Saturday, June 12, 2010

A June Bride's Musings, Then & Now

"Something old
& something new
Something borrowed
Something blue."

So much is new
So much is old
So much is true
What we've been told

So much we try
To make a change
So much entailed
We need not strain

Some nights I sleep
I toss & turn
Because it's new
Of what's to learn

These roads not driven
Yet before
We will get there
We will explore

No genius I
Of breaking trails
I'm smart enough
For what's entailed

I'll share with you
A thing or two
This journey's venture
Life is true.


The art work pictured above is one I did almost 40 years ago, when we were living in our first home. We keep it downstairs in the section of our cellar where we do the laundry. It reminds me of the newness of our independence back then, which was both a thrill & a challenging adventure of mystery. Always working at being positive, "for better & for worse", taking those vows seriously, for not only our sake, but the sake of our family.

In just a few days we leave on a very exciting trip in honor of & in celebration of our anniversary. We were married June 21st, 1970, of which seems like ages ago, yet at the same time, just moments ago too,
all in the blink of an eye.

"Chicago, Chicago the talk of the town, Chicago, Chicago......", our first destination.
From there, this other song comes to mind---
"California here I come, right back where I've started from....."
Leading up to, a destination dream for decades--- "To the Redwood Forrest....."

It is all in God's hand, as it has always been. We won't be going to the "Gulf Stream Waters..." as the song calls for next, that is not part of our route this time.
Let us hope & pray, that this country is finally "getting it",
that this planet is our only home & is a most delicate organism,
as are we.

That is our song, that is our plan,
We'll keep you posted
Trekking , "This land....."

{The "something old, & something new..." was something taken most seriously by most every bride's mother back in the day, & my mother was no exception. The bridal guarder was white lace with "blue" & white satin ribbon, my dress & vail was "new", can't say I recall what the "old" was, but I certainly had it on that day, for certain.}

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