Monday, August 11, 2014

A Summertime Bloom


     Good evening Peace Garden friends~!

  Tonight marks the beginning of a new family chapter for us.  Just several days ago our son M was officialy welcomed into the medical school program that begun today.  So many items are now on his to do list.  When I saw three handwritten pages of it all I could say to myself was "oh my"! 
     We the parents along with family and friends line ourselves along the road helping from the sidelines with moral support.  It is of course his journey, his life decision. Our son M for all the time we've known him has never opted for the easy route. Time and time again he continues to choose the challenging challenges. We will all learn from the sidelines what it is our son chooses to share with us, meanwhile we too shall continue to grow.
      Letting go is a lifetime lesson, as is the quest for knowledge.  Yes it all is a beautiful thing.


The above photo was taken during a morning walk in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Bynars & A Fab Performance

     Last night at TT The Bears, in Central Square, Cambridge Ma., a wonderful performance of our fave pop band, The Bynars took place.

     Matt, Mike and Andy gave a high energy show to the packed house of over a hundred fans, including friends, family and friends of friends. The music flowed as lead singer-guitarist Matt, along with band members Andy on guitar with back up vocals, and Mike on drums, with essential computer controls at hand. The three of them presented a tight group that gave a heartfelt show of raw creative talent, and energy!

     Mike told me that the August 1st show was to be his "last waltz" with the band.  He had been working full time for the past five years in the music-admissions department of a local university, and during that time also working hard behind the scenes in preparation of medical school. The dream had finally come true, and this newly earned opportunity is soon to begin.
Hence he was totally on cue last night for the entire set, with every beat of the drum screaming out in pure joy of each and every moment!

     For present and future fans of The Bynars, here's the link with some musical options embedded on the far right side of the narrative-

     My husband and I have totally enjoyed our connection to The Bynars. The band is the creation of the lead guitarist-singer songwriter, Matt who is an amazing talent!  Mike never tires of expressing his admiration, respect and appreciation of Matt. My husband and I know this for Mike is our son and our familiarity with The Bynars is through him of course. Mike too is an excellent musician, and now a change in direction, a new opportunity.  We as parents prayerfully wish him all that is good, and as he continues on his path he'll know what's right for him. Medicine is a complex world with much to learn, and working in the field of the healing arts and sciences continues our process of healing the world. 

     Helping to heal the world in our various ways is from the deep spiritual aspect of being human. Each and everyone over a lifetime continues to grow, from this we develop our interests, and talents. When we share this better part of who we are with honesty and respect for all, including honoring our own selves, we fulfill a very important part of the equation, the question of ~ why, we, are here~.  


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