Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leaving Howard Creek Ranch & Now Taking The Southern Trail--

Just one of many flowers in Sally & Sunny's garden.
Meet Sally, an extremely intelligent & creative woman, she & her husband Sunny make up a very incredible team. They both posses a spirit that truly reminds me of our better selves, as we are all in this together, in this world, as one, under our solar system's sun.
Carrie is the gal that showed my husband & I around the ranch the evening we arrived. It was a chocked full tour which included a required walk over the swinging rope bridge, that goes over Howard Creek, which flows to the ocean.
Here Carrie stands at the beginning of the swinging rope bridge.
& here's the bridge with my husband just about to compete his crossing.
A charming doorway to the main house, where we enjoyed a multi coursed fresh full, ranch style California breakfast. The folks we sat & shared breakfast with this morning were all warm & friendly people. It was a very enjoyable & insightful time & very special that we had this opportunity to get to know one another a bit. Sunny [who's picture I do not have] is a very kind, thoughtful & spiritual man. We talked about various matters, from my sharing my thoughts & opinions on peace [& doing this blog], & his thoughts, & opinions on the different religions of the world, & the mutual commonalities that they each have in common with one another, the oneness among human beings. It was a very heartfelt, spiritually beautiful encounter. So very much of this trip/this journey, does bring me to tears, the beauty of nature, & the beauty of the people we have met along the way.
Here we are, Carrie kindly offered to take our picture. I told her I adapted to the environment, even the swinging rope bridge, [as I can be such a baby on these types of adventures].
Views that feel like home, away from home...

Howard Creek Ranch is about the sweetest & most unusual place we ever stayed at. We were totally charmed with the beach house, which were our accommodations for the night. It was an original two story little cottage with wainscoting, wall paper ascents, a kitchenette, interesting window panes with bubbled glass in some places & with views of the sea to the east. It felt like we were in the Garden of Eden. Our hosts Sally & Sunny had been working on refurbishing this ranch for some 30years. Their choices for the flower gardens & interior furnishings, reflected a true free & giving spirit. I must say, it must have been the suspended bridge that presented us with glimmers of what proved to be a true, spiritual time for us, in this California by the sea experience.

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