Friday, October 16, 2015

The Peace Garden Dolly & Me

Today Dolly & I decided to take a long needed walk. It had been awhile since we've done this together due to my life's major shift & my new world order. When ones mother dies it can often be monumental. My case is no exception, monumental is what it is.

It's one of those days today that I'm feeling more like myself. I guess I could say for this moment in the October sunshine of the afternoon I'm doing ok. We'll all have our strifes, & our hearts do break, but we do mend & heal in bits & pieces so much like a quilt. On this day having written an essay earlier in the morning & continuing to remain determined this afternoon to get out there for some autumn exercise, how can I complain? Will it ever be alright with the world? Probably not. Will we continue in our lives being taught lessons of detachment? Probably so. During this life process can we learn better ways to be kinder to ourselves & others? The answer to that is a definite yes.

In my closure today I will leave you with that.  May peace be with you, & you & you...

Friday, October 9, 2015

In My Mother's Memory

My mother Rolayne Kapelner passed away September 29, 2015. She was born April 20, 1927.

Overseeing her welfare, & medical care these past three and a half plus years has been a journey of twists, turns, ups & downs. She was an immensely talented, strong willed woman, who possessed  a zest for life I have never seen before. She was my first love, & first teacher.

Her family & dear friends gathered this past October 2nd with deep sadness, & love for a dignified, & respectful funeral befitting our mother, a grandmother, aunt & friend, and so much more.

She was a cutting edge ground breaking woman born truly before her time. Once the acute sadness abates in time there will be a clearer perspective of what her life, & influences will continue to mean to me one of her children, & only daughter.