Monday, June 28, 2010

Perhaps We'll Meet Some Day In Chicago To Continue This Visit--

We seem to have our usual time for departing in the morning, around 11:30 or so. Tomorrow we are determined to get an earlier start, we're thinking of getting some extra site seeing in before going across the state a bit to see my aunt, who lives in Frazier Park. Time will tell, what we'll be able to squeeze into the travel schedule. When we know, we'll definitely be sure to share that too.

Point Reyes was a fun overnight stop, we have become quite adapt at the gypsy life, my husband & I, with many laughs along the way with a few off key sons to sing too, I must add.

In the morning at the Point Reyes Sea Shore Lodge's breakfast room we had the opportunity to get to know some really interesting & fun people. The first couple we met, Bill & Sue who live up around the northern section of Calf., were so friendly & interesting to get to know. Sue had worked as a Librarian at a private school for apx. 18 years, we shared somewhat of a common experience, as I had worked at a private school for 10 years, though our depts. were very different, there still was a lot of similarities in our career experiences. Bill I think worked in finance, & he & my husband hit it off right from the start. Bill told us the story of how he had met John F. Kennedy, when he was a 17 years old. Bill was the official host person for Kennedy's visit to Bill's school. John F. Kennedy was a Senator then. It was interesting to learn about Bill's impressions of JFK, for as a 17 year old, he was certainly years ahead of his peers in mature thinking.

{The photo above is of my husband, Bill & Sue, it was a really fun visit, getting to know these really neat California folks, so warm hearted, as if we had always known one another.}

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