Friday, June 25, 2010

Every Time I See A Tree

Each tree, each view, no two were the same. To be in the presence of these awesomely elegant steadfast overseers, what an honor, a privilege, a blessing. "The will of nature, God's will.", of which we are, forever thankful.
The above is a close up of someone's bark.
So elegant, straight, tall & patient.

Our family's tree hugger.

A day of immense awe--
Way beyond my imagination....
On the ground, & standing ground....
How many centuries on this earth....

Our ranger, who explained to us about the Redwoods, & Big Tree.
Big Tree, is all & more....

Today I took over 200 photos, some of course were deleted, but nonetheless this has been an unbelievable day for us. Certainly we will never be able to fully capture this trip in the various blog postings that I am doing, but for the most part it is a smattering of a long, long journey for us, a metaphor of our marriage. Our ups, our downs our in betweens, an evolution of our journey on this beautifully awesome place we call earth.

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Traci Nelson said...

Cheryl and Steve,
Imagine my surprise when I logged onto your blog and saw that you were able to spend time in Eureka! I am just so pleased for you to be able to see all that the area has to offer, and sincerely hope you enjoyed your experience there. It is indeed a majestic place. Thank you, Cheryl, for posting the pictures and the blurb to me, TN!!! It's great to see you there!!Sincerely,
Traci "TN" Nelson !! Your favorite Eureka Native!