Monday, June 28, 2010

Going That Extra Mile, For Some It's A Breeze--

Yesterday we had a late lunch/dinner on the Sonoma coast, as we were on our way to Point Reyes on Sunday of this week. On Monday we arrived in Carmel at around 5pm, just in time for wine & cheese time here at the Cobblestone Inn, a warm & friendly environment, after all the miles on the road today.

When we stopped by in the Sonoma coast for our belated meal yesterday, we dined at Jenner Bistro which was an excellent selection, as our meals were very good. We had originally stopped at another restaurant, which was a bit crowded, & the owner/manager, seemed a bit [?] stressed, as the vibe was not one to sit & relax & feel welcomed, & we were truly in need of a good meal, & time to sit & unwind, before getting back in the car.

What attracted us was the cheery array of flags flying in the ocean side breeze--

Helena G. Giesea is the chef & manager of this excellent establishment, she was about to close the restaurant for a bit of prep time after brunch & lunch, & to get ready for dinner. We entered her bistro, & she heard our plea. How could she not, take a look at the restaurant's flags---

Helena thank you again, you certainly helped to make our day end smoothly & how nice to learn that your husband's family lives in Milford, Ct., just a stone's throw from where my mother lives in that part of the Constitution State, Connecticut. Feel free to email us, if you're ever in Ct. visiting, we can be reached at [], or just make a posting on [].

"Jenner Bistro" is at Jenner By the Sea, Jenner, Ca. 95450/[]/or on Facebook.
For those that are traveling in the Sonoma Coast, it is well worth the stop.

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