Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Still, Beautiful World

"THINK" was my husband's bumper sticker. Some months ago he had this car towed to a junk yard, it's message is so right on, no matter where it's parked, for words do speak, as do pictures....

Gray skies
Blue skies,
All the whys

White clouds
Black clouds,
skies up high

Streams go forth--

Your side
My side
At what cost?

Know it,
One soul's truth

Live it ,
See it
Points of view.

Plant Life
All the same

In the sane

Listen closely
Listen true
This must stop
or ruins come true.


The preceding short poem, came to mind after the recent days of contrasted feelings of emotion.

The horrific oil explosion & ongoing leak since April of this year in the Gulf Coast. Our son completing his goal of graduating from Law School. Leaving my job of these past 10 years in the nursing profession. The violence, & loss of life in the International waters, in the Mideast, & last but not least, our planning for our, upcoming 40th wedding anniversary.
It is a lot.

What do I do, when seemingly bombarded with the various thoughts & feelings of the day? I do what I've seemingly done, ever since my childhood days, write a poem.

It may not make any sense, to anyone, but me, still, that has always been what I do best. It is a wonderful world in which we live, but not all wonderful, & definitely, not all wonderful for everyone. Just as we live & breathe, taking in new breaths each & every minute of our day. It all changes moment, by moment, as it is intended.


{There are of course numerous news accounts, & opinions dealing with the recent news of the day. For yet another opinion regarding the situation in the Mideast I recommend the 6/1/10 commentary by, Thomas L. Freedman in the New York Times titled, "When Friends Fall Out". I do not agree with all, of what Mr. Freedman's thinks, but I do welcome his opinion, as respecting opinions, even if there is somewhat of a difference in thinking, is important in perspective, "respect" is an integral aspect of nonviolence, & Mr. Freedman brings some very important views to light.}

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