Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Golden Gate Bridge Experience

I've had hair issues all my life, but I will put aside any vanity to allow these curly locks to be utilized as a wind sock. How's that for today's recorded wind velocity....
San Fransisco is certainly a work out for any hair day, especially mine. It may look as if the wind is out of my sail, yes it's been quite the windswept day, but we loved it. As you can see it's my husband who passed the really good hair genes down in our family tree.

{My husband really has the eye when it comes to the photography. The first photo was taken by him, as I found it quite challenging to get the image I had in mind. All my life I've loved the expansiveness of our country's bridges, some are literally works of art & going over this one was a dream come true & to venture forth over it, at this special time of our lives together, is a true blessing. All these years, all these bridges we have crossed, marriage is work, hard, hard work, but worth it all the whiles... We are thankful for these blessings. *Amen* }

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