Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Adventure Continues--

Here it is the middle of Independence Day weekend for July 4th, & I haven't posted since the very beginning of the week, so I'll get-a-clicking---

From Point Reyes we headed down the coast to the harbor town of Carmel. You can see me in the above photo, as I was drawn to the driftwood that is in the background. It is an interesting public piece appropriately placed for the enjoyment of all, including dogs. It is right behind where I am standing, note the size of the people next to it. We've seen children climbing on it too. How's that for the ultimate, driftwood on the beach.

After Carmel we were expected in Frazer Park, where my extended family lives, [from my mothers side of the tree]. In our preparation to travel to the Fam.*, we made sure we went to Big Sur, which we knew was going to add several hundred miles to our travel. Big Sur is a "100%" , "must see", for anyone traveling in California. Totally, totally so awesome. Pictures can never do it justice, but I will try in a future posting to at least whet your appetite, for when the ocean meets the land, it's cliffs, & the sky-- there's no stopping natures lovers. Natures gift, pure & simple.

I have not been able to bring The Peace Garden up to date yet, as we have logged hundreds & hundreds of miles since I last sat down to the keyboard, for some places we passed through did not have Internet, & by the time we reached our Fam.*, & the adventure to actually find them, traveling first through the Los Madres, & then through the Los Padres, let me tell you, it truly was an adventure of cowboy proportion, of which I am not exaggerating.

Redwood Forrest, & Family Tree Tales, so worth the trip, & to be shared in future Peace Garden entries.

So, that kind of rounds it out a bit. I will be posting from home, from now on, my husband & I arrived on terra ferma safe & sound-- via/the jets of South West, at apx. 11:40pm EDT last night.

Home is definitely where the heart is, but California has it too, our beautiful, big blue marble, of the west coast of North America.

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