Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Day In Boston, 2010

These photos were taken as we were walking around enjoying a day in the city. Some of what you see are the early arrivals of First Night Boston, which really does look like a lot of fun.

New Year's Eve marks an anniversary of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden. Tonight is the third year, of this blogging for peace project here on the Internet. The topics have certainly been varied; such as an individual striving for inner peace, & peacemaking topics & projects local & worldwide. As different as these subjects can be, they are ultimately interconnected, for when "peace be with you", is said, we all know that it begins with one individual at a time, for we are all a conduit & a continuum for world peace. All of us.

As we end the year 2010, let us go out with an easygoing ditty of a poem for Poetry A Muse In Motion, as I just jotted this one down-

A New Year's Toast

Tweedle dee, & Tweedle do,
our greetings are
to you, and you,

so have a beer
or bubbly glass
and toast what's passing
time won't last-

It moves on slow
In sparkling stars
We ring it in,
from near and far

One year goes out
Another's in
As we continue
That's our spin

A Healthy, Peaceful & Happy 2011,
to One & All*


Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ebbing Of A Year, In Anticipation Of A New, As Prayers Of Peace Remain

This very small wooden dish shown below, holding some Peace Garden cards, was made in Palestine, of olive wood, I do believe. The items that are included in our tree house of sorts of where we live, are from all over the world. Israel & Palestine, lands so rich in ancient history have a special place in our home & hearts. May they, as with all of us worldwide, have true peace one day soon. *Amen*

Many loose ends to get done, before the end of this year. Dolly is still without her "ea collar" of the electric avenue variety. The pet supply company sent the wrong transformer, so we continue to remain in a high pet alert mode. Would it do any good to oye, oye, oye, probably not. So we'll just keep doing what we're doing.

Before logging out today I would like to complete this page with a poem. The Poetry A Muse In Motion, project has certainly brought me back to the inner essence of who I have always been, as I continue to reach down into my very core.

To All The Time Travelers

Heading into a New Year
the cheer
of all that are dear
are with me
to share
with you

we talk
you know,
that this is special
all of us
dotting the globe
our own orbits


From the Peace Garden, to all near & far-
A Blessed , Healthy & Peaceful, New Year Everyone

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Night At The Movies To See Tron, & Of The Celestial

I so love this pooch, that I just had to share her devoted sweetness with everyone. Yes, she may certainly have that junk yard dog look, but what she does have is a mighty heart, & is one of the kindest, yet funniest dogs I've ever had. As the beloved late singer songwriter, Malvina Reynolds would sing- "We love our pets, yes we do, we do, when they go-- arf, arf, they're talking to you." Thank you Malvina Reynolds for that song, & many others, including Little Boxes, of the "tickie tacky" variety, that Pete Seeger would often sing too.

It was really good to have the Holiday Season Blizzard behind us. Since last week, Dolly has been without her electric avenue collar, [lost in the woods, or ? snow perhaps]. We sense in many ways that she is trained to stay in the yard, but no need to take chances, as no one wants to have to deal with an unexpected call, which entails being face to face with neighbors who are gentle & kind, but nonetheless have had their day somewhat messed up, by the inconsideration of a neighbor's uninvited mutt. Her new collar did not arrive yesterday, which makes sense as according to the pet supply company it was shipped out only yesterday. Eleven hours ago, & still counting.....

It's been a really nice time for our extended family, with our long distant travelers coming in from two major cities being, Boston &, DC. The morning began with a trip into Worcester, for our son who lives in Boston. We arrived in ample time for him to catch the 8:30AM T, into the city. We were the very first in the turn around drive in front of the station, just us & the cabs for this early morning trek. Friday it's into Boston, to Logan, for our other son who needs to return to D.C. We've learned to adapt to our nest with the comings & goings of each & everyone, for us anyway, it's been quite the parental journey.

Speaking of journeys-

Our Boston based son, suggested a jaunt into Manchester to see the movie, Tron last night. We all liked it, some of us liked it better than others, but if you're into sci fi, my take is definitely go, as you will enjoy it immensely.


Well everybody, it is of course poetry time & Poetry A Muse In Motion, certainly received it's inspiration last night after our return to these here hills--

Of The Celestial & A Night At The Movies

I live my life as a person
as a poem
in line with my own
in this world
with you
and others
in the realm
of an orbit
far older
who we are


Pretty soon Dolly too, will be back on the grid. For her as with us, when she's back with E Avenue, her quality of life improves, & with that, then we too are once again happy pups in the universe.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Blizzard Monday With Christmas In Our Hearts

It's been a long, & snowy adventure in these here hills. The recent blizzard that blew in yesterday afternoon & into today was not as bad, as was anticipated. Nonetheless, here we are, shoveling, plowing & taking the time to enjoy the view, as is Dolly too.

Christmas After Thoughts

snow falls gently
streaming in


As the Poetry A Muse In Motion, project continues there will be some poems that will be posted & others not. Some may appear at a future time, but for now will remain very private & personal. Ti's' what we all possess, at times, a sensitive poet's heart.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Spirit Of Christmas With Family & Friends, As We Sing To The Choir

The above is a little bit of some Christmas Day art, provided by our granddaughter.
These two sweet creatures curled in their own spaces are our grandchildren's pet's- Zoey the cat & Bailey the dog.
Today is a blizzard of a day, we're about to be snowed in, but I was told that pretty soon it will be tea time, once again. So.... , we'll tarry awhile, do join us.

As far back as a young girl, thoughts of those old Christmas feelings still prevail to this day. For most of my childhood once my family moved out of the Bronx, we lived mostly in a Christian community for most of our years, in Connecticut. As a young child it was a very challenging change, but as the years went by, I began to understand better, in regards to the world at large, that the faith I was raised in, though different in many ways, as I was raised Jewish, had much in common with the faith of my Christian friends. My Christian friends were all very kind, loving, & generous of spirit. I learned a great deal as the years went on, as they were all very informative in the traditions of their faith. I occasionally attended Sunday morning Mass together, which was very different from the services I attended with my own family, but still awe inspiring & most beautiful too. It really was quite memorable, as a young teen when I was invited some decades ago, to Christmas Eve at my friend Joanne's home, to help decorate their tree. Do you remember Joanne, me the adopted member of the family, learning for the first time the art of hanging tinsel, ever so delicately upon a bough?

During that era, all sides fighting in the Vietnam War, declared & honored a twenty four hour seize fire. It was then & there that as a person; born & raised in the Jewish faith, that I learned first hand about the awe inspiring power of, Christmas worldwide.

So when Peace on Earth, is said time & time again over the holiday season, it is certainly not a phrase that is to be taken lightly. It is a message that rings true all year through. We so love it when the choir sings....

Please sing & ring on..


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leaves Of Grass & Other- *Questions, *Thoughts & *Comments...

Why write a poem a day anyway, you may ask. I at times ask myself the same question too. I'd be kidding myself to say, well it's my 21st century Leaves Of Grass, no Walt Whitman am I. Can I stop & end all wars by writing poetry? Well we all know the answer to that one. Too bad it wasn't all that simple. Nonetheless, a poem a day still is a good thing, even though I do know that some of my poems will be better than others. Thoughts are only thoughts, they come, & they go, all set to their own rhythms & times. So as I end this day, having done what I was intended to do, let's see what tomorrow brings in the world of poetry...

For now, 'tis the season...

& Here it is the next day, 12/23/10, & this little ditty just popped in to help get me through as
Poetry A Muse In Motion, travels on-

Our halls are decked
So come what may
With food to prep
For Christmas day,
So when they come
From different points
Our house will bulge inside,
For all the miles we've traveled to
We meet in hearts and mind


Ho, Ho, Ho- everybody, it's almost chimney time!

Ten Thousand Villages, Christmas Shopping & More

I just got in a little while ago. It was a day for a hair appointment, & some Christmas shopping too. For me anyway, it's always a challenge, to choose just the right gift. It seems that the expectations in regards to this season of gift giving, may have been simple when individuals actually handmade what it was that they were giving. To this day many of the tree ornaments that continue to be our favorites, were handmade by our children when they were growing up.
And as far as shopping goes, one of my most favorite places to gift shop is Ten Thousand Villages. Ten Thousand Villages features handmade crafts, purchased from around the world, at fair trade prices. So when we shop at a TTV store, we are truly helping raise the standard of living for the developing countries of where the craft was made, one Village at a time.

Today's poem, addresses the day as it unfolded, both in real time & in anticipation of Christmas.

Working My List


for you,



So concludes my 22nd day of Poetry A Muse In Motion.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Day Of Winter, At Santa's Corner

First Day Of Winter, At Santa's Corner

I love this day
Though gray and cold
It snowed last night
So watch your toes

Must bundle up
Winter's now here
And bake the bread
For all who's dear

My cookie sheet
Sprinkled and spread
With cookies, cakes
And Icing red

Will clean the house
Yes I must do
For Christmas time's
For me and you

So bundle up
Shake out that hat
Put mittens on
All this and that

At Christmas time
We reap the joy
Which so endures
Beyond the toys

Let's share with others
Near and far
As we all gaze
On Bethlehem's Star


So begins a new day, the first day of winter & the winter solstice, of 2010. December 21st, is the day of the year, when the earth is the furthest away from the sun. This very unique, celestial time, has given us much to ponder, for centuries. We are no exception of course, as it all makes good sense; the sun being our physical center of this universe. It is all most awesome, & so beyond words...

This concludes today's addition of Poetry A Muse In Motion, as we continue to get done what we feel is important, in order to share with those we care about & love.
Our wishes from the Peace Garden to All*, who come to "tarry for awhile"--
A Merry Christmas, & may you have a Safe, Healthy & Joyful one too!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Autumn's Last Day

Autumn's Last Day

Last day of autumn
I knew her
for a summer
to look at
she walked with me
my mind's eye
her old age
never old



I met Linda for the very first time when I was a kid, we were visiting our relatives out in the L.A. area of California. I was twelve years old then. My Aunt Estelle & Linda were best friends back in their days of Canoga Park, & raising their families. They continued to be best friends for fifty years or more, often times venturing into business together. I again saw Linda when she & my Aunt Estelle were on one of their cross country trips about five years ago, & they stopped in to visit with us. That visit was quite monumental as I hadn't seen my Aunt Estelle for a wanders span of years, forty. It was wonderful to reconnect. Then this past June we all had a wonderful opportunity to stay with them for a few days out in Frazer Park, in the
Los Madras/Los Padres, National Park, of the high dessert, where they lived, up in the true wilderness mountains of California.

Linda's favorite flower was the, California red poppy. She told me it was because they are so beautiful, & grow wild in masses, up where they live. "They are the official flower of California", she said. She was of course, by birth a California native too, blooming ever so beautifully & proud, in her beloved high dessert mountain range.
We miss her, it is all so fleeting.

[Thus concludes today's addition to Poetry A Muse In Motion, on this 2010's last day of autumn.]

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"I Have My Books & My Poetry" Or, The Games People Play

What do I do on a sleepless night, I ask myself. Well here I am, right here. I don't know how many people saw the movie-
The Royal Tanebaums, but many in my family did. We loved it for it's outrageous hilariousness. But there was also a dark side to that movie, as the main character Royal, was not known for his kindness or consideration. It's funny when you are experiencing a bird's eye view, of another family's dysfunction, but when you've lived your own unique version of something of the mix, yes that too in real life, still does present the occasional bizarre & funny real life episodes as well. My childhood family is no exception, just the character roles are placed differently. The odd, yet, understandable aspect is even when the individuals are no longer playing out their assigned parts of way back then, those assigned roles, can at times continue to continue. Like a cog in a wheel, no matter how far away the dusty road meanders.

The following inclusion for today's Poetry A Muse In Motion, pretty much expresses an aspect of a cog's wheel's situation. I'm sure in many regards my feelings are rather magnified, by the inclusion of recent personal events of dear people who have passed on this year, of whom we mourn. As my doctor said only several days ago during a conversation regarding topics such as sensible health care screenings & the like, & his touching upon it with this summation of which he said to a certain extent, "When your dead your dead." And how can one disagree with that, for it is as he stated. But in the aspect of living a life, I do have high standards of honesty that my father taught by example. So when I encounter a morphing of a Royal, it does present me with a most challenging time. My husband, has said that I need to develop a thicker skin, but "m g", I've walked this earth for over six decades now, & I refuse to put on armor, in order for the few Royals that I have chosen to continue to have an ongoing relationship, for them to become kinder & more understanding. With some of these chapters that continue to play out, I must begin to practice a form of allowing the toxins to just wash over me, like the contaminated spray that it is. In time the tide does change, not all the sea is polluted. Not yet.

As A Child Of The Sixties I Too Have, "My Books & My Poetry To Protect Me"
Some Ancient Trees

It is what it is
You've done what you can
I've done what I can
It's out of our hands

I've gotten older
You've gotten old
You do what you do
You do what you know

Our tree has it's branches
Some cracked,
And some gone
Our roots they entwine us
We've gotten this far

So be what it will
Your aria's song
It's melody drowns out
All of the wrongs


As a true child of the sixties, I remain ever so thankful, that I do have my poetry, for it does help me sort it out. Some situations truly have nary a solution. A poem for me, tells it like it is, a brief collection of words expressing from my heart, that moment in time. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing lasts for ever, but love. Love endures. *Amen*

"I have my books & my poetry to protect me...", is from a song on the Simon & Garfunkel, album with the title, A Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Prep Child's Play

Yesterday I did a bit of cooking, making some latkahs [potato pancakes] to share with some of my friends. I did a bit of experimenting as one of my friend's is on a gluten free diet, so I used gluten free bread crumbs in place of the regular wheat bread crumbs, or the matzo meal I usually use. Well the experiment came out Aok, as my husband the Rattaouie of the family gave it thumbs up.

Holiday Prep Child's Play
Making Latkahs

One potato
Two potato
Three potato
Pick potatoes
Wash potatoes
Cut potatoes too
Dice potatoes
Grate potatoes
That is what we do
Five potato
Six potato
Seven potato
Season potatoes
Add the crumbs
And don't forget the salt
Onion, egg
Now mix it up
And fry it till it's done
Eat a bunch
And share a bunch
Nine potatoes

My oh, my
Hot potato

And so concludes today's entry in Poetry A Muse In Motion.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Garden Of The World, Working For Peace

From where I sit here in my quiet little dining room of the Peace Garden's office, my view of the world seems very small. The genesis of the Peace Garden had it's start you could say back in those childhood days of yore. I was a fourth grader putting on a puppet show, & collecting a dime perhaps as an admission fee from each guest in our old neighborhood. The goal was to send the money collected that day to the UN, of which I did. That was over five decades ago. The mini neighborhood event way back then, remains for me one of my fondest of all childhood episodes, & was the true genesis of this Peace Garden project.

As of the date *2/6/11*, the Peace Garden has been visited by no less than 50 countries worldwide. Coming from a rather typical post WW II neighborhood environment, nothing from that experience would have even hinted to me as to how I would have evolved to this point. None of us are typical, ordinary cookie cutter types, & after we grow up from the gardens we have been planted in, we continue to grow & nurture our characters, reaching forward to what was originally given to us from the first recorded Exodus, "Let there be light". Our being given this indescribably precious light is so very necessary for a living & thinking world, the all of it.

It is at this time of year, the time of year when our earth is turned the farthest away from the sun, that we gaze not only at the star of Bethlehem, but also inside our own hearts.
The peoples of the world have different faiths; it is an honor & a joy to share in, & to be included in the various faith based traditions that we as human beings, hold so dear. We also have more in common than what is different. By continuing to learn, & to respect one another, we continue to add chapters of hope to our worldwide quest for peace.


For today, Poetry A Muse In Motion, has a rather long poem. I humbly offer this poem to all of the 50 worldwide countries, for ultimately you all wrote this poem, I only jotted it down to share with you. I thank you all, for all that we share. *Amen*

From A World's Garden

United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa
Saudi Arabia
El Salvador
United Arab Emirates
Costa Rica

Are countries who
With thanks to you
Have visited so far

The mountains and the oceans
The deserts and the plains
The farmlands and oasis
It's more than I can name

But I will keep this memory
Respect this sacred trust
For our world cares
Much love from here
For peace
It's more
Than luck


Thank you all, as we continue to continue-- to grow peace, both in our own hearts & the world at large.
There are 195 known countries in the world. The Peace Garden has a long, long way to go...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Season Of Food, From An Over Abundant Land

Not Wanting To Kvetch, but

Everything good is bad
Everything bad is good
The cookies, fudge, and frosting's fun
With calories galore,



Do we love it-
How's your tum ?


Can you tell what's on my mind.. There are so many expectations in the above category. All I can say is we'll do our best. Nothing more & nothing less. Though as a culture, we have brought everything up to an art form, & that of course means food too.
For starters we've begun to clean out, & to put our fridge in order. I really haven't done any sort of complete food shopping since Thanksgiving, which by the way we all know is way so over the top. Now with Christmas & New Years fast approaching yes, here we go again. Perhaps deep down, that is one of the reasons we love Charles Dickens's, A Christmas Carol, so very much. For not only is the story of one's growth, & redemption on the part of Scrooge, but it also says something about us. As what Issac B. Singer said, in the title of one of his Jewish folk tales, Just Enough Is Plenty. It certainly is, & I'm continuing to work on it but, it ain't easy.

My father's childhood family grew up in the I. B. Singer mode of having just enough, though it was truly, barely enough. Therefore, we too will do what we can, in our sincere part to continue to help others in need, both here in our region, & worldwide. Just like you do too.

The above included poem for today, is from the Poetry A Muse In Motion project. I will of course continue to keep you all posted, as I so value our visits- locally, & from around the world. As of this date the Peace Garden, has been visited by 38 countries worldwide!

As always, the Peace Garden, wishes everyone- Good Day, & Peace Be With You, wherever you may be.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Light Glows In The Forest

Our grandchildren's school participates in Jump Rope For Heart, which is a very healthy & generous program. It is known to benefit the Heart Association.

This is the glow of the low voltage candles we just placed in the front windows of our house only a few hours ago.
Out shopping this afternoon, at the gently used shop, & what do I find but a mini lava lamp for our kitchen. The purples in this lamp are wonderful.

For many this can be a challenging time of year, of which I am not immune. I would be stating an untruth if I were to kid myself into thinking, some aspects of a generational tree did not trouble me. This tree has been known to shake me deep, but to never uproot the person I am. It may chip & wound the bark a bit, but like the redwoods, I too have learned how to self protect & heal. One can & does learn to take in the healthy nourishment, & sunshine needed to adapt, grow & thrive. To this God is my wittiness, of which I am forever grateful.

Our two grandchildren sang today in their grade school Winter Concert. The program began with the youngest of grades, & went up to the third. Our granddaughter is in first, & our grandson is in second. No one would be surprised if I were to say it was an outstanding performance! Just one of the many perks of "Grandparentdom", as we so love it, & wouldn't have it any other way.

We put low voltage electric candles in our windows this afternoon. They have sensors to turn off in the morning & go back on in the evening. We're just about to step outside for a view-
And we're back, it is so very cold out there, all we could tolerate were a few minutes. It was worth it though, as we do like that glow.

The following is today's poem in the series Poetry A Muse In Motion, of which I'd like to share-

Short Dark Days

The coldness of the season

The warmth within our hearts

It tells us true

That me and you

Build bridges in the dark

The sky's not always brilliant

Yet rays will shine their spark

And feel a warmth

Of fresh cut cloth

Enveloping us all


Good day everyone, & peace be with you all*, in our collective lives, & in our world at large.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Days, Our Years, Circles Forth Hope- Stepping Out To Greet The Day

Here it is nearing the end of this beautiful, yet freezing day. We traveled into the center of the state for some of my end of the year appointments. I did get to jot down a poem or two this morning prior to leaving. The photos included were taken from, a birds eye view or two, back in New Britain, Ct.

On A Tuesday

Who's to say

what each day brings

in winter, spring

when summer's keen

when autumn glows

and winter rests

enough to know

we've done our best


Today is the 14th day of Poetry A Muse In Motion.