Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day 2009* The Promises We Keep--

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America......"

As individuals & as a Nation we honor our fallen Veterans of War, now & into the future.  I was born in 1949, just a day before one of our earliest & the original of Memorial Days, when Memorial Day was at it's first, observed on May 30th.  During my childhood my birthday was always interwoven with events of the Holiday such as the parade honoring & remembering our beloved fallen.  The actual sounds--  downbeat of the march participants, accompanied by the drums rolls, all marching in unison down the major faro fare heading towards the cemetery of our suburban town, the colorful waving flags, bugles & patriotic music unified the very young & very old & all of us in between, smiling, cheering, crying, lining the streets & more...  The marching segments of our respected military branches, veterans & citizen organizations with some in vehicles then & now, too frail to do the long, long, march on a hot & humid day in May.

Being my birthday is linked to the original Memorial Day events, I believe the message of peace that I have carried in my heart from my beginning to this day is nothing more than any child's message of any land--

When we turn our swords into plowshares we not only follow God's # commandment, we also allow our hearts to stay open to the endless possibilities of hope.

I wish you & all who are dear to you--  with family members & friends who are Veterans, who are especially remembered & honored this Memorial Day 5/25/09.  You are all in our thoughts & prayers & will always be remembered, honored & loved.


{My father & my uncles were WW ll Veterans.  My husband & my cousins are Viet Nam era Veterans, as too are many of our dear friends, of many that did not return, & who's names now reside on a beautifully deep, emotional wall.}   

{To dream of a world without war may be a dream, but the insanity of war is just that--  humankind needs to, as my high school class sang & Cervantes wrote-- "To Dream The Impossible Dream..."  It makes no sense to perpetuate insanity, we can do better, at least we can continue to try.  Just ask any child what is truly in their hearts & the solution becomes evident.}

Thursday, May 7, 2009

At The End Of The Day-- "All's Well That Ends Well"

Today was a pure gardening day.  Five rhododendron of the Olga Mezitt variety were planted in the main Peace Garden today.  Their pink blossoms are a pure uplift which I will savor, being they are a favorite of springtime & springtime is so very short.

I learn so very much during these quite times working in the garden.  Today I was reminded of how transitory it all is--  the delicacy of it's perfect colors & simple beauty.  To be enjoyed to it's fullest today, yet a memory soon for tomorrow.  That's all of us, feeling at times rooted to a time & a place, yet also so mortal, so transitory.

My husband brought home the local town paper with our mail today.  The letter I had so anguished with & had  finally gotten right was finally in print today.  It felt good.  Good to know that I addressed a situation of public bullying without anger or malice.  It was a long hard journey to be sure & no matter the outcome or response I feel comfortable in body, mind & thought.  Ultimately that's all any of us can ask for, to be honest in thought & deed & as my favorite president said-- "With malice towards none & justice for all."

So let us enjoy this springtime & appreciate it's inpermanentence & be thankful for the rain & storms of life, for they enable us to bring forth beauty & wisdom.