Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year To "The Bynars" & To Everyone Out There In The Galaxy*

Our son became the percussionist with "The Bynars" in early September of 'o8.  They are a Boston based Indie Rock Band.  We've heard some of their recordings & they have a really modern sound.  So far we haven't seen them perform, & look forward to it in '09.  I told my son I would share their link which is--   When you get a chance look them up, I think you'll enjoy them.  "Happy New Year to The Bynars & to everyone out there in the galaxy!"  

The One Year Anniversary Of This Blog*

Today makes it a year ago that my son set me up to be a blogger.  It's certainly been quite the learning experience, with a lot more computer technique to be had on my part, slow & steady....

I've deliberately attempted to not include some of the more serious aspects of living our 21st century lives...  Yes there have been aspects for concern among family & friends local & global, but I've tried to keep this as light as I possibly can, except for the few personal reflections, which is important for me to deal with when those kind of feelings come up, otherwise it blocks the creative expression I need to grow & to feel that way, for me anyway can be unbearable & therefore unacceptable, as I'm intended to-- "Make Art Not War", & all the creative colors & textures in between.  Blogging along life's road has certainly aided me in this task.  We all have our own personal ways to grow forth, & what work for one will of course not work for another. One size will never fit all, but r*e*s*p*e*c*t* will.

Sooo-- to all my family & friends, & new friends along the way who have taken the time to view & to read my point of view of life from these here hills I say--  "Thank You" for lending me your ear & allowing me to open my heart's thoughts to "yaz" all. 



Here We Go Again-- The Wintry Weather Postponed Our Museum Trip*

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As The End Of This Year Nears*

One last day of 2008.  The parties have been fun, with the most recent being with the gals I work with in our Health Office.  All these years working in health care , it will be 40 come the New Year.  Time does fly.  Tomorrow depending on the weather of course, it's a dental appointment & then off to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston.  Time will tell.  These past few weeks have been zooming by with all the--  here, there & everywhere that it's entailed, along with the bouncy weather patterns we've been experiencing.  Sixty degrees the other day, who can keep track.  New England winters are forceful, ever changing, moody & beautiful. Literature is rich with characters who have been influenced by these elements.  We are still influenced by these elements which combined with other various factors of 21st century living have been known to make us--  strong, & resilient with our independent thinking, evident even to this day whenever a group of friends get together & discus their views of the world. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Interfaith Holiday Season Continues With Our Delightful Charlie Brown Tree Setting The Stage*

Christmastime In Our Neck Of The Woods*

My Husband's Favorite Grandmother's & Mother's Recipe, Can You Guess What He's Making?

I was told that the dough was excellent for this batch.  The taste test was good, & for our dinner on Christmas Day they were a hit.  My husband's hard work of 3 hours of continual cooking certainly paid off as the fam.* loved it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The First Day & 2nd Night Of Chanukah*

Yesterday around 4:30pm I was asked to meet a family member on their way home from work.  I was told that there was something very "time sensitive" to give me.  Well I figured it must be some sort of holiday plant, perhaps a mini tree, as we both have interfaith families & celebrate the season in that manner.  Much to my surprise what was insisted I take home right then & there & transport very carefully was one of the most beautiful menorahs I've ever seen-- the doves, the multi colored child sized hands, what a beautifully loving gift. Our son who traveled in from Syracuse the other evening to be with our fam.* over the holidays, he, my husband & I did a late night Chanukah Candle Lighting Blessing, as this menorah beckoned to be lit for the first time.

"Chanukah The Festival Of Lights"---  What an exciting joy it was for me as a child.  My own children of course have a much different experience of Chanukah.  Each generation has their own stories.  I can still see mine in my mind's eye & heart.  How about "yaz", all those childhood memories?  The beauty of our lit menorah's, the latkas, playing dreidle, the grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins before many of us moved so very far away.  No matter where we were living-- the connection to our people-- families & friends in the present & those of the past, glowing in our hearts with the beauty of our lit menorahs to this day.   

Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Day Of Winter & First Night Of Chanukah*

We're still rather snowed  in up on our slope, hopefully I'll be able to get some out of town errands done tomorrow, being we're an interfaith family, there's  both Chanukah & Christmas to be prepared for.  Our son arrived home yesterday evening from his long trip from upstate New York as it's his semester break now.  The report of the roads were all in this order--  N.Y. , Ma. , then Ct. , with Connecticut being the worse, figures.

For those several weeks that I chose to go cyber-less I once again reconnected with doing some colorful fiber art which I'll include in this post for a much needed colorful break here.  It was a lot of fun & very relaxing to put together colors & textures & to design some simple yet artful jewelry for the special "peeps" in my life.  I started first with my co workers as we are now on break till 'o9 , & I thought it would be fun to give them as gifts now as these items can double as either a pin or a tree ornament.  A dear friend made one for me several years ago for my birthday, & I asked her if it was ok to use her idea to make some, she kindly said, "Yes". They are not only fun to make, but a lot of fun to wear as it feels in many ways as you're wearing a corsage.  She of course was at the top of the list as to whom to give one to for this holiday season, she's a most talented knitter & seamstress besides, & most generous to share her creative ideas.

We were supposed to visit with my brother & sister in law this evening for the first night of Chanukah, but due to my extreme dislike of traveling under these type of weather conditions it was decided to take a "rain/snow check" & see about catching up with each other some other time.

My husband & I have been involved with working towards a clean & safe environment since the early 1970's, on his encouragement I've been part of our town's Conservation Commission for quite a few years now.  As we head into the New Year there will be much to learn & work on in that area, for this winter break I've been reading a bit about stone walls.  We have many ancient stone walls in this part of the state, & our own property is rambled with a multitude of them. They are really quite beautiful & hold the mystery of many a story I am sure.

Well, have a good week everyone.  I know we'll all be very busy to a  certain extent & we'll be sure to pace ourselves & to enjoy the moment, being thankful to God for our Blessings along the way.     


Saturday, December 20, 2008

A View From This Window & Still Digging Out*

This is one of my favorite perching spots, as we live in a home that from certain views has the feel of a tree house, & is most fun for kids & adults a like.  We are at the top of a steep, usually sunny slope, which of course today remains overcast.  In the wintertime our driveway as you can well image presents it's slippery & icy challenges.  Beauty has it's costs!  The window boxes which my father so lovingly gave me so many birthday's ago & are painted a shade of teal has a few silk autumn leaves which are covered of course with snow today.  This is what graces today's wintry view.  *Oye for the special person who plowed, our family's # 1 .
This Teddie Bear was given to our 25 year old so many years ago from dear friends.  As empty nesters now, this Teddie does take us back, as he sits in a favorite corner of our kitchen.
The above is a doodle of an art project, that is placed on our deck to enjoy throughout the seasons.

A lot of hard work here for my loving husband of 38 & 1/2 years!  What can I say--  the simple life of country living with awesomely picture perfect views along with hard work & the appreciation of nature & all the enjoyment we receive from it.   

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Prespectives On Taking a Digital Break-- Tis' The Season*

Our first major snow storm of the season is upon us, blizzard really.  Yesterday was the day I chose to get prepared as best I could--  four new studded snow tires now all set to go for my "dashing through the snow" & ice, *oye the fields  we go....

Tonight we'll watch our usual PBS summaries of the week & comment on their comments.  It was good to take this recent mini digital-- "v*a*c*a*t*i*o*n" & not, "in the summertime", either.  I did a lot of  deep thinking, which many of us do at this time of year-- "In my life I've loved them all...."  The 60's & our music, forever in our hearts & minds.  {Could you hear the music of some of those songs in your minds?}  Love it, Love it.

Eventually I will get back into sharing some of those heartfelt thoughts & feelings.  For now a few pictorial views-- May all your gardens be peaceful. "Viva L' Art"!    


{The very interesting & at times beautiful pieces of art that are featured in today's entry were enjoyed this past November at-- "The New Britain Museum Of American Art".  What a wondrous experience a visit there was.  More photos to eventually be shared, & if you're traveling to or through Central Connecticut, it's definitely worth the stop, or as my father would say-- "Tarry awhile."}  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Bumper Sticker That Tells It Like It Is, So We Can Enjoy Some Random Acts Of Kindness-- Tis' The Season!

One Laptop Per Child-- A Technology Encounter Of An Inspiring Kind*

My husband & I stopped in Putnam before going home last night, we wanted to see our friend Anthony's exhibit at The Silver Circle Studio, which we anticipated with great enjoyment.  In between the viewing of this eye filling exhibit, I knew at first glance that I needed a coffee, as there was a lot to take in & I didn't want to rush through it.  Soo where do we go-- well that was easy, right next door is my favorite coffee shop Victoria Station, with it's hand hewed copper counter that serves up gourmet coffees, fresh baked biscotti, muffins & more.

Victoria Station is furnished with colorful old over stuffed antique type furniture with the unstated invitation to "tarry awhile", which is what one does when they stop in.  During last night's coffee break we met this interesting gentleman who was working away on one of the smallest most colorful & cutest computers I've ever seen!  Not only was he most agreeable & welcoming in answering all of our questions regarding his computer use, but told us about the initiative-- "One Laptop Per Child" which he is very involved with.  I told him I had heard of that program on PBS's News Hour some months ago & my husband, the avid reader of our Mr. & Mrs. team here, shared how he had read about the program maybe a year ago or so.  Andrew said the program which originates out of MIT in the Boston area works to put computers in the hands of children in underdeveloped countries, that everything about the OLPC computer was designed with the child in mind, such as the child sized mini keyboard, & the ability of the computer to link with other same computers in the area to form a power source of relay so the user can email & communicate with one another even without an internet server being available.  We were told the batteries last 5 hours, & the computer has the capacity to download & hold numerous books.  A child in a country that has a lack of books in print can still have access to all that is digitalized on the world library which is now in the public domain. What a phenomenal way to educate, learn & grow for the children of the world.  Eleanor Roosevelt--  our Original First Lady of the world, & the voice of the children of the world, would be thrilled!  

It was an absolutely amazing story to hear in detail, & very exciting to learn how Andrew, a teacher at Rectory School in Pomfret is not only spreading the word about this computer project, but is gifting these computers to his young family members, what a way to spread the word!

{The photos that are to be included in this post actually came out better that expected.  Can you find the photo of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden on the OLPC computer screen?}

Humankind's ability to improvise, invent, reinvent & give of themselves without selfishness, greed or corruption-- "That's what it's all about..."                                                                           That reminds me, it's been awhile since this Nana has done the Hokey Pokey with her favorite grandchildren, tis' the season to step out!