Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Bean To Bean", Anniversary Celebration At The World Famous Millennium Park Bean Sculpture

This was quite a surprise, as "Bean To Bean" is the inscription in our wedding rings. Vanilla beans, chocolate beans, coffee beans & jelly beans, that's us-- "The Beanos", approaching 40 years.!
A beautiful day for walking the path at the Millennium Park.
View from within the Millennium Park performance area grounds.

From under The Bean, looking up.
A small section of the cityscape along the Chicago River of which we walked, under beautiful clear skies.
The classical music of the Millennium Orchestra during a rehearsal, truly sweetened the afternoon.
New explorers, getting from here to there.
The new winners of the Stanley Cup, of a proud, strong city.
This beautiful tower, taller than the Empire State Building, of Ghost Busters fame, the Sears Tower.

Framing a favorite artist's work, Henry Matisse, who's retrospective exhibit at the Art Institvte Chicago was outstanding.

A truly magnificent day, Centennial Park, Grant Park & the Art Institvte, perfecto beyond a doubt.

Chicago is somewhat larger than Boston, smaller than New York, & just right for the midwest & those of us here.

It rained a bit towards the end of the afternoon into early evening, with a bit of lightning hitting the building across from our hotel, but that's Chicago, quite a natural event here for when Mother Lightning's Peace Garden takes to the road.

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Seth Schneider said...

Great photos! Looks like you're having a great time in the Windy City. Thanks for sharing.