy, who has the coolest hair, & waited on me at the Parkside Snack Bar at Stinson Beach, Ca.

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