Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Best Company In The Garden

     There's an undeniable truth to the fact that a dog is man's best friend. I yearned for a dog all my years growing up. Since then there's been many a wonderful canine in my life. Dolly is the gal above enjoying the springtime sun out in the garden. That's where we were earlier in the week facing the seemingly endless leaves. My gardens are rather small, but when the debris of dead leaves have accumulated from autumns past the task of raking them up seems endless. The sounds & movement of the scratch crunching rake dragging it's way across the ground is an ok activity especially when my best friend is taking it all in.  

     My furry friend, is the best she can be. She'll run, & she'll jump & take a pause or two. It all works- no fuss, no muss.. aroo~!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Entices With Quiet Beauty

    Our flowering plants seem a bit late this year. Probably due to this past winter's extreme nature. The forsythias above are my father's. They bloomed on the grounds of his apartment complex all the decades he lived there. On the day he was moving to a new apartment in April of 94' I brought back a few branches as a memento of sorts. Much to my surprise they rooted in their vase so I decided to plant them along side the stonewall my husband had built in front of our house. That following springtime they gave me baby blooms. What a gift that was, for my father passed on in October of the same year. Now these mature forsythias rise up out of their modest location year after year. Much like my father, humble, strong, & brilliant. To this daughter that is.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sharing Some Joy

~Sharing Some Joy~

A collage for my mom.

 A week from this past Monday will be my mother's eighty-eighth. I'm the eldest of three, an only daughter. She was born in 1927, & has an interesting story embedded in her long colorful life. With her approaching birthday & knowing her the way that I do I've decided to help her focus on the artistic aspects that have never failed in providing her with a solid dose of joy.

Due to my mother's physical limitations, & medical needs she resides at a nursing home which we know to be excellent. Yesterday during her once a mouth hospital appointment I showed her this photo of the above collage. After our visit together I zipped off to the nursing home on the other side of the city to bring the newly created artwork up to her floor. My mother was still at the hospital, her treatments are a minimum of five hours each time. On the nursing staff's suggestion I tucked the artwork on the floor along the wall out of the way to await it's placement on the wall the following morning. What a wonderful surprise given to me when I called last night, not only was my mother doing well after her treatment, but her new collage was hung that evening in a prominent spot. I was was told she became joyfully thrilled, & very engaging. Once again embracing her moments in time. Her time.

The arts has forever been a major healing component of problem solving providing me with true joy which I love to share. It's my way of coping. We all come from something. Some good, some bad, some in between. Nothings perfect. As a baby booming individual I've learned a lot from family relationships & my interactions in the world. My mantra remains~

~Make Art Not War~

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

La Fleur La Fleur

 La Fleur La Fleur

Wearable Art

          Springtime is the time of year when my heart sings with all that it brings~

 Flowers are beginning to sprout in our neck of the woods. I tend to get very excited about the colorful show that's on the way. This winter I took matters into my own hands, & crafted some from my own garden. They are as you see above. 

Flowers & all their colors are known to share a sense of joy & happiness to those who embrace their message. These La Fleur La Fleur will be visiting some of our local farmers markets, & other community events as the season warms up. Proceeds from this artistic venture is ear-marked for an exciting local project for a YMCA of which it's building project is still in the works, & also- UNICEF the United Nations Children's Fund. UNICEF is the very first charitable organization I ever knew going back to my kindergarten days. To me they represent a light to the world, helping to protect & nurture the most vulnerable, & innocent of all.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Clouds & Poetry This Monday Morn

A Nobody From Somewhere

when hence the mind did sing

orioles, flagships arias ring-

so real this realm of sunlit shore

of ebbs own hesitating peace & froth

to know yet never know


~This concludes today's addition of Poetry A Muse In Motion.~

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Child's Play A Life In Numbers

Child's Play

 A Life In Numbers

On approaching my mother's 88th.

Frank Sinatra sang it fine at 17 he lived the times~

one two three four

wipe your feet & shut the door

in toddlerhood I would remark

& played the sandbox in the park

I knew no rules, there weren't many

walks, & jaunts our footsteps plenty

kindergarden, crossing streets

look both ways then move your feet

city life it suit me swell

we forged for custard I would tell

five six seven eight

girl scout cookies hemlines straight

nine ten wide eyed bright

the plaids, the stripes those colors yikes!

borrowing numbers math class days

adding subtracting were the ways

at seventeen so many storms

the earth did shake, the rules seemed wrong

a family shifted due to change

stability wrought a firing range

and so the good fight came in waves

no more a matriarch's kindness reigned

tooth & nail till freedom came

each story's different, none's the same

my mother's historys bittersweet 

she's who she is her mind does keep

a fractured family's all she's known

she lives a pain deep in the bone

but we all know this game ain't rare

to suffer greatly mind tricks scare

she's all I've known in mothercare

her kindness fractured at times scarce

I view the morning sunlit sky

accept what was, what is, & why

I know I love who gave me life

my spirit soars reflecting light

to overcome each waking day

with every breath, & step I take

am blessed to know I've come this way

each life's unique our spirit says

am mindful of my journey's path 

& work & pray for peace at last

at times the twinkling stars on high

strong feelings blend I shine, I cry

a joy within my looking glass

it's always there just need to tap

we all have something large or small

across the artist's collaged wall

we're better than we think we are

our purpose propels, on & on...


     And here we are celebrating another day on planet earth. Each and every one of us in our own unique ways do what we can to make every day a precious one. The best is not yet to come, the best is here & now. As we embrace all of who we are, & continue to learn, we heal ourselves, & the world at large. 

From the Peace Garden to your garden wishing everyone a healthy & peaceful springtime holiday season.~xo.

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