Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Aspect Of Nature Discovered By These Travelers--

We certainly were surprised at how wonderful this adventure was--
On the way to the spring fed spa....
Looks aren't everything, take our word on this--

The metal pipe used as a plug, it is moved from the front to back of the tub, to fill & to empty.
The photo above shows the outtake section of the tub, the photo below is of the intake.
This is one of about 10 or 12 tubs, which operate in a very simple manner, much like the Roman Baths. It worked then, as it works now. The after effects on a person's skin from soaking in these minerals is better than anything that can be purchased for skin care today.

The hanging moss on these trees, are so gracefully beautiful, I could barely take my eyes off of them, as you can tell from this perfect seat with a view.
A uniquely placed garden seat, arranged with stone, much of it consisting from lava flows. A main aspect of this region's base is from past volcanos.

We left Sonoma yesterday in search of Verchy Springs, Ukiah, California. Our new GPS, a wonderful gift from our family, for our anniversary, which my husband named Greta, got us turned around only once. It kept telling us to-- "go straight, go straight", but we could not heed, as the road we were instructed to travel on was closed with a very established chain linked gate. It was an oye, but we got through it, yes, we asked for directions, & we most definitely arrived as planned.

We were very surprised at just how much we enjoyed the experience of soaking in the natural spring fed, bubbling mineral baths. Vichy Springs we learned is world known. It was established in 1854 & we actually soaked in the original concrete & terracotta tubs. This spa is now a California Historical Landmark, guests from the past were-- Mark Twain, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Jack London, Ulysses S. Grant, Benjamin Harrison, & Teddy Roosevelt.

We are now true believers in the benefits of, as Mark Twain put it, "taking the waters", & will see if we can find a spring fed spa experience for the future when we return to the east coast.

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