Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our New House Has A New Home

The Process For Our New House 

     Well here it is another bright sunny day.  Am about to leave the nest to visit a friend, but before stepping out wanted to be sure to show & tell regarding the newest addition to our Peace Garden.  It was a rather involved process, but what can I say truly-  my husband is brilliant!

     Not only did he hand build our cottage-like house here in the woods in which we've lived for near thirty years.  Self taught I must add, but also handcrafted the beautiful peace pole that our community uses for events such as the International Day Of Peace, of which we just recently celebrated.  Here he is checking out the ground in which we are attempting to plant & secure our new birdhouse.  We have loads of ledge here, & also live in a wintry frost zone, not as severe lately due to climate change nonetheless the deeper the pole gets placed the better.

A time consuming labor of love.  Not for the backbreaking digging & all, but for the process of the message...

The glow of the day lingers.  Often times it feels like we stand alone on issues that we know are just & right.  Our own truth.  In all honesty having grown up in the 60's there's much to be thankful for, for since then a main theme has true with me.  It may have been said by an unknown child & repeated over & over, but it remains & will remain forever more-

War is not healthy for children and other living things.


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yesterday's Morning & A World Like No Other

What Every Garden Needs


     Yup it was like yesterday, actually many yesterday's all the way back to the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  At least I think that was the date. .?  It does tend to be a blur.  My husband was all set to do a hundred mile bike ride with a friend.  I on the other hand, yes I'm a cyclist too, but not of the caliber of he & his friends.  They're in a cycling club together, & by the end of a season the miles they usually log on are way beyond a thousand.  So when I refer to our cycling together, he & I, I refer to him as a cyclist, & myself as a bicycle rider, though I've been pedaling along on two wheels since the age of five.  In all acuality that makes me a cyclist too, there it's all been explained.
     The Sunday morning of summers' last holiday weekend was an iffy one weather-wise.  My upcoming adventure had been brewing for some years now. As you all know one of my great passions is pretty much known just by the title of this blog.  Our funky woodland Peace Garden simple that's true, but in many ways for me most serine.  Last summer of course included our being able to add the main symbol of what this garden stands for with the main theme being,  swords into plowshares.  When my husband shared that a client's spouce on his Meals On Wheels route was selling an old iron-mix of a manual plow it was like Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy were blasting a homerun out of the park signed, sealed & delivered!
     It was at least four years ago or more on our way to the airport in the Providence, RI area that I saw for the very first time what you can also see at the top of the page.  This wonderment was to be a long time desire for a special kind of house.  This was no ordinary house.  A house that is intended truly for the birds-

Am still amazed everytime I look at this pic. This very compex birdhouse seems almost bigger than than the man who created it, Joe Danella.  I met Joe for the very first time the day I went to pick up my house.  A truly warm hearted guy, mucho talented of course & very down to earth.  He wasn't feeling all to well that Sunday.  At first he extended his hand to shake hands with me, but then retracted it saying, ya better not, I'm not feeling well today, one of those summer colds I always get.  Don't want you to get it.  He told me he started making birdhouses ? twenty- ? thirty years ago.  He was in the antique business, but made a couple for himself.  Much to his suprise he ended up selling both of them,  Who would have thought I'd be making my living selling birdhouses, he told me, and I've been making em ever since.

Well I'll close for now.  If you're interested in a beautifully unique birdhouse check out Joe Danella's link.  When next I blog I'll fill ya all in on the continuation of our big birdhouse adventure.  It was a lot of fun.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

International Day Of Peace 2013

A Heartfelt Inspiring Afternoon

We gathered yesterday for a worldwide event.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  Though summer is now behind us, the blue of the sky & the sparkle of the sun gave everyone the feeling of being at home once again in kindred spirit.

The young men you see pictured here are next to the Peace Pole, which says May Peace Prevail On Earth.  Our handmade Peace Pole states this in eight languages.  Peace Poles are planted in various locations all over the world since the end of WWII.  These young men are students of the Putnam Science Academy, & are donning some really cool hand-decorated peace shirts of which they created and shared for this event. 

Above is our dear friend Lyn Tolar who is setting the stage of our wonderful event.  She brings so much creative energy & serene organizational skills to the spiritual work that the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council continues to do.

This year's International Day Of Peace had it's concerns regarding the violence in our country which was the topic of our first speaker who was introduced by Lyn Tolar, one of the early originators of UN Peace Day in our neck of the woods.  Lyn had just introduced Rev. David Baird, our State of Connecticut Chaplin.  Due to Rev. Baird's responsibilities as our State Chaplin he had & continues to be involved in programs of healing for the families of Sandy Hook.   

Lyn just introduced us to Barbara Martin of the Vernon Buddhist Center who is about to lead us in the Shantidevada Prayer.  Following this most peaceful and generous prayer we were led in a medative walk along side the Quinebaug River.


At center stage is John Etheridge who has just completed telling us about an episode of WWI that he had learned about, and the creation of the magnificent song Waltzing Matilda.  John played Waltzing Matilda on guitar & sang all the verses flawlessly too!  Seated next to Lyn is a new friend of ours from the Putnam Science Academy who is about to play what appears to be a bamboo flute-like instrument.  A most interesting sound.


Standing on our right is Mehmet Yaramis who is Vice Principle of Putnam Science Academy, next to him is the talented student who designed & made these incrediable peace themed T-Shirts for our day's event!

Just a few of the behind the scenes individuals who have worked so very hard to bring International Peace Day 2013 to our local community this year-

And last but not least a symbol from times of old to the present, that ancient olive branch to this very day.  We wish you all peace, true peace.

The Greater Putnam Interfaith Council / GPIC of which we are members also has a blog.  Just this morning we were asked to share some photos of the days' event.  The article posted was sweet & to the point.  I hope you give it a gander & check out our GPIC link-

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