Monday, August 11, 2014

A Summertime Bloom


     Good evening Peace Garden friends~!

  Tonight marks the beginning of a new family chapter for us.  Just several days ago our son M was officialy welcomed into the medical school program that begun today.  So many items are now on his to do list.  When I saw three handwritten pages of it all I could say to myself was "oh my"! 
     We the parents along with family and friends line ourselves along the road helping from the sidelines with moral support.  It is of course his journey, his life decision. Our son M for all the time we've known him has never opted for the easy route. Time and time again he continues to choose the challenging challenges. We will all learn from the sidelines what it is our son chooses to share with us, meanwhile we too shall continue to grow.
      Letting go is a lifetime lesson, as is the quest for knowledge.  Yes it all is a beautiful thing.


The above photo was taken during a morning walk in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Bynars & A Fab Performance

     Last night at TT The Bears, in Central Square, Cambridge Ma., a wonderful performance of our fave pop band, The Bynars took place.

     Matt, Mike and Andy gave a high energy show to the packed house of over a hundred fans, including friends, family and friends of friends. The music flowed as lead singer-guitarist Matt, along with band members Andy on guitar with back up vocals, and Mike on drums, with essential computer controls at hand. The three of them presented a tight group that gave a heartfelt show of raw creative talent, and energy!

     Mike told me that the August 1st show was to be his "last waltz" with the band.  He had been working full time for the past five years in the music-admissions department of a local university, and during that time also working hard behind the scenes in preparation of medical school. The dream had finally come true, and this newly earned opportunity is soon to begin.
Hence he was totally on cue last night for the entire set, with every beat of the drum screaming out in pure joy of each and every moment!

     For present and future fans of The Bynars, here's the link with some musical options embedded on the far right side of the narrative-

     My husband and I have totally enjoyed our connection to The Bynars. The band is the creation of the lead guitarist-singer songwriter, Matt who is an amazing talent!  Mike never tires of expressing his admiration, respect and appreciation of Matt. My husband and I know this for Mike is our son and our familiarity with The Bynars is through him of course. Mike too is an excellent musician, and now a change in direction, a new opportunity.  We as parents prayerfully wish him all that is good, and as he continues on his path he'll know what's right for him. Medicine is a complex world with much to learn, and working in the field of the healing arts and sciences continues our process of healing the world. 

     Helping to heal the world in our various ways is from the deep spiritual aspect of being human. Each and everyone over a lifetime continues to grow, from this we develop our interests, and talents. When we share this better part of who we are with honesty and respect for all, including honoring our own selves, we fulfill a very important part of the equation, the question of ~ why, we, are here~.  


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Who's Thinking It Through?


The craziness of war
gave Sophie's Choice, no choice
her choice, that choice
such a war, the war before

 this war

some who fled
more did not
could not

are the wars today
are they better
are they worse
in the helix of our spines
in our dust
in our veins
will we ever have a reason
that is right 
that is just
as the balance of the scales
as they tip, crash & fall
to a civil war within
where we crumble
where we die
all war is genocide


Poetry A Muse In Motion is back

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On Blogging

Regarding A Conversation With Estaban-

I think therefore I am

I blog therefore I think

I am therefore I blog

I am

you are

he, she, it are

here today


 gone tomorrow~







*Once  again- Poetry A Muse In Motion is back, I second that emotion!

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Musings From The Garden

     This past weekend after finding a home for our newest addition to the Peace Garden it was time to forge forward. Our son M had just moved to D.C. over the weekend to attend medical school in the fall, and after some recent back and froths into Cambridge where he had been living, it was now time for me to settle down.

     It has always been a rewarding experience for us as parents to support each and every one of our three sons as they worked towards their goals and dreams. M of course will be very busy over the next few weeks settling into his new environment. Presently I am staying focused on what it is I'm intended to do. Today's intentions are very clear, to visit with dear friends who are in the midst of a serious illness. Our friendships go back some 38 years. Friends are truly chosen family, and will always be the true flowers in any peace garden.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Re Visit To: A Dove In The Woods


The following essay was posted several days ago. This afternoon I reposted it with fuller and more detailed explanations-

      As far back as our kindergarten days we learned about the United Nations through our fundraising efforts for UNICEF.  Each and every October 31st the magic words were Pennies for UNICEF! All of us wanted to help the impoverished children of the world. I grew up in a traditional Jewish family. We were post WWII and part of the experience of those early years was learning about the atrocities, pain and suffering and the lives lost of the six million Jewish men, women and children. People just like our family, who's lives were forever snuffed out, taken away. The cry that our generation came forward with, was clear in the seemingly simple phrase of-  never again! 

     We were also taught about the forming of Israel in 1948, and the reasons why. This too we supported in our homes, and in our religious classes. Learning of the founding of a Jewish State was a thrill! We supported Israel in our years growing up with our fundraising efforts of planting trees there, and joining groups from a far that helped to raise monies for hospitals, and youth organizations that provided social services.

     By the mid 60's I was in high school, and Abraham Ribicoff had become a U.S. Senator representing our home state of Connecticut. As a teenager my view of the world wasn't all that vast, but we were all living through the Cold War, and besides the post WWII stuff our generation was still processing, to add to that I read an article that the U.S. was considering selling arms, and Israel was the country mentioned. So naive at sweet sixteen, and not wanting our country to sell arms to anyone, nonetheless I sent off my very first letter to a politician. Abe Ribicoff replied in record time to the concerns I had expressed in my letter. He assured me that the U.S. would not sell arms to Israel.

     Since that time we have all come of age. Things are not as simple as they had seemed back then. We've had time to mature and to think, and to ask more complicated questions. Meanwhile in the mid 90's a dear close friend, and her entire family were relocating to Israel. During their preparatory time for this big move she was the president of a local Hadassah chapter. Hadassah is a worldwide organizaion, and has built two hospitals and provides outstanding healthcare in Israel of which all Peoples are admited and cared for. No one, I was assured is ever turned away. With that information under my belt I became a lifetime Hadassah member~!

     It has been a long time since I've reacquainted myself with what Zionism is. There are many forms. Which does makes sense, for in any group of people, the citizens of the U.S., as an example- everyone in a population group is never going to think the same way. Political parties, and various religions are just a few of those examples. On the topic of Israel and Zionism I found the term Liberal Zionism listed in Wikipedia-  Liberal Zionism advocates democracy and adherence to human rights, and advocates for equal rights for Arab citizens of Israel. Hence the issue and unresolved conflict that the Palestinian people face, the Israeli people face. How do these two peoples solve this? How do they refrain from doing harm to one another?

     Liberal Zionism meshes well with my perspective for world peace, affirming most clearly that Israel has a right to exist. For each side to do no harm is my view which comes from a long ago exposure to UNICEF and the message of the UN. Every nation has had it's share of growing pains, none are exempt. It is up to the citizens of each and every nation to do their best to question their officials, and to be certain that they the people are heard. The world population has grown, yet the world is getting smaller. Living in peace, is a basic human right. I will always be hopeful that we as a specie can find a way to restore this path, and if and when problems breakout that we somehow are able to learn from the past. To never tire, to try, try, try...

     There are quite a few from my roots background who don't agree with the policies of those with the decission making power. They say the Israeli government's decisions are putting Israel on the wrong side of history. Less than an hour ago it was posted that both sides in this conflict are violating one an other's basic human rights. No argument on this page. I love the Land of Israel, as I love the Jewish People. Let us not forget the Arab People. They are our cousins. We are family. The humanity in my heart entends to all. I do not approve of what the ruling factors on both sides of this conflict have chosen to decree, and do to one another. The toll in this war is horrific. I believe in Nonviolent Resistance, it has worked in other world conflicts. That and an olive branch could prove most effective for all involved~xo~.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where "DO" The Children Play~ ?

          It's been a challenging time for many. So many tragic situations in the world recently, and due to all the media one can't help but feel connected. O our hearts do ache for the people of~ the Netherlands, Ukraine, Israel and Gaza. Tonight before calling it a day Cat Stevens' song, Where Do The Children Play began to run through my mind. Have decided to share it in hopes that you would enjoy it too. The creative process, and the effects of music. Gotta love it, it sooths the soul~.

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