Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Discovered on Memorial Day Weekend

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

This past Sunday during the Memorial Day Weekend, my husband, & I met our son in Boston, for a mini fam* visit, as I hadn't been able to get into the city since before my bike mishap, & the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams was playing at the Coolidge Theatre. It was my birthday, & there would be no better time then then to test out the status of the healing mode of my hip, which proved wonderful. Most definitely it is the simple things, that bring forth some of life's finest pleasures; to walk, once again in the city, though still not necessarily up to speed, but nonetheless out there mulling about with everyone on a perfect day in May. A quick jaunt into the Booksmith one of the finest independent books stores in the east, lunch at Michael's Deli, & then of course off to the theatre to see a movie, that can only be described as a must see, for any one who loves the lure & mystery of prehistoric art, of which is 24,000-40,000 years old, hidden in a cave in France, & only just discovered in 1994.

What a wonderful way to celebrate any individual's time here on earth, viewing & giving honor to the ancient talents of those who lived here, when we can only image what this planet must have been like, & also remembering & honoring our veterans from the past, & to the present. Yes time marches on, but let us take heed from the marvelous past histories we are still unearthing, & learn from it all, in a meaningful, kind & useful way.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Every year on May 30th here in the United States we honor & remember all our Veterans, of all wars, & God knows we have had more than many of us have counted. As a person who was born on Memorial Day Weekend, way back when, please know, that for always, we as individuals, & as citizens of this dynamic country, support our military veterans always, with prayers in our hearts, & our votes in the ballot box, that there may some day, be no more wars that ever a person may need to fight in, or to speak out against, but until that day comes we will continue to put forth our voices to our politically elected, to please always remember to continue to fund properly all the necessary supportive services our veterans, & the families of our veterans need presently, & will continue to need, for our military veterans have all gone, & continue to go beyond the call, of who are & have been our own family members, friends & members of the communities of which we live.

Please help us God.



The above photo was taken at the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, where our flag has always been know to fly at half mast.



"On Memorial Day, America Should Honor Her Troops by Bringing Them Home..."

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Art of Gemini

The Gemini Twins above remind me of the Russian nesting dolls, & what about the next two characters..
These next two bring to mind an act from the circus, & isn't that life at times, it can feel like a high wire, yet ultimately all heart!
Of a childhood's imagination perhaps, Tinkerbells or are they
Thumbalina Twins in the family of Gemini...
Stardust guys of course, with a photo below of the Constellation Gemini of which has inspired this season, of many of our lives...

We are full into Gemini now, & being that's my sign, have been thinking about my Gemini friends. Every May I wonder, if only I could find just the right Gemini card, but I have yet to find one with just the right image. Well being I've been side lined & laying low a bit, as it's now three weeks since my ordeal on the bike, & I haven't built up strong enough tolerance yet for bopping around, but I have been able to be out & about; do errands, connect with friends, & am even catching up with my commitment of doing outreach in the community for our area's interfaith organization known as, the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council of which we are involved in & sponsoring our fourth annual United Nations International Day of Peace 2011 event, which will be held on Sunday September 18th in Putnam, Ct.

Yesterday, I connected with three school systems, & one library, & today one more library, in regards to this year's first ever Community Art Show, in conjunction with our UN Peace Day event. When I'm out & about meeting new & interesting people discussing the possibility of art work to be done by children & all the various ages of people of our community, it really does em passion me with a true sense of excitement & purpose. It's what I love to do, to talk about & to live, truly viva la art, of which I never ever tire, no matter what...

And speaking of what & what I'm up to, my never tiring passion for my love; of the art I love, & the art I do, viola I solved my Gemini card delima, & have decided to make my own. I have a few designs & styles in mind, & once I get started, I will substitute Yogi Beria's saying instead of "It ain't over till it's over." With my art projects mantra, "It ain't done till it's done!"

A Healthy & Happy Gemini One & All, & enjoy this ever so fleeting spring!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Haircare Chronicles Part II

That classic play Hair which we saw some years ago in Torrington, Ct., but is presently on Broadway I do believe in a revival.
Also, am including an update from a 6/28/11 link my son just sent me yesterday to another blog, of which aspects of the curly hair topic is discussed which includes an additional link to a pixar movie too-

My husband had me pose this way, but as you can see my hair was determined to go in it's own direction...
The rock & roll shades for this evening's pose of a day well spent...
With always so much to think about, I was just about to take this evenings dose of the anti-inflammatory ibuprofen that is there on the center island of our kitchen, for my hip hip of course. The last photo is pretty much like the photo I took yesterday, but now the color is of a richer tone, & my hair of course has been well conditioned. My hair doesn't really vary that much in look or style, but I will say this; that I'm very thankful to have what I have, which I ought to be, for from time to time, individuals do loose their hair when receiving certain chemo treatments, for the chemo is very heavy duty on the body. We're fortunate to be living in a day & age, when there are far more effective treatments for the serious diseases that individuals can acquire, hopefully someday there will be a cure for the afflictions of what ales humankind, but in the long run we need to remember to treat one another in the manner in which we ourselves would like to be treated, that is our essential need. One human being to another, no matter our hair style or color, no matter our physical makeup, the color of our eyes, our skin, no matter, no matter, no matter...

Having one's hair done does wash away some of life's traumas. My right hip is improving each & every day, "day by day.. ", & on Friday I start physical therapy, which should prove to be helpful. Tomorrow there's some about town errands to get done, as we've begun to put together some of the details for this years UN Peace Day which for our neck of the woods will be on September 18th. Am hopeful that this year we can pull together a Community Art Show for the Peace Day event, but due to my hip incident I've lost a little steam, but nonetheless there's still a good amount of time to pull it together.

The gal who has been doing my hair for the past year or so, works at Hair World in Vernon, Ct. She's very well versed in her profession of hairdressing, & is also a very caring & devoted mom of two young children. When we were talking this morning & I mentioned this blog, & aspects of what the content is from time to time, & the fact that I've posted some of my poetry, she shared with me information about an artistic wine tasting & Shakespearean event to benefit the Children's Advancement Fund on June 2nd, in Glastonbury, Ct.
Thank goodness I now know how to cut & paste & will include their mission statement, & information on how to get in touch with this very dedicated organization who are on the cutting edge with their insite & talent in regards to providing services for our special needs children here in Connecticut.

"Children's Advancement Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization, supports children with special needs and their families in Connecticut by facilitating services such as Occupational, Physical and Speech/Language Therapy as well as assisting the integration of children and families into the community through various programs."

*Please mail a tax deductible donation to: Children's Advancement Fund, Inc. 76 Eastern Blvd. Glastonbury, CT 06033

On this June 2nd enjoy the humor and personality of the WFSB's Better Connecticut host,

Scot Haney.

Wine tasting from Blue Heron Fine Wines

Hors d'Ĺ“uvre
s from Dinner's by Design

Shakespearian Players Capital Classics Theatre performing short skits

Tour the Welles Shipman Ward house

Silent Auction

Click here
to read more about the Spring Fund Raiser - June 2, 2011

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Monday, May 23, 2011

It's All Greek To Me, or The Haircare Chronicles

The haircare industry is definitely a multi billion dollar$ one. I've spent hundreds, perhaps thousands over the years on my hair, & in all honesty, maybe 5-10% of the products I have used could really be considered top notch & true to what their claims are.
Yes, indeed, it has been a lifelong challenge, of frizz controll, truly at times, all Greek to me...

It's just that time again, tangled up with the care of one's hair. My hair definitely comes with a whole cycle of stages. After washing it with just the right shampoo, then detangler, a conditioner, & gel, I'm good for the week. My mop is the curliest of the curly category, & believe me when I say I've weathered my barrage of remarks of all sorts, since sixth grade actually, I can still see a certain girl in my mind. Strange how the events on a playground can go, & just about a decade later I remember this same girl's father as a patient at the hospital on the floor I was training at, during my time at nursing school. He was a pleasant & nice enough man suffering from one of those cancers that since then medically we have made better progress with. I was nineteen at the time that I met him, & all I could think of when ever I saw him was how in the world did he raise such a nasty person, what had occurred, what was his impact to have raised the kind of person his daughter had been, during those school yard days.

Anyway since that time, I've learned to respect the genealogy of my deeply rooted hair. And though it has it's phases of nicely curly, wildly curly to afro frizzy curly, all of it, it is my norm. Some days I'm able to manage it with a bit more stride than others. Ye ole hair days, the good, the bad & the really out there ones, they're all an integral part of the puzzle of who I am & how I cope. I look at it this way, it's what was given to me, what I was born with, where I've come from, from all those yesterdays to my days today, yes truly the hair care chronicles, most definitely an ongoing saga...

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Support of Relay For Life, What's Not To Love

Our family have been supporters & participants of Relay for Life ever since our son Zac was in high school, he & his friends put together a team, & then a few years later his brother when he too was in high school performed with his band at the Woodstock Fair Grounds where the event is held the third weekend of May, rain or shine, each & every year.

This year the support in this neck of the woods is no different from other years, though a cycling segment had been added. As in years past the example set by our sons, of their community involvement, & now this year their dad/my husband was to take part, as he was off this morning at 8AM with his group of bike riding friends from the cycling group, QV Velo

I was told that two riding groups went out, one for a 25 mile ride of about seven cyclists, & the other, of approximately forty riders, & they did 50 miles. All the participants this morning registered & paid a fee to be part of the event, so what's not to love. Generosity, kindness, caring & physical fitness in a really cool green sport!


The cyclists above are riding for Relay for life of Northeast Connecticut, & are from the Quinebaug Valley Velo Club. This morning at 8AM they left on their trek right out of downtown Danielson, Ct.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Acceptance & Forgiveness A True Afirming Grace

Finally a pause from all the rain & with it a little light, at the end of the day.

These wind chimes, ring out through all four season, the peace sign on the lower disc may be a bit worn, but we'll persevere nonetheless, as we enjoy the soft beauty & grace of a woodland garden...

Dollly, Dolly, Dolly, always so loyal & true to the doggie kingdom of what it means to be a friend, & a budding author too I must add.

It is so much easier, to hold a grudge, to hold on to hate, yet as much as it may seem easier on the surface it takes a lot of energy to maintain ones self this way. When one chooses to forgive, they will of course remember, but then again gently remind themselves, that to continue on a path of not forgiving, to teach it by passing it along from generation to generation is only a formula for more of the same. As families stop the cycle of violence & abuse, Nations too can stop this mode of behaving. Individuals, even leaders on the very high, are only individuals, & mere mortals, with flaws of their own.

How a society treats their most vulnerable is a true indication of where they are at. True kindness, comes from the heart, it can not be legislated. I wish these were topics that were taught to us in our school's curriculum, perhaps then not as many would have gone off to war, perhaps more would have questioned authority. We human beings, can be rather rigid in our thinking, pollution is not only an environmental issue, but a body, mind & spirit one, that human beings need to have integrated into their thinking & upbringing from day one, just as it is in any newborn nursery, before the contaminants seep in.
I've chosen to not post for a few days, as I've been adjusting to the status of the healing process of my right hip, & in wanting to stay hip in my thinking of making a true effort not to focus on it too too much, being it's a contussion to the bone, making my progress a slow & steady journey of which I need to be patient, but deligent too. Today I saw an orthepedic professional, & since that visit several hours ago I've been taken off the crutches. Let me tell you I now walk like a wabbly mother goose, not a real happy one, but truly happiness is of the mind, & therefore, I am happy!

The rain has let up for some time today, & that was a real plus, as we've been socked into truly living in a gray cloud, weather-wise here in the northeast.

As per my usual wishes- wishing everyone near & far, good days & peace. We are all interconnected. We have dear friends of whom our friend's brother is battling a serious illness, as was a friend who's husband recently passed due to the same illness, just the other day. To all the individuals who read this blog, no matter where you are in this world, enjoy the good days & moments, & as you weather these life crisis storms, know that the human family of loving & kind hearted people, just as you, feel what you feel, & offer our prayers of strength, hope & peace.

The link below is to a favorite timeless song, & next, a posting from the Dali Lama's recent message. No human is above any other, & any of the links, or postings I add from time to time, are not definate words of any ultimate thought, just a mix of the positive that is out there, that I choose to add to our ongoing discussion, of "what the world needs now...."

To Dalai Lama, forgiveness is key to world peace:http://www.northjersey.com/news/state/122214019_To_Dalai_Lama__forgiveness_is_key_to_world_peace.html
NEWARK — The Dalai Lama says peace in the world begins with peace in oneself. Some of his fellow Nobel laureates, however, aren't convinced.

You yourself, need to discover what it is you need to know, so please feel free to click on, or type in the lettering if a link does not work.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Outstanding Tommy Emmanuel Concert

Yesterday evening we treated ourselves to a wonderful evening out with friends, up at the home of the Patriots Football team, in Foxborough, Ma. Our friend John is very ahead of the curve, & comes up with the names of performers who we have never heard of, last night was no exception. The concert we attended was a true breath of fresh air, to our auditory senses. We saw Tommy Emmanuel featuring his brother Phil Emmanuel & the Australian All Stars.

The performance was truly a wow, all the way, as Tommy Emmanuel from the land down under, is considered to be one of the best guitarists in the world. I'm really no music expert here, I only know what's got the magic when I hear it, & this particular artist, along with his brother Phil were given guitars to play by their mother Victoria, when they were just boys, & have never stopped.... True story, & a most amazing talented group they are!

If you ever have the opportunity to see them perform live or even catch them on a music special, do so, as they will take you down the miles of years of rock & roll, from the 50's to the present, electric, & acoustical, whichever it is you get to hear, you'll have your favorites of course, as I certainly have, as I just love that 50's sound, & when they do it, it not only brings you back, but it's present, fresh, & real.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Condo Tales and Orbs of a Family Tree

One week ago this Friday, I experienced the cycling accident, that landed me on crutches. Since then I've been out with friends, & family several times, & checked in with our local doctor too. Am making progress for sure, but big bones, such as hips, when they become deeply bruised take a bit of time to recover. Due to the awkwardness of being back on crutches, it has been a challenge not to let myself get bummed out, as I had been on them when I was sixteen, for a fracture of the right tibia, which is the long lower bone attached to the knee, that injury was due to my own teen aged stupidity. Like any accident, there is always a time for growth & learning, for me it is short & sweet, when cycling take it as seriously as driving a car, & never, ever travel too close. Conversations can always be continued at a much later time, & to have a conversation in regards to a cycling exposition, outside the ER is ultimately preferable & the goal. Amen

Being I wasn't able to make it this past Wednesday to our Boston Writer's Group session, I had been very kindly encouraged to "keep writing", by our wonderful teacher of who's advise I take most seriously, which of course I did, & of which I have, just completed a free form poem that came to me late this morning. It was inspired by the writings of Geraldine Brooks & her book, People of the Book, of which our Sisterhood of B'nai Shalom, in Putnam, Ct., had decided upon for our winter read, & recent springtime discussion.
The included poem, I would have never expected, yet this process is not unheard of for me, as since childhood, I have been closely guided by my muse that speaks, thus, this ongoing Poetry a Muse In Motion Project, which has visited upon me just recently-

Condo Tales and Orbs of a Family Tree

She was C. H.'s daughter
of whom she never knew
blue eyes, true blue
true of her not knowing
ever knowing

Who is this man, a phantom
of her, always
met his mother so she told
a daughter,
of these modern times-

You have his eyes, I know, I saw
his picture, in my grandmother's
his mother's

There he was so perfect
blue, lapis blue, lazuli eyes

"You've named me for him"
such she told

"Oh yes, to honor, as for him of not,
would ever be."

So crazed at times
she knew
to be
evil, when goholms, goblins
phantom times of shadows

never knowing
or how
this came to be

So old now, but still, not old enough
to know better

The illness of the mind crept in
so long ago
with labels
textbook talk
the dearest asks, and wonders
to this day
C. H.'s daughter
Octavial, midway, almost
a power waining
yet still strong
a sibling speaks
"I need my armor."
yet who will write this
critter's/creature's past
the story told,

Branches sway
this tree has
nursed, repaired
it's storm wrought wounds

The daughter now, aligned
wells of tears
salted wounds
nurturing, mothering
goodbye to phantom mysteries
of hellbent strikes & screams,
for much
your power gone

I loved you then
and love you now,
but love
unkind at times
and wounds so deep
to speak-
you'll scream
again, again

As you recede
to layers past
C. H.'s daughter

You've made it all
your home.


This truth that speaks from deep within, I ask not for, though yet it gives abundantly & kindly to figure out, what it is I have pondered. "Poetry is Truth" s.a.

For thus another day, this so completes, Poetry a Muse In Motion, my project for today.



For additional information regarding Geraldine Brooks, check out her page at-

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trees Leaf Out With Renewed Breath Sustaining Us In Life

Quite the sculpture at the Science Center in Hartford, Ct.
A favorite quote shared with me, many years ago by my friend Sheila who has lived in Israel for over a decade with her beautiful family. I do take the above words truly to heart, as always, thank you dear friend.
These seemingly ordinary blooms of a white blossomed rhododendron, is finally in flower for the first time in about four years, thanks to Dolly. Yes, Dolly my rescue pooch, has accomplished our goal, of keeping the deer away from my flowers. Yeah, rah rah Dolly!
We have a Sisterhood meeting tomorrow evening, & this is our book for discussion, so far I'm really into it, & just hope I'm done reading in time...
The last photo is of course this morning's portrait of Dolly who sits & waits patiently for what is next, & new on the agenda. Did I tell you that Dolly has agreed to be the narrator of my work in progress, yes she & I have come to a most amiable agreement. Good dog Dolly, I always knew you could do it!

Deepak Chopra Md, has always been a favorite of mine. He's a wonderful teacher & healer, having written so many books, he has an incredible foundation, & is also a very poignant
speaker, of whom my husband & I, here at the Peace Garden, immensely enjoyed one of his presentations as part of a PBS fundraiser, many years ago. It's here on the Peace Garden site as part of our ongoing adventures, & here's the link below-

It certainly was an experience that my husband & I still refer to, as Deepak did an amazingly awesome job in his ability to connect with his audience of over 300 people, yet you still felt it most personally, honest & true.

As our family & friends know, my husband & I have been environmental/conservation & peace activists since the early '70's. Deepak has always known the pulse of his patients, & the pulse of our planet. Sure he's a bit ahead of his time on many a topic, but that's just how it is with great thinkers, for what they intuitively know is that true lasting change comes from within.

Being part of this great communication age, has certainly been very exciting for a gal who started out just tossing notes across her study hall room. This method is far more meaningful & effective, yet still a lot of fun & most rewarding. If the following link does not work for you, please just try typing the lettering in your computer's search mode area, as that might do it. Some of the information that is shared, with so many of us comes through Facebook, which seemingly has billions of galaxies of possibilities for the oh, so curious minds.

So hopefully the link will work, in the meantime, I'll eventually be off to see our local MD, just to rule out the possibility of an occult fracture of my right hip, of which I have been instructed is an important thing to do, as an xray will not show one, therefore it's off to the world of modern science & medicine for an MRI. It's been an interesting journey, nonetheless, & in the meantime I'll continue with the chosen book of our Sisterhood titled-
People of the Book
By, Geraldine Brooks

So far it's been a real page turner, as it's always good to have something to read, to discus with friends to look forward to, & also Deepak, as he's a good one for any age or stage of life.

Enjoy your day, & if able, try if you can, to check out Deepak's interesting, & important link, which much to my surprise had a really cool UTube video included, *enjoy-

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