Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vibrant Autumn

      Picture perfect colors with every single leaf.  Each turn of the head, & every pause, it's all that-  A cornucopia feast for the eyes.   It didn't hurt to have clear blue skies, & even though the sun disappeared in a mere blink, nary a bit of discouragement. 

The pumpkins, the pumpkins, they always save the day.

Apples do a great job too-


On ones life's path, walking among the pumpkins-
~always a thrill~!~


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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Friendship Through The Seasons


    My friends & I belong to the Sisterhood of our temple.  We have shared many an interesting adventure on various levels.  A particularly special friend of ours has been dealing with a life threatening illness for some years now.  For a time each & every treatment that the doctors have offered in the variety of choices have been wonderfully effective.  Until now.

     Throughout the summer a small group of us have been traveling into the Boston area to visit our dear friend.  Our wish is that our visits offer comfort & support.  Today will be one of those visits.

     These are heartwrenching trips each step of the way.  Repeatedly we are reminded to accept the fact that our time here is temporary, that we are so very mortal.  For the vast millenniums we human beings have populated the earth, yet each individual is here for a very short time.  Each are on a journey, yes one step at a time.  For many it is a conscious choice to support & comfort one another.  Be it the early years of our toddling out, to the middle years of seemingly endless time raising our families & going through what families tend to go through.  To the final sphere that our paths take us to.  In my belief we never walk alone, the spirit that has given us life is always with us.  I also believe that the finest act of humanity any individual can do is to be there for another.  To gaze into that person's eyes-  I understand, we say, often without words,  friendship=love.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life Temporarily Without Facebook

     Well I did it.  It certainly was a long time coming.  Not that I have any complaints.  Truly it's rather unbelievable for me anyway, to be back in touch with friends from high school days.  People I knew way before Marriage & Family Living.  Would you believe that was the name of one of the high school courses I took.  Really.  Being in touch with friends from those times has really been an awesome ride in a time capsule of sorts.  To think we were only on the brink of becoming adults, & now so many of us not only have gone through the passage of raising children of our own, but are grandparents too.  Recently these past few years when we've clicked on & had our brief online chats with one another, in all honesty nothing has changed.  They are all still the most thoughtful & caring people of who we've had the honor & privilege of walking down the halls together back in the 60's.  Our chatting then around our lockers in way back time was wonderful, as it has become now!

     I decided to temporarily leave Facebook, only because I was having way too much fun.  Couldn't moderate myself, so it was time for me to reel it in.  The goal is to exercise better control & discipline in order to use the creative time I've been blessed with by setting up an important & realistic work schedule.  My novella though progress has been made, what remains is a long way to go!  When there's a challenging job out there for me to do, & if someone is relying on me to do it for them, or punch a clock, I do it. No hesitation.  But if it's not for another person's need [as I'm a born & bred caretaker of sorts], it becomes way too easy to find other things to occupy my time.  A habit built over a lifetime, of which I am finally in the process of putting changes into place.

     So with having said my goodbyes to my Facebook friends this past Sunday, & with my making this office space room pleasant once again I've replanted my feet firmly on my path of purpose.  And when I do choose to return to fb it will only be if & when this discipline is well in place.

I'll keep you posted.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden