Friday, June 25, 2010

An Evening In Old Town Eureka!

This posting is dedicated to my dear friend *TN, who grew up in Eureka. *TN & I worked together for five years, & it was just per chance that my husband suggested we take a drive into my friend's childhood town for dinner this evening. It was a lot of fun. *TN, this one's for U*....
Music for one & all....
A street scape.
Map of Eureka in the 1800's.
These banners set a really fine tone....
A really good bookstore, my husband & I both found something.
We had dinner at this brewery, recommended by the owner of the bookstore.
A really cool mural, right across the street from the West Coast Brewery where we had dinner.
You can tell the people of Eureka really have a sense of humor. This is a reproduction of the actual Tsunami Hazard Zone sign on the buttons & mug, which is posted quite frequently in various locations, at sea level along the coast. A most excellent coffee cafe, with live music tonight....
"Four For Jazz", were most excellent, or they may just spell it out as, "4 For Jazz". Be it four or 4, they were a special treat, along with the coffee, tea & brochette we also enjoyed.

Yes an excellent evening in Old Town--- Eureka!

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