Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Evening With Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin


We all remember where we were on July 20th, 1969.

 I was studying for a nutrition test in nursing school, & of course Buzz Aldrin was doing some original moon walking!

About 6 weeks ago I purchased tickets for Buzz Aldrin's presentation which RJ Julia Independent Booksellers in Madison, Connecticut was preparing to host. Madison's almost an hour and a half from where we live. We're familiar with that part of the state as my mother lived in Guilford for decades, a neighboring town. My husband & I would pop into RJ Julia's loads of time during those years. Their book selection is always outstanding, plus they have a lovely cafe & gift shop within the premises. 

The Aldrin talk was being held at the First Congregational Church on the Madison Green due to the anticipation of an overflowing crowd. And right they were! There was close to 500 space enthusiasts in the church with us last night, people of all generations. One mother had her son of 5 or 6  years old proudly outfitted in his white NASA space suit.

While sitting in the church's pew I met Don who was to my left with his grade school grandson. He looked like a friendly interesting man so we got to talking & introduced ourselves to one another. He told me his son gave him tickets to this event for his 84th birthday which also was the same as our son's, January 18th. I asked Don if he remembers where he was when Armstrong & Aldrin landed on the moon. "I certainly do." This soft spoken gentleman said, "I was one of the mechanics that worked on the space module. I was quality control."  My Oh my what a thrill that was to hear! I told Don my father also worked on the space program. He had worked for a company that was contracted with NASA. My dad was a scientist & helped develop the fuel cells used on some past missions. Our family has been hugh fans of the space program as far back as I could recall. I told Don something he already knew, but I was compelled to say- that he & his team did a great job on the spacecraft. After all the two astronauts returned to earth safely, & here's Buzz about to join us for his presentation & well into his mid 80's too! 


Above is Don the delightful gentleman who worked on the Lunar Space Module. He's holding a poster from 1969. On it are pictures from the Apollo II mission, & the thousands of signatures including Don's, of all the people who worked on the Apollo II mission. He brought the poster in hopes that Buzz would put his present John Hancock on it. We don't know if that happened but certainly hope so.

The man of the hour
~Buzz Aldrin~

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Out In My Studio

Tomorrow April 3rd is my father's birthday. I was fortunate to have had a really wonderful father. He passed on in 1994. There are so many times throughout the year I think of him especially when our extended family is all together. My father's birthday was often during my favorite holiday of Passover. In order to do something special in his honor I will be doing a Passover themed craft project with the religious school children of our congregation.

This project is a wall hanging that says the word for Passover in Hebrew letters. It is pronounced as Pesach & just for fun I even embellished it with matzoh!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcoming Spring 🌺

     It's been a long hiatus but thankfully am back in my studio after quite a few years. My husband really did a solid job creating this space for me. Eventually  after many years of inspired use over time it sat vacant of any creative input by me. If you were to ask all I could say is "it's complicated". 
     Slowly with grace & time we return to the essence of who we are. Never easy but spring does allow for this if we choose to listen to the spirit of the season. 

     My pooch Dolly & I are sitting here listening once again to the music of Paul Winter. What's not to love? Hearts my ache over a lifetime but we grow & ultimately heal. That's what Dolly tells me with those eyes. Oh those eyes!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Sculpture Of Marc Robarge

Art's Window To The Soul 

Marc Robarge's biomorphic sculptures engaged me immediately from the moment I gazed upon his other worldly view of our real time world. Immediately I was transported back to my Connecticut woods. Nothing will ever compare with nature, but isolating & embellishing the aspects that created this surreal landscape became a meditative experience which held me until my last departing moment.

It was perchance that my husband spotted this modest spaced gallery at 91 Hillyer Court, NW Washington, DC.  Hillyer Art Space is a program of International Arts & Artists, a nonprofit arts service organization that informs, educates & inspires the public through enriching experiences in the arts.

Modest & unassuming, a gallery that not only provokes one's thinking, but engages the viewer whole heartily. Certainly a book's cover will only scratch the surface & that's true too for this very special gallery.

An energetic greeting on the way to
Hillyer Art Space

Contact Info:  9 Hillyer Court, NW, Washington, DC 20008, 202-338-0325 

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Monday, February 8, 2016

What I Like About Washington DC

     The District Of Columbia, Washington DC our Nation's Capitol for those of us living in the United States. What could be more important than the seat of power that this location claims? My first impression is in agreement with that statement. As our family matured & two of our sons moved to DC my husband & I have become more familiar with the neighborhoods surrounding our Capitol. People are friendly & it's an easy enough city to find ones way. It's the diverse backgrounds of the individuals who share snippets of their life experiences with me that is most heart warming. It makes me feel woven into the fabric of our country. To experience this oneness is a comforting reassurance. We are all one.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Mid Winter Stretch In 2016

     I've been away from the Peace Garden blog for several months, but will be certain to post again in addition to this entry. In order to remain current it is necessary for me to mention the Republican Presidential Debate that was broadcast this evening-
If you're a citizen of the United States please exercise your right to vote. And if you're an individual that holds peace in your heart when you cast your vote vote for the person that will work for world peace & not for any individual who supports & promotes the industrial war complex.
     With that being said I will sign off for the present wishing you all a good night & looking forward to visiting with you all again soon.

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