Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here On Route 101 In Redwood Country, I Found A Sweet Piece Of Folk Art & Some Very Talented & Friendly People

This young man's name is Mike, he hand carved all the figures in the frount of their shop, all made out of redwood, & with a chain saw as his tool. The small tree to the left on the bench is the one I purchased to bring home for us. This one should be easy enough to get home, & we'll enjoy it, I'm sure.
This is Mike's wife, & co business partner, am not sure if I remember correctly, but her name may be Lisa. [?] [Just email me at [] or post a comment & I will make it right.]
Wooden figures such as these are very popular folk art, for me it was a small tree that I wanted to bring home, plus I saw the coffee sign, which is always a big draw!

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