Sunday, June 27, 2010

Abalone & More, Where The River Meets The Sea

We are just about at our destination--
The Navy was doing sea to ship testing along the coast--
These folks are from Oregon. Jacob & his girlfriend were a lot of fun to talk to. His girlfriend had the most incredible red hair, very sheik, so west coast.
Quite the view from the viewing deck on the beach, just a stone's throw from the ranch we're staying at for this evening, as are the following---

This siloute is of my husband & Greg who we were talking to at the beach this evening. Greg was pointing into the Pacific, showing us where a whale was spotting. He knew an incredible amount of information regarding sea life, & described aspects of catching abalone. He also told us about his great grandmother, who passed away several years ago. His great grandmother was a little girl living in San Fransisco when "The Great San Fransisco Earth Quake" hit in the 1800's. She & her family incredibly survived this horrid event, & she went on to live into her late ninety's. Greg is a Native American. When I asked him how it was for him & other Native Americans out on the west coast, how it was regarding their rights & all? He & his friends & family made it very clear, that they have not been able to reclaim enough of their land in order to fish & hunt in the way of life that he & his people had been accustomed to, that the tribes are required to pay for this right. It all seems so odd. Here we have all these expensive properties up & down the coast, which were basically stolen so many years ago, & the descendants of this, to this day, live with limited opportunity.
Unless our government fully rights this wrong, that will never be right.
& as the river continues to meet the sea...
We, all of us, enjoy these views....
Knowing nature knows far more than ever, any man.

We arrived at Howard Creek Ranch here in Westport, Calf., about 4 hours down the coast from Trinidad, depending on how direct you choose to travel. We took our time, & traveled down the Avenue of Trees, which runs parallel to route 101. Route 101 will take you all the way up to Oregon, if you were to continue north.

We are enjoying our stay here for this evening, for dinner we went to the one & only Abalone Pub here in town. The food was excellent & the views never stopped. If I'm lucky my photos will load up into the blog, but I give my chances 50-50, as the Internet is sooo slooow here, that even this turtle, can wait only so, so long. I will say this, that it basically has to do with the connection & nothing to do with me, as I can't even axcess my email, as it's so slow, that it just dumps out the account. But that is just fine with me, as the experience all along this coast is indescribable anyway. We have certainly managed quite well before the Internet, yet I do enjoy my compute time, & when it's available I'll do my best to put it to good use.

Here goes a try or 2 with some photos...

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Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed and appreciated sharing your journey thanks to your blog and all of your excellent photography! It has been my pleasure, and hope that California has given you and Steve memories that will last a life time. You two really did it right!

Traci Nelson
July 1st, Woodstock, Connecticut