Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eye Catching Wheels

      My husband & I needed to drop my car off in Windham yesterday. It was timing belt time, & the time was right. After a good little diner at Cinco De Mayo on Main Street in Willimantic we were off to our food COOP downtown. Right next to where we were parked was the scene below. I've never seen so many bicycle wheels mish-mashed in the back of a truck. Ever. Which got me to talking to Ed Rivera who's the person you will see in today's entry.

Here's Ed-

I asked Ed if the bikes in the back of his truck are to be restored. His answer was yes. He continued to tell me about the Little Angels Program

The Little Angels Program is a nonprofit that serves the children of Willimantic, Ct. 
And now that we all know about them they're on our radar. Such an excellent cause~xo!

For many of us growing up all we wanted to do was to~

ride, ride, ride, ride
~each & every day~!


Above penciled doodle done by my husband SMC.

[Yup, really nice job.]

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Current Chapter On Freedom's Landscape

     This Independence Day Weekend is coming to a close. In honoring the founders of this incredible Republic we must continue to work to keep monsters of power in check in order to prevent ourselves from becoming a Nation of endless war. To do this we must keep in mind the lessons of an accurate history for the benefit of all in our Nation. Our freedoms inscribed in the Constitution are to be respected & exercised.

     The following article is in the category of freedom, the everyday work of continuing to honor & exercise the American ideal, our just goal of ~justice for all~


     As we were leading up to this holiday weekend this past July 2nd my husband, & two friends of ours attended a Community Service of Remembrance and Unity in Honor of the Emanuel Nine who's lives were suddenly taken by a crazed gunman.

The Emanuel Nine
 Cynthia Maie Graham Hurd; Susie Jackson; Etherel Lee Lance; Depayne Middleton-Doctor; Clementa C. Pinckney; Tyawanza Sanders; Daniel Simmons; Sharonda Coleman-Singleton; Mayra Thompson

 This event was sponsored by
 Norwich Branch of the NAACP,  
Norwich Area Clergy Association
Sankofa Education And Leadership, Inc.
of Norwich, Connecticut

     Those of us that gathered in the David Ruggles Freedom Courtyard on July 2nd, heard a very brief paragraph about each individual who's name was sadly included on the above list. These innocent people were gathered together in their place of worship exercising the constitutional right of freedom of religion, but due to the color of their skin they like any soldier in the front line defending the freedom of this wonderful country gave the ultimate sacrifice & paid with their lives for the right to participate in a study lesson of their chosen faith.

     The enduring message shared with us that special evening was that faith & love, not hate makes us strong. That faith & forgiveness is the cornerstone of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina where this massacre took place. We were all encouraged to go forth in the spirt that would best honor these beloved fallen by practicing forgiveness as we continue to seek justice in the name of those who were taken from us.

     We of this Nation must continue to remain vigilant in protecting the rights & freedoms of all our citizens. The individuals who's lives have been cut down drastically are now among the list of the fallen freedom seekers. We grieve their passing, & their sacrifice will be honored & remembered.


Photos beginning at the top of this post- 
Ms. Jacqueline Owens, President, Norwich Branch, NAACP
Pastor, St. Nicolas Orthodox Church
U.S. Congressman Joseph Courtney

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