Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Newly Crafted Peace Flags, They're All My Favorites*

In our neck of the woods, United Nations International Day Of Peace, is to be held on Sunday September 12th, at 1pm, in Rotary Park, Putnam, Ct. The Greater Putnam Interfaith Council is a local sponsor of this "world wide" United Nations, event.

Hope to see you there!


For the past several weeks I have been making these very simplistic peace flags. I first made some two years ago when I was to do this as an activity with the area children. Since that time, I've sort of refined my technique. Using not only inexpensive pillow cases, but also old clothing that is due for recycling. It's a pretty special way to give new life & purpose to a former uniform or other item of clothing that will no longer make the fashion cut, but now has a much loftier purpose-- To catch a breeze or two, & to enjoy the changing winds of time. With that, a whole new view.

If you should decide to make some, you won't be disappointed, as working with the simple fabrics, basic designs, textures, & colors, do reawaken deeply planted thoughts, those of our finest dreams & "possibilities". Yes all things are possible, & that means even peace. One step at a time.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here There, & Seemingly Everywhere--

Miniature Golf, along the great purple way.....
A grist mill, like no other, just one of many stops along the course.

In the photo below the gal you see leading Dolly out of our cellar doorway, is Lindsey, one of the trainers from the Canine Fence Co. Linsey is giving Dolly & I a Visible lesson. We had our Invisible lesson on the previous day, with Susie, who is due back this coming Thursday. All in all, it's been a very busy week for Dolly & I, but most productive nonetheless.


Here There, & Seemingly Everywhere

It's been quite the week. I had one "Invisible" lesson, then a visit out of town, to visit with my grandchildren. Together the three of us saw the movie, "Nanny McPhee Returns", which was surprisingly, excellent! Dolly & I had another lesson, this one Visible, & last but not least a visit again, with the fam*, to celebrate our grandson's 8th Birthday! Subway was his choice, which was fun, as he got to choose all his favorite ingredients. After having lunch together, it was next door for a game of Miniature Golf. Yes, he did win, but it was fair & square due to an incredible hole in one, that he accomplished, which helped to make this Birthday even more special then we could have anticipated. My take on being a grandmother is that it's an incredible experience, all that love & nurturing you've given your own children, unfolding & overflowing to the next generation. Emerging new people & their personalities, & new experiences, all renewed. * "Life is a circle, love is the soul......" [From a modern day Jewish folk song, & oh so very true.]


Dolly's making progress, it is a commitment, of which I feel certain we will succeed in. She definitely has a lot more energy than I bargained for when I adopted her. The puppy adoption folks were supposed to match me up with an easy going, laid back type of dog. Instead I now have this incredibly energetic, very sweet, hound dog. She only barks when she's lonely for our company, that's it. Cars go up & down the driveway, & Dolly could care less. At least she's been able to save my garden from the deer, that's a good thing, but she's still too wild to play with my grandchildren, which is a disappointment. I do think in time, she will calm down. It's just that she's been living her life "squared" & really, who could live like that & be calm & relaxed enough to be with others. We are making progress. Good thing she has a turtle for a surrogate mom. We're going slow & steady, & no one has to really win, just to continue to progress. I love you Dolly, & I'm giving you every chance to keep you here with us, as--- "I know we can make it, I know darn well...."

Also, I've been on "facebook" now for just a few weeks. I'll give it a little time, but I can see how it can become quite a-- time consuming sponge, especially for people like me, "oye, or better yet, "Time will tell.". I'll let you know, as it's still all new to me, but I will have to rein it in, already. This much I do know. Coffee, sweets, & maybe a bit too much time on the computer for me can be a real, problemo. Addictions come in all shapes, sizes & forms, all of mine our legal, it's just a matter of how do I want to allocate my time. Goal-- Not being a slave to any. Ok, I've put on the safety breaks a wee bit here, for more time, in real time, which is much better, for my overall good health.

Now to practice Dolly's & my lesson. Our success is only a mere bark away.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Behind The Scenes Scene--

The many stages of letting one's "peace flag fly", though this version's rather tied down & all....

My super public relations, peace pole maker of a husband, made sure our banners for the upcoming event were properly secured. I certainly think he did an excellent job.

Ok, we're getting there....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating Peace Flags, It's Just Like Child's Play

A perfect end to a rainy day project, note the classic Ann & Andy. They'll look so very cool waving in the breezes of the Quinebaug River.

The steps needed to create the peace flags. Below is the basic step one.
& the necessary water & iron....
They often say measure twice, cut once, but these are so very basic, & simple to do. Nothing has to be exact, but when they're done they have a child like charm.

A rainy Sunday & perfect to prepare some fabric for peace flags, which is my activity for Peace Day 2010.

A lot of the fabric was left over from two years ago, & I'll probably get some more, just to be certain I have enough on hand for this year's event. There are now 44 pieces of fabric ready to go, in the various colors of-- white, yellow, light green, & navy. I plan on appliqueing some shapes & forms on some of the fabric, & later they'll be embellished with crayons, markers & paints, depending what each child chooses to work with. In the making they all turn out very unique, & when strung together on a piece of twine, moving in a soft breeze, they will look simply beautiful with their messages of peace.


Monday 8/23/10 at 12:58am} I just got done with the last of the appliqueing. Appliqueing is a lot of fun, as I can use the fabric from old clothing & other items. This project is very basic, & the fact that there's recycling involved makes it even more rewarding. In the next few days I'll add a hint of acrylic paint, & then they'll be all set to attach to some twine. At the very top of this page is a sampling of the peace flags, shown in their second stage of completeness. The best is yet to come.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We're On Line, Wired & Wireless--

About a month ago two friends sent me a facebook invitation. I thought it over for a few weeks, & then decided to make the leap, & now I have yet another means of staying in touch & communicating. It's been an interesting format to say the least, but the turtle in me will just take it one step at a time.

Today I hung up a few more posters for the Peace Day event, at our town's library & also at another local coffee shop. I had meant to travel into Willimantic to the Co-op, but that will have to be this coming week. For now I'm gearing up to make peace flags with the local children on the day of the event, & first I want to do a few run throughs of some simple designs I've had in mind, which is always fun. Also, Dolly's & my first Invisible Lesson Day will be here before we know it. Dolly, we now have a new leash & collar for you. You'll see, you'll go to the head of your class. We'll both work very hard at it & get straight A's , right. "Ruf".


*Additional Note Before The End Of This Day:

As my family & friends know I keep the personal, personal out of the blogger sphere, [if that's even a proper wording, it must be though as we're here in the 21st century]. As time goes by we all have experienced family & friends who are experiencing severe & challenging issues of well being. To these very special people in our lives, we wish every form of support & peace possible. I have found that at times of great challenges the Deepak Chopra Official Website, is an invaluable resource. Deepak is of course well known, but don't let the well known celebrity status of this traditionally trained medical doctor put you off. What he has to share is deep, timeless knowledge, which does help a person to feel peacefully better, for those very close to a serious situation & to those so far away too. If you can, please check him out, it may offer another shoulder of support for these challenging & difficult times. The Peace Garden wishes you peace in-- Body, Mind & Spirit.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

United Nations International Day Of Peace, Is A Global Event--

My husband the maker of our community's Peace Pole, here he stands after just delivering the eight foot, four sided message, to the Putnam Town Library. A perfect spot, for it to greet all.
The Peace Pole states "May Peace Prevail On Earth", in the following languages of; Arabic, Spanish, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, French, Hebrew, & English.
Still so much behind the scenes items to get done, but we are inspired & could do no less. Everyone in the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council takes the message of this event so to heart, & all are working so very hard to get the message out.

No matter our color
No matter our size
No matter our origins
No matter our ties

No matter our gender
No matter our choice
No matter our faith
No matter our voice

No matter our borders
No matter our views
No matter our politics
Matters to you

Living on earth
Living on air
Living on water
Best finally care

Under one sun
Know it's the truth
Know that it matters
Long in the tooth

Matters to earth
Matters to you
Matters for neighbors







We've Begun A New Chapter For Dolly

Meet Toby, he's the man of the hour. Toby said the wiring will take apx. 2--2 1/2 hrs to put down.
Just some of the tools of the trade during this Invisible Fence project this afternoon.
It's in the high 80's right now in the shade, at least the humidity is down a bit. Pretty soon it will be, "Hello Dolly", once again for training time, as we go through all the paces.

At 3:30pm, the first of the process is complete. Our yard is flagged, I have three CD s to view, the controls to the system were run & are mounted on the wall of my studio. So until next Wednesday when I have my first lesson, it's business as usual in these here hills. Dolly we'll get there, but for now I'll have to find you a treat.
I haven't done any thing yet, & I'm dog gone tired myself!

Nice working with you Toby, thank you.

Waiting For An "Invisible" Solution---

Here it is a Thursday morning, I've been up since 7:13 or so, & have been on "Invisible" alert. I was told to have a window of time set aside, to expect the folks who will be installing Dolly's Invisible Fence. Since it's now 10am, it's really any time now....

My next posting will be about this new adventure. I won't be receiving my Human Training 101, component until next Wednesday, but first things first. First the mechanics of getting the technology installed. Our neighbor just down the driveway from us had it for her dog, & my brother has it up in Massachusetts for his two dogs. They are both loyal fans of the product. I've been told that this is the far best route to go for my very active four pawed amiga, so I'll keep you posted. Wish us luck.

11:37am-- Yes, still waiting. Just got off the phone with the "Invisible" peeps. They're running late I was told, & I am now, to now expect them between 1:30--2pm, still today. I told them I'll be here, but a phone call would have been a good thing, which I also expressed. After all the Canine Fence company, of who's coming to set us up, employs people. Right Dolly? Ok, we'll just have to let sleeping dogs lie. "Woof" ! , & to you too !

2pm-- They're here. The technician's name is Toby, & he spent a good 20minutes walking the property with me. Once he eye balled our yard, he called the company for back up, yes back up here on the Slope, for good ole' Dolly's project. Yes, Dolly my once in a lifetime zillion dollar dog. Or as Mr. Rogers would say, "Because, you are so, special to me."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is, & That Means My Dog Too

A designer dog house in the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Lenox, Massachusetts. I definitely like the paint job, but prefer Dolly's igloo a lot better, right Dolly?
Wendy just about ready to take off in her company Prius. She was very informative, & I feel most confident that this is definitely a good way to go....

Well it's all set, Dolly will be getting some new freedoms. Wendy from the Canine Fence company, was out here today at 2:30pm. She certainly knows a lot about the Invisible Fence concept, & it's technique. The consult was very interesting, & a most promising solution to my little wanders problemo. This Thursday's the day with installation booked on my calendar.

Wish me luck, Dolly too that is. Wendy agreed with me, that what this herding bred dog needs is, open space, with room to run. Dolly may eventually choose to go up on her roof, but maybe not, as she'll finally be able to get a more grounds eye view & lay of the land. "Arf, Arf, Arf...."
"Ok, I get it. We're trying here.!"

A Monday's Plan---

That's Dolly in the distant view. She is of course "up on the roof", as we all a wait the possibilities of new solutions, in dogie accommodations. "Woof" !
One of Dolly & our favorite views framed by an ancient stonewall.
There she is again, awaiting her "freedom", for life squared is boring.....

Monday, Monday, full of new beginnings. Today the person from the Invisible Fence company is coming for a visit. We need to provide much more freedom for Dolly here on the Slope, as she spends a lot of time, [2 to the 2nd power], or as my father might say, {"squared"}. For a dog with a lot of energy, matched with moi' of far less energy. Something of a positive nature needs to be done. We gave her a bit of free time on the deck yesterday while my husband was busy Bar-B-Q ing some chicken for us. Dolly got some choice morsels too, but when we were not looking she chewed a hole in the new vinyl Bar-B-Q cover. Perhaps delicious for her, unpleasant for us!

So we'll see. My rescue puppy project has been a bit on the mucho dinaro side, not quite a bargain, but very sweet & with a good loving heart, which counts for a lot. The ongoing cost at this stage, of pet ownership in these here hills is a challenge though. At least we should be able to put an end to the escape adventures, & our future visits to our neighbors can then be scheduled in a more relaxing way.

There was a TV program on in the 50's that so many of us enjoyed it was called "My Little Margie". I now have my own adventures with "My Little Dingo". Well it's time to put her out in her fenced in condo/igloo area, we especially like it when she's up on her roof relaxing. My husband just the other day, took down some of the overgrowth, now we can see her "Up On The Roof", even better. Just like the song....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Never, Really Black & White

The art work you are viewing is of the Sol Lewitt installation at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Ma. My husband & I had a wonderful time viewing the interesting works which were on display 8/10/10. We will definitely return.

How's that for art on a grand scale. It was fun, it was beautiful & oh the colorful shapes & forms!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

As Rosh Hashanah Approaches, With That-- New Beginnings & A Continuation Of Our Hopes...

This beautiful "Healing Garden", as it is called is, is located in the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Lenox Ma.

This summer's been flying by, as true as the statement of old, "time flies".

The matter of organizing & creating order for this Gemini has always been a challenge. One aspect of my personality needs & craves in depth socialization, while the other aspect craves solitude in order to create. Sometimes there's a really fine balance & at others not so. I think for now, it's necessary to reel it in a bit, as seasonal allergy complications pretty much has spoken. Artistically my need to write, paint & create texture in my life is a priority. Besides the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching & it is, at the time of our special holidays, that I think about my family roots. This time of year always reminds me, of how very special we all are, to one another. We literally live across this great country, from coast to coast.

For the Chanukah/Christmas holiday of this past winter my husband gave me a mixer with dough hooks. This is something I had wanted for so many years, [but I don't bake nearly as much as I used to, due to poor intake control on my part, of which I can be so very bad]. I had wanted the mixer in order to make my grandmother's ruggula, as the dough part makes the project a bit labor intensive. Every so many years I enjoy sharing my grandmother's recipe of which I've named-- "Grandma Anna's Newly Twisted Coney Island Ruggula", with our extended family. I pack it all up, & send it out in hopes it arrives before an expiration date, retaining it's flavors to enjoy. It's a very simple Russian Jewish recipe, with all it's scents & wonderful flavors to savor, unlocking stories of generations far beyond our shores. Between each packed layer of ruggula is the love & remembrance of traditions, & also new ones, that has sustained us to this day.

It certainly gets hot & humid here this time of year, but we do have ways of cooling the house down for a baking project. As we go from summertime into autumn, I will do so with thoughts of my grandmother Anna, the original family story teller, who's unconditional love, continues to live on, & helps to sustain so many of us, in our extended family.


{Above was a delicious batch from my grandmother's ruggula recipe. Time to make them again, & off to "snail mail" they will go, for something sweet to add to the season our roots.}