Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thirty Days Have September With October In The Wing*

That ole familiar song we sang in grade school-- "Thirty days have September, April, June & November..." It all certainly cycles fast. I love our autumns, as short lived as they are. The four seasons; interesting, colorful, sunny, breezy, stormy, & at times gray. Yes, we humans can relate, as we flow from one season to the next, in our interconnected circles of life & change being our only constant.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Buzz About Our Book--

As of this afternoon-- It's just a matter of time & a new blog for our upcoming book will be launched before too long. The rough draft of the blog's banner is in the works & this new blog will definitely be out in time for any pumpkin fests you have in mind. This will give us the proper time needed to have our book published in the fashion we so have in mind. We just loved creating these characters, & we're so excited about finally being able to introduce them to you. Time is of the essence, so when time permits for you, we hope you will be able to stay tuned for any upcoming updates.*

What can I say, really it's beyond words right now to describe having finally come to this point. Our book project had been in the works for so many years, & it is a real pleasure & an honor to work with my dear friend of many years, my coauthor, she makes me laugh & so infuses our characters with great life & joy, we've become quite the collaborative team, & here we go off to a bookstore & library shelf near you. "Broadway here we come!"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Mind Is A Garden Of Thoughts*

Today the rains came. It may be dreary out, but all in all a quiet & peaceful Sunday. As I go about the day I am well aware that this is the eve of Yom Kippur, the most solemn of all Jewish Holidays. My husband is at a New England Patriot's game this afternoon, with a dear friend & a family member, & me, well all is good on this rainy puppy bound afternoon.

Dolly had a lot of quality family time with us this weekend, with her freedom to romp with an audience in attendance, & walk on a leash too. She's becoming quite the dogie companion. I may attend religious services this evening I don't always go, but tonight may make it a good choice as our UN International Peace Day event was canceled due to rain. For the past few years I've attended this event, & just recently last year & this, my husband & I became members of the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council. This is the same wonderful group of people who planned & held a candle lit vigil in downtown Putnam, days after the 911 tragedy. I had attended the event with our youngest son, & his friend, along with the several thousand people that evening, we all had a strong need to come together & mourn. It is a real honor & pleasure to be working along side such caring & compassionate individuals who are dedicated & devoted to world peace.

So as tomorrow's Day of Atonement comes closer, & though our local peace day celebration became rained out, it is what's in the heart of every person that counts, those invisible thoughts, which manifest as our actions & deeds. As I've shared we are an interfaith family & we also have dear friends of various faith based communities, often I would enjoy hearing the Priest say during Mass,-- "Peace be with you." & the congregation would answer "And also with you." Our work is cut out for us, & all we can do, is to do it, one step at a time. Events in the park are colorful & fun, & it helps to fortify us by giving back to our community in this way. So until next year when we will try our hand at this again, for we shall be so ready!

As this day slowly becomes evening, one of my main reasons to attend religious services tonight is to have the opportunity to share some of our non perishable food items from our kitchen, with the local food pantry of which we are told there is a tremendous need. My husband volunteers at this food pantry occasionally & also works for a local Meals On Wheels program. Food, clothing & shelter so necessary, yet not by bread alone.

I wish you peace.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tomorrow May Be One Of September Rains--

The above is a hand made peace flag from a dear friend's garden, & the lower work of art is of course a child's eye view of the good in all of us.

Our local celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace, may not be an event in our neck of the woods after all, time will tell... My car remains half packed in preparation for the event nonetheless & if it has to be canceled due to a September rain, then so-be-it. Ultimately when it's all said & done it's truly, the intention that matters.

So with that, there's nothing more to be said, though our sky may choose to weep.

{My closing statement is of course a bit tongue in cheek, for in all actuality, for an event to be called off due to rain will never be the end of the world. For a topic of that seriousness in nature to exist would of course have to be the arms race. Now that would be an event worth calling off, permanently-- no more arms race. Questions, thoughts, comments, are we there yet? We can all be the judge of that.}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Truly As The World Turns, The First Day Of Autumn, Change Is Colorful, Change Is Good *

This colorful & interesting relief sculpture was on display at the New Britain Museum of American Art of this past winter of '09. A snippet photo you see here, in no way does justice to this piece, truly for this one, seeing is believing. The colors as you can tell really did jump out at you, & the overall size was mammoth. The construction of this work, made totally from plastic cups, what a way to recycle. How's that for change being good!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Changing Seasons Bring With Them The Promise Of Change & With That Hope--

It has been sung by Simon & Garfunkel-- "The wisdom of the Prophets are written on the subway walls..." I will agree.

Yesterday was the second day of Rosh Hashanah, in the evening was a two part service. The first was the symbolic casting of one's sins into the water with bread. How fitting, as man/person, does not live by bread alone & one's person's sins are another creatures feast. The ducks, geese, fish & heron on the river, I'm sure were pleased with this development, & I well, that's a long story. I really won't go into much of my spiritual journey at this time, but will say, I as many people of my generation, choose rather carefully, of the religious practices from their youth. I am no longer a traditionalist of my childhood faith. Over the years I've retained the spirit of having been raised in the faith of my fore bearers, yet to this faith I have also added a Zen full perspective, to how I view & live my life. It all just naturally evolved.

Human beings over the course of history have been known to label & libel those who believe differently from them, these personal & historic perspectives too, are a portion of the clay I was spun from. Not a pure perspective in either sense when it comes to human beings. Is that not why we are always becoming, hopefully better than the contaminates we were exposed to.

Real, doses of real reality. I find it necessary to choose as best I can, situations of as wholesomely good as possible, for the world will never lack in the opposite, no matter the dreamer I be, & the animalistic tendency of our specie at times rears it's head with the exploitations of those who may be perceived as the weak. In the animal kingdom this is natural, yet some human beings have this trait too finely developed, much to their determent, but that of course indicates those individuals have fallen ill to mind based illness & have not totally adapted, yet as far back as the Greeks the ills of the world would be attributed to Pandora. Who would have thought in the 60's one could wear a beautiful angora sweater with her name in the label. What's in a name? For another discussion time no doubt.

High Holiday Meditations

Sole/Soul Searching
Soul/Sole Searching

Been there, doing that
an active
of living

It's the attachments
& guilt
of this life

that beat upon
the sole
not just,
the doing
unto others,
being kind
the knowing
that too
is intended
and is
the right
of every

"Rock a my soul"


{Rock a my soul refers back to a spiritual song I sang during our summer bus rides to Girl Scout Camp, every camper of that long ago time would probably still sing along, do you know it---

Rock a my soul in the bosom of Abraham
Rock a my soul in the bosom of Abraham
Rock a my soul in the bosom of Abraham
Oh, Rock a my soul

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today Is 5770, "Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life"--

I've learned a very important lesson today regarding conflict. Even when one may try so desperately to do what another expects, of what they are conditioned, of so very deep within, if it's not something that is true to them, & the inner battle rages ever so strong, & on such a day as this, the very first day of the year 5770, then one finally, as to further not allow, for once, may tell themselves, "dyneau".

It's a very new feeling, this feeling of true self preservation. I know I, as all human beings have a strong sense of this, but on the emotional level the conditioning of decades ago, needed to be strongly changed. In no way was any of this easy, but if one is to choose despair & depletion over a conditioned sense of doing, for the sole purpose of a completing the other, for that "sole/soul" reason, that is now, no more. The pulling oneself up is a blessing & the not doing, is the doing.

My sense of relief of finally being able to choose a mode of self preservation & not being plagued to the depths, is truly a new years resolution that I can continue to work on & continue to develop. Through such turmoil I have been given an essential tool. Living one's truth is not intended to be the truth of others, yet it can at times be a universal truth. Love & time heals all, but in the process one must be certain proper elements are available & replenished. Time to heal means just that, all in good time. It's taken a lifetime.


{Dyneau, is word topic. It is from a popularly requested song of the Passover Hagadah meaning-- "that would be enough", in reference to God having brought forth the peoples of my heritage out of Egypt, & all the miracles that were performed in having been brought forth out of bondage.}

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Upcoming Year 5770

The number pretty much speaks for it's self. At Rosh Hashanah, as per usual at the beginning of a new year, we often come up with New Years Resolutions. I've made mine-- to work at being less busy, & time urgent, then I seem to have become over the past few months. I will prepare my mind for this so come January I will not be taking on quite so many new projects or responsibilities. I will just focus on getting done what I have committed to, to the best of my ability, & go on from there. As I've said, one only has so much time & energy in their vessel, & I will pare it down, so I have the creative zest to get our Children's Book Series published. To do that, creative time with my muse is a must. That's what has always worked for me, & when I get too busy I don't even have time to paint or doodle & that, well that's unacceptable. As a creative soul I need it all for my spirit to flourish. Just taking in colorful flowers this afternoon at the grocery store, that was enough of a reminder. To be or not to be, & I'm being, & enjoying the colors & the beauty, it puts my mind at ease.


*In Honor of a True Creative Songbird

Mary Travers a true creative soul, Mary-- of Peter, Paul & Mary has passed on. Mary Travers, we will miss your sweet voice & harmonies. We will miss all that you represented of our generation. We love you, & the artistry that you have given the world. Thank you & Bless You Forever.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Of Many Projects In The Works & More To Come--

This is the first time I'm adding a download to this blog, wish me luck, if it works out I'll post it. As I decided early on, one of my goals is to become a bit more secure with the technology. For me it's really quite the learning experience, & I'm always amazed at just how simple it is to learn something new with this computer. I've just got to stop being a scary cat, but now that I have a new puppy, well those scary cat days are-- going, going gone... She sits now & stays a little, but I've still got to have her master, come & stay a bit more on cue.

Today worked out just fine, an attempt & I think a success at in bedding a downloaded image in today's post, a call to a water expert at our state's agency also a positive response, & last but not least-- da, da, da, da,.... My co author & I will soon be launching a new blog, with the help of our new illustrator, long, long story of course, but when it all happens that too will be something new & exciting to learn how to do, for Our New Children's Book Series, I'll definitely keep you posted, & we'll share the tale of how that project came to be.

As The Beatles Sang, "Just Another Day"--

Am feeling a bit over whelmed, with way too much, on my "To Do List". Perhaps if I wrote it all down, then when I've completed this or that, & I get to cross an item off, I would feel like I've been making at least some progress.

I started the day quite ordinarily by making something quite common, pancakes. Fed Dolly our new Pup, being she's a super sweet mutt, I gave her some super good scraps of-- vegetables & some meat, from last night's roast my husband grilled for us.

Having enough interesting things "to do", is one thing, then add in the rather mundane, have to get stuff done stuff, then it starts to get; over whelming, over the top. For me it has always been the domestic stuff that adds to the pile of straw. Things were pretty much set & taken care of before we went away, & I've been ever so busy since we've returned, one week ago. Basically I think it's the time of the year, what it represents to me, with Rosh Hashanah [the Jewish New Year] almost upon us. I have a lot I want to get done with my other involvements & projects, & the New Year brings to mind what my responsibilities are as a daughter from a traditional Jewish family that reemerged from the ruins of WWII. Definitely a heavy topic, but the remnants of the feelings do re emerge "from generation, to generation", & I am the only daughter from a family of those by gone years, of brothers two. So the cleaning, the food planning & prep, the extending, & all the energy one must muster, to put it all out there, I get it done, but in my thought process it brings to mind what I would consider to be a "conflict of interest". To live a life without regrets, honoring a parent from childhood years, with it's cost being great at times, "I do" as I am guided, no regrets, just the mental energy it takes to resolve the conflict that must be kept in check, & moving forward with a positive attitude. A person has only so much energy & time in their life vessel, this is not wholly determined by the individual, but what is given to us. How we use it is our choice, we just need to think it through clearly.

Sunflowers will forever remain my symbol of hope & potential, for their magnificent beauty comes from "only a seed".

A Healthy & Happy New Year to All, as we pray to be inscribed in the coming year, as this is our season of hope.

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom


{shalom is a hebrew word, it has three meanings, in a greeting it means "hello", when parting it means "goodbye" & for what is truly in every human beings heart & desire, it also means "peace"}

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Mid September Thoughts--

Busy weekend, that it was-- I was on the schedule to work for approximately 6 hours Saturday & then just a few for today. We needed to be in Wethersfield for 2pm, for a service at my father's cemetery. I was late getting out of work, so when we arrived the service had already begun. One of those beautiful, bittersweet afternoons of mid September, standing together 40 people or more, saying prayers, remembering our loved ones, & thanking God, & all that they meant to us during their lifetime, meanwhile being reminded that we all return to the dust of the earth.

From dust we came, to dust we go. It all feels like a fleeting dream.

Families are quite unique systems, all the different people, meshing, striving, coming together, then separating, moving with diverse motions-- "Different strokes, for different folks & over, & over, & ditty ditty, over..." I sometimes wonder about the branches of my extended family that so readily, steps aside. I do of course know the germination of that stride of technique. My father on the other hand was the glue that held the family of my childhood together. I can't help but be reminded of his warmth & loving kindness as we left the cemetery this afternoon, not only our family tree that he worked so hard to maintain, but also feeling the deep rooted wounds of one of the sibling branches, who had not weathered as kindly, yet in life.

For many-- "The die had been cast" & no matter what one may say or do, the cog in the machine remains just that for some; inflexible, moving on it's own course, not thinking, just doing what it's always done-- "& over & over & & ditty, ditty over..." The part in the song that sings out-- "& we've got to live together...", yes, true, but thank goodness we do grow up, & if we give some thought of where we've come from, & how perhaps to share the good hopefully that was given to us, for it may prove possible to set aside & not repeat the same hurts, before we too return to the dust.


Friday, September 11, 2009


Finding the silver lining does present a challenge, but we as a People, as a Nation, together meet each & every day, pray for guidance & peace, in our hopes, thoughts & dreams--

Regarding the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, nothing, nary a word, can express what's in our hearts on this heart wrenching Anniversary.

To all the families, friends & fellow countrymen from far & wide-- your grief & loss, pierces our hearts, may you all find comfort & peace. We are all changed since that day, "for better, & for worse", "so help me God".


Some Necessary Tools--

My sweet new pup Dolly continues to give me a lot of enjoyment, all this sweetness comes our way without any sugar coating. Monday evening the redness on my left forearm totally blossomed & all I can say is, never, ever hesitate to thoroughly wash after petting your pup, especially if you've seen her romp among the poison ivy. Poison ivy, not a popular choice of fall foliage, oye.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sky Writing Continued, Our Return Trip 9/8/09

It's been some weekend of a most whirlwind variety. I can feel the air turbulence as I sit here & write. Not traveling with a computer yet, so my recent post from Troy, Michigan was from the hotel's lobby.

We're flying over Pennsylvania now, according to the kind & lovely flight attendant as I jot [which of course will later,-- that's now, be turned into computer text]. Live email is not yet available, my seat mate, asked another fellow passenger for me. My husband's seat is 2 rows behind mine, this works well. We said our "I love U's" hands across the row, & now, as all times our life continues to be in God's hands, with the help of our dedicated pilot & his crew. As I've mentioned before I arrived late to flight, but have always loved it in thought, & now though I weave it in only on occasion, it still remains an UNBELIEVABLE experience for me, & I will never, take any of it for granted. Thank you Orville & Wilbur Wright.

I have so much yet to distill from this far reaching weekend. Life through any one's prism is always unique, the stories we weave, retell & reweave once again, our tapestries.

Getting ourselves to Michigan was not without it's flight delays. We were told this was a norm, that delays go on all the time. So we've become a bit weathered to it now, at least this time we booked close to 3 weeks in advance, & not the day before take off. I'm getting stronger in many ways, the layering of multiple decades, does help in that way.

The rehearsal dinner party was a wonderful light hearted artsy buffet, & we were able to connect for the first time with some & reconnect with others, love was all around.

Our cousins-- the proud parents, the groom & his bride, merging families, all of us making new friends, the company we keep.

The evening of this Fairy Tale Wedding, what a Blessed Event, young love, beaming parents, aunts, uncles, extended family, & friends, what a joyful magical mix.

Our newly wedded couple are a credit to their generation-- kind, personable, smart, & oh what style. I don't know too much about today's fashion, but all I can say is the choice of colors, with red roses gracing tables lush, yet delicate, the perfect compliment. The bride beautiful, graceful, beaming & poised. The groom so bright, handsome, fun loving & sweet. I know we were thrilled to have come so far, to share in this special occasion of promise, love & hope. That's what families do.


S K Y * P I L O T of 9/5/09

Thoughts In The Air

Roads visible from above
backyards, green
clouds hovering over patches, neighborhoods

If I had an iphone
I would "tweet,"
If I had a blackberry, I'd "tweet" U

My phone is basic
plain, bare bones
I talk when necessary, turbulence,"tweet", we're up so high
turbulence, turbulence
[not to cry]
roof tops brown, with angles soft
open spaces
we're aloft
down we go, in altitude
gives a spacey, feel in you
different people
different makes
different be it
what it takes

Doing things, that's different, smart
makes me wonder
makes me spark
makes one challenged
feels one's art
makes one grateful
in one's heart

It's been baby, turtle steps
and I know I'm near there, yet--
I can do it, matters most
families live from coast to coast,
I'm to visit, give a hug

Then I do this,
growth in mind,
we all learn in our due time.


From The Series-- First Poems In The Sky*

First Poems In The Sky

Above the land,
below the clouds,
below the stars,
my plane doth tilt

Below the sun
under the moon
I'm far from home,
Will be back soon

My fam's event
I sit
I muze
All outfits set
including shoes

You have your suit,
your wardrobe's set,
My hair, my hair,
I'll do my best

The wind doth blow
and clouds of air
We'll make it there
for much we care

A life seems long
It seems short too
and this my heart
and soul
"I do".


*I dedicate these poems in the loving memory of my Grandparents, Benjamin & Anna, my Father, Samuel, & my Aunt Nettie & Uncle Jack, who came "to be" way, way-- before me.


Good Health, Love, Happiness & Peace--
Heather & Benjamin
of whom, who's wedding we are attending.


(Flying over the continental United States, address unknown, written by a sky traveler.}

First Poems In The Sky, As The Hummingbird Flies*

As The Hummingbird Flies--

Coffee at 34,000 feet,


yet still

quite amazing.

Hold the peanuts,



& oh honey,

honey roasted,

peanuts too,


Who Is This Peace Shirted Man?

"Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show Band". What a surprising encounter, meeting these very talented musicians. My husband & I were at Bradley Airport,Windsor Locks, Ct., the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend 9/5/09, getting ready to take off for Michigan for our cousin's wedding, & this dude is strolling my way with one of the coolest peace shirts on that I had ever seen. I asked if it would be ok to take his picture & to put it up on my blog, & well, we've got our answer.

Monday, September 7, 2009

All The Way From The Mid West To A Computer Near U*

It is at times like this that I wish I could up load my photos. This entry is being posted from Troy, Michigan. My husband & I arrived late Saturday afternoon, just in time to freshen up, & jaunt off to very cool rehearsal dinner of my first cousin's son's wedding, who is of course my second cousin. I met my cousin's son for the first time, many summers ago when they were on the east coast here for business, & visiting with fam* & friends, all the way from Denton, Texas. They made a special trip up to Rocky Hill, Connecticut to visit my Dad. Our Texan cousins have true heart & generously share their southern warmth & charm when ever we are fortunate enough to reunite. Over the years & over the vast miles they have always been the the ones to travel our way, & it has only been recently, just several years ago that I was, finally, able to get myself to take some new steps forward on my life's journey & travel their way.

The entire weekend was one of much hustle, bustle & immense joy. It is certainly true, that the people you spend your early, most formidable & significant times with, even if it's only during a few special holidays, or the sharing of milestone events in one an other's lives, that's really all it takes to connect the threads. There never really is enough time to delve in too deeply to what has made us who we are now, & we do our best to take in all the snippets of vinyetts, hoping we get enough of it pieced together just right, so we all can know as clearly as possible, the other's perspective. We've all grown, grown up in so many different ways, an extended family, with it's own organic stories of events & episodes, which do not end up on the cutting room floor. These small, yet detailed scenes of our lives, accumulate & sculpt us into who we are now.

I do know that our fore parents, of generations prior, would be pleased that we stay in touch, as in doing so, we continue to honor all that we came from & try, as best, as we are able, to reinforce all that is good in ourselves & in one another by coming together to bless & celebrate special occasions, with our family. For me, it is the marriage of my second cousin, who's name is also that of our Grandfather, for who the goal of this journey's celebration was our main event.

In just a few weeks a New Year will be upon us, as in the Jewish tradition, we will once again be at the "head of the year". That's what Rosh Hashanah means, "head of the year". In approaching a New Year, we are also, God willing, requesting a new beginning for ourselves in asking that our sins, & or misdeeds be forgiven. That of course is a big request, for even on the human level we all know just how difficult it is for human beings, mortal people, all of us, to fully forgive others who have trespassed against us, yet we continue to ask that of God. Our task is not a simple one, & the facets that have made us all the complicated individuals that we have evolved to become did not happen over night. Yet basically we all know intuitively what every human being yearns for, & that is love & acceptance, which of course means that we too must practice forgiveness, for only then, are we truly worthy of the very forgiveness that we request. A life long quest for me, as it has & continues to take immense patience & practice. My Father practiced this, he & my Mother forgave one another towards the end of his life. Yes, sometimes it takes a lifetime, our small lives in the universal scheme to things.

So as Rosh Hashanah continues to be in the forefront of my mind & heart at this time of the year, what better time than now, to work for & to promote peace on all the various levels & dimensions-- peace from within, peace with one another & peace in the world. This year's, "United Nation's International Day Of Peace, 2009", takes place in September all over the world.

So, where ever you may be, here, there & every where-- I wish you peace, here on earth & in a galaxy far, far away too. Shalom, Shalom, from Troy, Michigan.


Friday, September 4, 2009

*Hopefulness Is My Middle Name--

Becoming extraordinary in my approach of living a life brings; new challenges week by week & day by day. Tomorrow we leave on a trip to the Motor City of, Detroit. My cousin from my father's side of the family, his youngest son, has found the love of his life, & is is getting married this Sunday September 6th, so my husband & I, are leaving our comfort zones & venturing out in a fashion that is both hectic & exciting. My extended family, like many live far & wide across this great country of ours & my goal is to put myself out there, to embrace the challenge & just do it.

I was thinking this evening when I was watching the News Hour & they were doing a piece honoring the "working man", being Labor Day is this coming Monday-- It was a good thing, our relatives from past generations, had a bit more spunk & sense of adventure than we have. For if they were like us, we'd still be stuck in a country or place that wouldn't have allowed our family's to think & express freely, "That would have been that,"-- stunted growth, & that would have been only if we had been allowed to survive, we all know the history, Tolstoy explained it far too well.

A healthy & happy Labor Day everybody! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.