Sunday, January 30, 2011

When The Ordinary Becomes The Extraordinary, Living In The Moment

A view of Mashamoquet Brook, which empties into the Quinebaug River.
My favorite skier, breaking new tracks...
Protected open space, on the property of our Audubon Center.
This sky, though we could note the storm clouds, only added to the range of beauty on this January day.
The tracks below, heading for the abandoned foundation on the right, a critter looking for shelter or to hunt perhaps...

Blue skies today, but I won't kid myself we can still see the stormy ones nestled in. Anyone who has weathered any day in their life truly knows, that though one day is beautiful, it does take the rain, storm & cloudy gloom to bring on the beauty & it's magnificence. Yes that symbiotic relationship in nature.

Here in New England we know this quite well, but so does practically ever one on this planet, for weather is just that, weather. Good or bad, sunny or not, there are no control factors. When it's gorgeous, with those indescribable blue skies, we, just like any creature on this planet, just love to, delve in.

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Home On The Range With My Rescue Dog Dolly

Someone is about to go swimming in the snow...
I think perhaps a breast stroke, or one of those paddles that your specie is known to do so well..
So think about it, what's your goal....
Alright, we're waiting for you...
Such determination too...
Yes, we're here for you,
But you're not coming in from this entrance, guess why...
We love you too, but we can't take you skiing with us today. We'll be sure to bring you back a treat, & we'll continue this conversation later...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowbound By Choice & In Good Company With The New Yorker Magazine

This morning my husband went out of town to help our son with his ongoing kitchen remodeling project. After a bit of blogging this morning I decided that I just wasn't up for the 45 minute commute each way, on snowy secondary roads another day in a row. We went out last night for dinner & a movie, managed quite well with the traveling, but I wasn't skied to do it again. A road warrior, I am not.

So after a little of this, & a little of that, it was a good afternoon to catch up on some reading. The New Yorker Magazine is always a good one of choice. I especially like the fiction, as the caliber of short story writers are always excellent. Eventually I do take a stab at the articles of realisms, a true to life bit of reporting or an interview. What surprised me this afternoon was the article in The Current Cinema section in the 1/10/11 issue titled, Look Again "Shoah" and a new view of history., on pg. 80, by David Denby.

What caught my imagination was the historic message that was put forth. From reading this two page article, I now better understand, an aspect of the makeup of both of my parents, & their mind sets after WWII , & living in this society after their generation had to be forced to come to terms with a genocide so horrible that they each carried it around with them in their minds & hearts. Though neither one of my parents lost any direct family members to it, nonetheless these gray feeling so permeated their lives, which therefore transferred it's self to the very makeup of a next generation Jewish family.

I was only 8 years old or so when I first began to read articles about the Holocaust. My entire extended family are original New Yorkers & every Sunday we had the New York Times Newspaper in our midst. I was one of those kid's that would read whatever was out there, so to devour the beautifully colorful New York Times Magazine or Book Review section, on any given Sunday was per the usual for moi. It was on one of those Sundays when I read a review of a then recent book about Treblinka, as our parents hid practically nothing. Since then I have tried very hard to avoid reading such articles, as man's inhumanity to man, never it seems ceases. In no way would I call myself an ostrich, as I have a pretty good sense of the news of the day, local & global, but I can only take measured doses, for I know it's tragically truth being told.

I am so very thankful that I took the time to read David Denby's recent article. The truth does set us free. I now have an even clearer glimmering & understanding of my parents. Henceforth from my parents to myself, my goodness gracious, it is all making perfect sense.

"Come together, right now, over me...." The Beatles

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Within An Earth's Orbit

Winter certainly proves it's self good for many things, it is the immense amount of time inside, being allowed to think & muse over this & that, that has proven it's self to be a hidden gift. Not that location was ever a factor to deter me, for we all take our thoughts with us no matter where we go. I truly was one of those classroom gals, where the teacher would silence everyone, & the deep silence would get my attention, to bring me back. Yes, always the daydream believer. For the teacher marking the report card, perhaps no bonus points my way, but for me a vast garden of thoughts... , of which I'd like to share some today...

Within An Earth's Orbit

Today in the cosmos
my mind
that bends it's thoughts
it's well
caught up,
a glistening
eyes that dazzle,
that is hidden



Thus is today's addition to a Poetry A Muse In Motion.
Have a good Saturn Day / Saturday, & wishing all* a fine & safe weekend.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit



when ever is





the end



will it rain...

I see things


in songs



pages drawn,



knowing not


times beginning

light years

time flies


Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the launch into space of the Challenger Space Shuttle, that ended so very tragically.
To those on board, & to the loved ones, friends & citizens earthbound, our continued prayers of peace & hope to all.



So concludes today's posting for the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project.
{Tempus Fugit was one of my father's most favorite expressions, it is the Latin for Time Flies.}

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is This A Dog Day Afternoon...

Is this a dog day afternoon? I don't know, Dolly what do you think....
Yes, there is an element of joy to winter...
Especially when it's your Birthday, one doesn't want to remain snowed in...
We have lived out in these here hills for approximately 26+ years. Never before have we experienced this much snow in one single winter. Due to our rather rugged terrain, & long drives into the city, I'm dedicated to driving used volvos & have been for years. The studded snow tires are what get me off & out of these rather intimating back roads at times.
Our barn is still rather snowed in. A lot still needs to be hand shoveled, but we needed a brake..
My husband is rather good at doing our plowing without destroying aspects of our drive which is the length of a mini road. As of late this morning we might as well be in New York City, as we're running out of places to dump the snow, & don't have the convince of the East River from my father's old neighborhood. Really, that's were they lug it in NYC.
As beautiful as it all is, it's a lot of dedicated hard work to be able to manage & sustain a life out here, beyond the outer ring... Below is the walkway to the front of our house. We usually choose to keep it as is, & use the cellar entrance way, the very last of this posting's photos. Less chance of slipping through our cellar's mud room, besides it's well lit with many windows & one has to enter through a door with a peace sign, & that's also Dolly's space & she loves visitors, "woof".

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Morning Has Broken...

Ribs any one, yes there's a bar-b-q under this..
The picnic table that became a cupcake, then a space ship, & is now a...
A view on awakening this morning from our bedroom, the snow is on the overhang roof of the front porch & is so high on the roof that you can't look out to see the ground...
What makes this an out of the ordinary scene, is that the branches on this hemlock tree, prior to all the snow, were originally unreachable due to being eight feet off the ground. Not any more.
Just another window view, which makes us wonder when the melt does come, where will it all go..

The challenge will of course be the plowing & shoveling. It will be a rather chilly walk for my pup Dolly, so I guess she too will need a path cleared. I'll be good, & won't complain, all I'll say is winter...... Well there, you have it.


9:28AM, I was just told by my husband that we might be stuck here, not good, I'll keep you posted... & today is his Birthday too! Happy Birthday!!!!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Night Flakes of Snow, Good Night

Good night Dolly,
Good night snow
Good night winter,


Not truly a poem, but the entire day's been rather poetic. Thus competes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project. Of course I do love winter, my husband's birthday is tomorrow 1/27, & our son's was 1/18. So what's not to love.
Mighty winter, please just lightened up with the storms already, just a wee little bit, just a wee. For we now have over three feet, yes over, one yard stick, of snow on our deck. That's a bit much, & we're running out of peanut butter. Thank goodness I'm all set with coffee, but in all actuality peanut butter is a staple here, but that's ok, we'll get ourselves plowed out. All in good time, until the next storm that is.

Happy winter everyone!

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Hitting The Spot With Simple Foods

I certainly have a lot of time on my hands, & am loving every minute of it!

Due to today's snowy weather there was enough of everything we needed here, but no luxury food items. That in it's self is a good thing, as really the loaded carbs of cookies & things; I don't know about you, but I really don't need it.

There are some items in the sweets category which I have an immensely hard time resisting, & peanut butter cups are one of them. Voila, I now have a new recipe for the sweet tooth addict. Since this recipe uses Quakers Rice Snacks & being the history of the Quakers has always been linked to nonviolent actions & peaceful ways, this new Peace Garden dessert must in some way encompass something of a simplistic & innocent nature, a bit beyond.... hmmmm.... am still thinking...
But for now, I'll upload some photos. It's a simple treat, yet for the sweet-aholic, I must say, it really does fit the bill. My husband who is the Ratatouille of taste buds in our family, has given it the thumbs up, which now I know is definitely worth sharing.

As an old tv commercial once said, "Try it you'll like it." & you just might too--

There I have it, Ratatouille's Peanut Butter Dabs

To make this sweet & satisfying treat, use Quakers Chocolate Rice Snacks, & then dab, as little or as much peanut butter, or any of the other nut butters that you prefer. Almond is another nice choice. If you like you may add a mini chocolate chip in the center as a garnish. Place on a pretty plate, use a paper doily if one is handy, or you may place them in mini cupcake baking cups. Served in this way, visually the senses are satisfied, & with less of the loaded calories too.

There you have it, a sweet treat, that not only satisfies that crave for chocolate, but with a bit of protein dashed in to prevent those dangerous blood sugar dips.


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Pruning & Space Clearing Thoughts, From The Winter Peace Garden...

When we prune back, & space clear, I have found much to my delight & surprise, that new growth at times, is so very close to the surface. Even at my age.
So with these thoughts at the forefront, I ask us all to keep in mind; that no matter our differences, disappointments, heartbreaks or sadness, that an individual may carry around with them, so very hidden in the backpack of their hearts;
that when we twitter, post or click on, just know, that our very existence & purpose is far more meaningful than any one individual can every image. If we allow ourselves to breathe, & pause we will remember this, as it resides within us all, & we will find what, it is, we are intended to, as we remain connected, flexible, & with purpose, on our life's path. No matter the feeling of, any given moment.

Peace be with you on this winter's day.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Worth The Trip, Tapas From Word of Mouth, to... To Your Plate

Our most skilled & talented chef, Chip.

The wait staff, always, informative, welcoming & friendly...

Today was a jaunt out of town. We're expecting yet another storm tomorrow, & it was best to get some fun errands out of the way, as we'll probably be a bit home bound again before too long. Thursday the 27th of this month, is my husband's birthday. The plan was, lunch out today, at one of our favorite places in the Hartford area, my husband's favorite city. So after getting some of those to do items done, off we went to Tapas, on New Britain Avenue, in the Elmwood section of West Hartford. Tapas is always worth a jaunt into the city. The food has a Greek & Mediterranean flair, everything is always fresh & flavorful. I recommend it as a place of destination for all occasions, & for all seasons.

& We'll be back!

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