Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Ready To Say Good Bye--

A view of the city from Lake Michigan.
Some of the most interesting architecture in the world, a definite feast for the eyes...

How high is up.....
Quite the mix of shapes, textures & style,
The modern mixing with the various periods.
A sweet garden at the Shedd Aquarium.

My husband pointed this inverted umbrella out to me, it also has a collection system for draining the rain water, watering the plants.
The Field Museum complex, of where the Shedd Aquarium is located.
The baby beluga whales, so sweet, they make a person cry.
The Millennium Bean, as night approaches, our last night in Chicago, a small yet great chapter of my childhood, revisited, of which I am most thankful.

This is our last night in Chicago, we leave at 6:50pm tomorrow for San Fransisco, & then up the coast, & onward north. The weather today was excellent, blue skies & toasty warm in the 80's. Since we walked a good portion of the city yesterday, today we took the water taxi to get around. We headed to the Shedd Aquarium, actually twice, it was mobbed close to noon today, with thousands of people from school & camp groups, to vacationing families, so we returned much later & 4:30pm was an excellent time for us to have returned, the lines were gone, & touring the aquarium at that time was perfect. Some program features of the Shedd was a 4D quick movie of the earth, & a marine animal show, scripted with fantasy, dance, and an artistic light display, along with their star performers-- a sea lion, beluga whales, penguins,& dolphins.

The day was long & we packed in a lot, which included an Architecture Cruise earlier in the day & dinner at the Park Grill at Millennium Park, all most excellent.

Now to deal with today's sunburn from all the boat time, I'm glad I packed the aloe, just hope I brought enough.

When we return home, there will be more impressions & stories relayed & if you ever have the opportunity to travel to Chicago, definitely go, it's a feast for the senses & the people are very friendly.

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