Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I just can't sleep. The recent events of yesterday, it being on Memorial Day, has really gotten to me. Israel the country we were taught to love as children, the country we would sing aloud about each & every year during Passover, Israel of where our recorded story began, it's government, has so violated "The Commandment", of what we were taught.

Why is it governments have no need to follow the laws of basic human rights, when they so decide it doesn't fit their scheme of things? I'm just one person with thoughts of concern, I know there are thousands of us, perhaps millions, I couldn't say....

I do know that Gandhi was the person who had much of it figured out, nonviolent resistance is the way. Governments historically do not have a moral compus. Yesterday's act of aggression, by the Israeli government, of a ship among a flotilla of ships, in International waters, was a horrid act of violent aggression.

Peace is, & will forever be fragile. That is the way of peace. To have peace, one must respect peace, to be peaceful in action, thought & deed. Person, & persons make up Nations, which make up Governments, which have individual thought processes. Where is the leadership, of moral action? It is never hopeless, but recent actions give a lesson of opposite.

Yes, "Peace Is Fragile".

{The above photos are of my very first peace sign for the Peace Garden. We were fortunate to have it remain in it's original location for a little over a year. I was told by a neighbor when he went for walks on our road, that he would stop in front of our sign & silently say a prayer. This rather damaged sign was somewhat restored, but not to it's original state. It is now in a different location, among my other ecliptic free form art in the Peace Garden. I display it as a reminder, that peace is fragile, for it is, & will always be so. We must keep trying, & never, ever stop.}

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