Monday, June 28, 2010

As We Continue To Head South--

The miles this young man has logged, baffles the mind. He's fit & determined, & appears geared up most adequately as we feel an infinity with him....

The views of course, keep us spoiled with the ongoing beauty of what we love so very much. At one of our well needed rest stops along route 1 , which is the shoreline route, we met Hugo. Hugo is in the midst of accomplishing his journey from Seattle-to-San Fransisco. He was really clipping along on the downhills of the route we were sharing, with those unbelievable, deep canyon descents. He is truly one to be admired. I over heard my husband ask him how his brakes were, & Hugo assured him that he has maintained them well. We wished him a safe trip, & we too resumed our journey, south. We were headed to Point Reyes, of which we arrived close to 6:30pm or so this evening. We had already had a wonderful early dinner/late lunch in the Sonoma Valley, of which I will eventually add on as an episode at a future posting.

"Goodnight sun, goodnight moon, goodnight planets, goodnight universe, goodnight all", & continued safe travels to Hugo.


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