Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*The Five Year Anniversary Of This Iraq War*

On this special day my comments are brief yet consistent:  I will forever believe that human beings have choices-- kindness over evil, truth over lies.  When I was a young nursing student at Hartford Hospital in the late 1960's one of the formulas that was taught to us in a Pharmacology course in order to come up with a correct medication dose was the formula of-- desire over have [noted as d/h].  It has now been decades since I've worked in any hospital setting & have not needed to access the hows of this formulation. It has always been said in the Nursing Profession-"You loose what you don't use.", nonetheless I do put to use aspects of that formula when problem solving on a much different level.  For today the topic is timeless-- "War & Peace", a topic far older than any of us on this planet.  We desire peace & we have the ability to make this happen. 

Human beings will forever desire & yearn for peace, that is our purest & most natural state.  At this time in history may the families, friends & loved ones of the dearly departed we honor & remember today-- find comfort & peace in knowing that the people of this United States of America will forever hold their loved ones in a very special place of honor, respect & love.  


Sunday, March 9, 2008

March Winds*

Life for me at times is often like these March winds.... turbulent & unpredictable, as nature can be.  The reasons for this, for each of us are individual & personal, yet the winds present their patterns as they circle our globe, as so do our unique makeups.  We will forever be the compilations of who we once were as children & who we've evolved to become-- always becoming,  always moving-- our moving forward in the sands of time, the rings in a tree-- we are of them, they are our silent witness.  Our time here is of course momentary [on a universal scale that is] & not so unlike the heaving & flustered rustlings of our trees along the walking paths & deep in our woods.  Different yet still alike.  Alike in the way we too are forced to move with the winds, to not be too stiff or rigid, or we too heave & break from forces stronger then ourselves.  We too are of nature, which includes of course our natural natures within.  

In my observations of nature including the plantings & growing of a garden, what I've learned is a reflection & a reminder of how it is I live.  It's been about a decade since I've begun this gardening journey & with every season there is something special to appreciate & to learn.     Spring for me is the best, for it is with spring we regain that hopefulness of revisiting what we already know is simple, yet complex in beauty & charm.  No matter the winters we've come from & no matter the shadows of our former selves, we are renewed with the promise & hope of sunnier days & gentle yet beautiful colors to come.

As I slowly make progress in weeding out the excess of inner clutter including the dust that collects & is a continued challenge, all it takes is a walk outdoors, feeling the crisp air or rearranging some decorative gardening stakes or funky sculptures I've acquired, even assembled.  All reminders of the peace & enjoyment of a childhood past-- those limited sandbox days with just the right amount of water mixing into mud, all just so-- to create a child's view, my view of perfection, a masterpiece.

Daffodil spotting's have been discovered in newly planted spots, new since yesterday.  The plan here is to learn how to up load my photos into this computer, & to then learn how to in bed them into this ongoing Blog, which of course is a main aspect of what is intended--to continue to learn new things.  On today's walk I told my husband that one of the main childhood stories that says it for me on many aspects is "The Little Engine That Could",  for as unique as we all are, we've all climbed & continue to climb our series of mountains & hills--"I think I can, I think I can." Life of course is not intended to remain child's play, but it is the lessons of our childhoods that can continue to serve us well if we are willing to take heart & to grow, in the unique ways we are intended to as individuals.   One size will never fit all, just as there is no quick fix to creating a lasting peace.  It does & always has begun with the individual, to the treating of our own selves with dignity & respect for in that way it is a natural to give it to others.  Creating healthy families, healthy households that are capable of going forth in a positive way, hopefully it is a positive in the & healing our world.  Whoever our next president is may their problems in childhood been overcome, for we've seen what we've gotten from an individual who's remains laden with unresolved family issues-- & how they've taken these dysfunctions onto the world stage.  So many a world leader has been cast from these molds.  The history of the history.  Yet it is approaching springtime & we can remain hopeful--- good will always beget good as humankind will forever reap what it is we sow. We are fortunate in many ways, & though in the past we may have wondered how can one person's vote count, we now know it definitely does.  Let us count for something good & awaken from this long winter knowing we can make this better-- in our own lives, with our families, our towns, our state, our country & yes the world.  Once a child of the 60's we are that forever-- we are positive thinking people  & "Flower Power" for spring or any season's fashion-- will never go out of style! 

I wish you all a gentle end to this year's winter & the fulfillment, joy & hope of our coming spring.