Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Matter The Weather We Try To Stay Prepared, By Adding Some Color--

How's this for some handcrafted weather protection, all the way from San Francisco too.


I went out early this afternoon to meet with two of my good friends. We each had a light lunch at our local cafe', The Vanilla Bean, in Pomfret, Ct. "Where everyone", it seems anyway, "knows your name."

Good thing we're not out & about now, the local winds have been clocked at 45 mph+ . Just think what would become of these beautiful umbrellas... , but really they are fine as far as I know & perhaps still hanging in that quaint Golden Gate shop. Or even sold out, perhaps.

Classical Guitar Music So Good, On An Inclement Day

Another socked in gray rainy day, here in the northeast, what ever to do.....

Well I know it won't be a day of sunshine & the like, but we New Englanders can deal, so for the most part I'll do what I do best, & no matter the soaking that will be coming our way later, my good ole reliable LL Bean hooded trench coat will continue to serve me well. Dolly's already outside for the day, she's a rugged mutt, & always finds a way to have her comfort needs met. I guess she, I &, so many others have that in common with Obama. Many of us are just beautifuly souled mutts, doing the best we can, with what has been given to us. Some of course are better than others in regards to reaching & taking advantage of opportunities.

Many of my generation still have stories to tell, tucked away in the family closets & attics. It is a real challenge knowing that many live with a thin veiled coating, of which its removal is that of a predetermined time & truly beyond our notion of control. Will one feel better, more complete once their story is told? This I can not say, only that the weight of it, as thin as it is, does become heavier over time, for it is always there. For myself I've taken steps to remain open & flexible, this does lighten it, but it is forever, & may always be, but it is a story that needs to be told. Human beings can be known to think way too much, but that too is part of our condition, the going in, & going so deep into thought. For me aspects of Buddhism is a most appropriate approach to some of these dilemmas, as part of the teachings, & lessons are to "release, let go", "non cling", to "meditate", & "clear the mind". In a culture of Judaic-Christian teachings & thought, of which I was raised, I must say that I find the Buddhist approach most important & necessary, for-- "clear mind", "thought" & "deed", as I continue to keep the faith of my youth. By doing so, I honor my ancestors, & the stories that we know.

So help me God.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Go To The Dentist, Others Just Chew & Chew...

Here it is nearing the end of September, our weather has been of the tropics, rain wise that is. The sheeting sounds hitting the ground are strong & steady with no let up in site. These have definitely been dog day afternoons, but not of what usually comes to mind.

Dolly has by now been quite a success in her Invisible fenced in yard, only one major hitch here-- excessive energy, & a strong need to chew & do I mean chew. How's this for a recent menu: passenger seat of a car, black umbrella & a hard bounded book. Yes, dear Dolly does not discriminate, so what if it was the same seat she originally tried to devour last year during her recovery time from routine neutering surgery. What is new to the menu here is the umbrella & the book. Mere hordes that didn't satisfy I guess & didn't satisfy us either. It was my husband's car & things, & now our mutual grief I am sorry to say, as Dolly is presently on probation, a borrowed time of sorts. Will we solve the destructive patterns of my rescue dog? Will I be able to adapt, & provide the correct environment for her to thrive, but for her not to totally drive me nuts?

Who's training who here, & who really deserves "The Golden Bone", on this long & winding road of dogie rehab? Maybe it's finally time for me to bark on over to "Betty Ford" out in California. If I scrape together a few bones I may be able to afford it. I hear it's a pay per patient facility, no insurances accepted. Maybe our health plan would reimburse, if I barked loud & hard. There, I've chewed on that one long enough.


Post Script; I forgot to mention-- Dolly also partook of my husband's cell phone. For a while we couldn't find it, & thought "Let's just call the number & see if she rings."
Well we found it, no need to call, & let me say this: Her choice for dessert was a bit on the pricey side. I forgot what the bill is going to be for me to replace this phone, around $90.00, I think. I don't know, is it time to call the Dog Whisperer yet? "Dolly go ahead, you call, I hear he's very nice."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No Longer A Puppy, & Continuing To Learn

Here she is sitting with such attention, in my brother in law's & husband's, utility truck. The truck is rather junkie, but only used to maintain our property. No she's not beautiful, handsome, or even fancy. Her looks are rather plain, which even scares people occasionally at first glance. The personality, warmth & loving loyalty of this sweet mutt, who really does look like Jim Corce's, "junk yard dog", remains -- "my little dingo".

She's done really well with both the Invisible training, & the Obedience training too. Yes, she's got me trained, & a big "woof" to you too Dolly. We've both certainly grown up & matured through this process. There was no other way, if I were to keep her. So far a definite A, as she can be in the yard, "off leash", no longer wandering away, but still needs watching over in this phase. We're aiming of course for that A+. She's got the potential, now all it takes is time, & continued dedication. Tomorrow will be our last Obedience lesson, unless I need to schedule more. Time will of course tell, it always does.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Peace Day In The Park

Firewalker speaking on the importance of peace & tolerance, of the different world religions.
The flags were fun to do, & very cheery to see, as the day was a bit lacking in natural sunshine, but the warmth in spirit, was shared by all in attendance.
Peg, & Janet, being creatively busy at the Peace Garden's table, decorating peace flags.
Some of the focal points for the bean bag throw.
Uncle Rhubarb opened the day's event,
with their fine mixture of voices & instrumentation.
Above is our friend Aysenur, representing the Muslim community & sharing a prayer.
Alan our community Rabbi & Firewalker, representing his tribe, having a bit of time in thought.
Pam & Lyn, on the ready for the bean bag toss.
A few more flags being decorated....
with Janet adding so very much to the overall project.
Echo Uganda a most unique musical group, added their voices & musical talents, to what proved to be a very special day, with a message that has no end....

Yesterday, 9/12/10 we held our local International Day of Peace, at Rotary Park in Putnam, Ct. Our numbers may have been small, but our hearts remained big on the topic. With prayers, colorful activities, & a beautiful setting we kept the faith.

"May Peace Prevail On Earth", in all times, places & settings. So help us God.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Friendship

Only yesterday we serendipitously met up with friends from so very long ago. Chapters had passed, as new ones are being made & formed. These friends of ours had just recently married when we had originally met some 32 years ago, as our only child then, our son "T" was 5 years old.

Something old & something new, something borrowed & something blue.....

All those chapters, the years that had passed, still no matter, the blueness at the time of that then loss, nonetheless, we the seemingly "time travelers" here on earth, do know that some moments are golden. Being together with old friends, catching up as best as one can, for the persons involved, they are timeless moments, never to be forgotten. So help us God.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Evening In Cambridge

Boston, a quaint city on the Charles.

Some of Boston's popular transportion modes....

Checking out the Frank Gehry building on the MIT campus. Interesting style don't you think?

Our son recently moved to Cambridge just a few towns over from where he had lived for the previous couple of years. He's closer to his job & the practice space he goes to for The Bynars band practice is now closer too. It was really very cool to visit him yesterday. We think he will like where he is. If not he can always chose another location. Boston is a big, yet a small enough city to find what you need. He's always been good at doing that. As parents especially when the youngest is out on his own, & our nests become rather empty, we do miss them, as
they all live some miles from us now. Our three adult sons, including our eldest who is married to our lovely daughter in law, of whom we have our two wonderful grandchildren,
are all within a most reasonable travel for us to get together & be with. When we do, our enjoyment in seeing them in their own environments, navigating in their own chosen worlds, is a blessing I never, ever take for granted. Especially at this time of year, which for my heritage is most special now, for we are approaching the Jewish New Year-- "Rosh Hashanah".
A most Healthy & Happy New Year to one & all.


Labor Day Weekend, As We Travel & Do What We Do, We The American Worker--

A new week has begun. I am continuing with the training program that was set up for us by the Invisible "peeps". Dolly & I are making good progress. It won't all come together over night, but eventually she will be "Invisibly" secure in the yard. What is really great about this process is she will have approximately an acre to run, romp & play in, each & every day. Now that's what I call, a quality, dog's life!

We had a meeting of our organization that is planning the local Peace Day event. So far so good. Flyers have been distributed, the local medias have been well informed, & my peace flags are ready to do their thing.... I've shared the photos of some flags before the event, & I will be sure to share some photos of them after the event too.

On this coming Tuesday 9/7, a friend from our Greater Putnam Interfaith Council of which is holding the event, she & I, will be on our local radio station on Tuesday at 4PM, on radio station WINY, out of Putnam, Ct. , to talk about the upcoming International Day of Peace, to further inform our community.

So those are just some of the items of what has gotten done, but only some, with more adventures to follow, as I will certainly share on the next posting.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Intense Dog Training, But With Fun Intended--

These lessons were given by Susie, one of Dolly's trainers, just yesterday--

Dave is the trainer that worked with Dolly this morning, [he's right below this comment] It was a fun session, as she enjoyed fetching the ball, & is a pretty quick learner. All in good time, for our little student.
Today's lesson was fun, because it incorporated learning boundaries with play.
Now it's just a matter of Dolly & I practicing so we can continue to make good progress, & freedom will be just around the corner.

Both yesterday & today, Dolly & I have been in intense training for this new phase of her life. It's a lot of "leg work", but all in all very basic.

She's making great progress, & it has been so worth it. She's happier & I'm happier, as we go further forward, towards her new "freedom"!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts---

Being a parent isn't child's play. It is the most wonderful, yet at the same time the most heart rendering undertaking a person can ever do.

Even when you yourself know that a decision may not be what you would consider to be the best, you must release, & allow the adult, that was once your small child, who will always be your child, but is now, a full adult, to make their own decisions, their own way. No different I suppose than when the adult parent becomes much, much older, & when the then, adult child tries to teach or speak their wisdom, & the then parent, also needs to learn their life's lesson in their own way too.

Heaven help the adult child. Heaven help the parent, please too. We are linked, in matter & in time. To hopefully learn new ways, with hope, that we continue to grow forth in healthy ways.

So help us God.

{The thought provoking piece included in the last of these photos, is from The Chicago Institute Of Art.}