Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leaving Sonoma, & "The Long & Winding Road", That Became Our Day....

Above is a view from within the range of the Sierras. My husband carefully drove these unbelievable windy,"slinky", spring-like roads. What they say about northern California is true, "a view at every turn." Enclosed are just a few--

We are at the section of where the Russian River & the Pacific Ocean joins. The Russian River is know for salmon & steel head trout.
Way too windy for me, this photo was taken from the car, note the sign posted "end", of where the Russian River has ended, & is now joined with the sea.

The map below that is hung on the wall at "Pat's Diner", is a true original, as is it's authenticity from the 50's, the era of my husband's & my childhoods, yes we are-- "boomers".

A very warm & friendly gal who waited on us for lunch at this very cool place "Pat's Diner", of which "a river runs through it", the Russian River.

A little around 1pm or so we passed this sweet Mexican style church. The lines, & soft color of the building, with it's striking rotunda dome at the top as it meets the sky is a precious site.
California is at the forefront on alternative energy such as wind & solar.
A sign along the road after having left Sonoma, truly tells it like it is.

We think this small array of trees are olives, of which California is also known for.
A way too cute building greeting us as we drove by...
A small corner of gentleness & grace, at the Victorian Garden Inn, in Sonoma.
Donna, the lady on the right, a well versed citizen of the world, creator & owner of the Victorian Garden Inn, & her very talented, & caring employee, Thelma, who works at the Inn as she also attends college. Thelma is considering a career in nursing. If she did, she'd be Great*, as us nurses know these things.

This poster hangs in the dining room of the Victorian Garden Inn, it has lines of sentences in multiple languages. This statement reads:

"There will be peace on earth when there is peace among the world religions."
{Spiritual Unity of Nations, PO Box 9553, Wyoming, Michigan, USA}

We headed out of Sonoma at around 11:00 this morning after saying our goodbyes to our very kind & interesting hosts of the 26 year old Victorian Garden Inn. It is the quaint, yet beautiful sanctity of it's gardens & the interesting people who own & operate this Inn, that had made it a most worthwhile & meaningful stop along the way.

My husband suggested we stop at the town's Post Office to mail home the souvenir gifts that I had been gathering for our family back in Connecticut. My suitcase was already at it's brim, & mailing a small parcel home would certainly help to simplify our return trip.

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