Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Peace Presented With The Courage Of Conscience Award by, The Peace Abbey

This award took place in Boston Harbor. Photo compliments of the March Newsletter of The Peace Abby. The Arctic Sunrise | Greenpeace International
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Last Morning In February's Non Leap Year

Last Morning In February's Non Leap Year

To Neila

last night I dreamt
I was crying with a friend
on the stairwell
of hearts
to a core
of a marbled granite line
an artery
a vein


Here we are on the last day of the shortest month of the year, having had only a few short hours ago, awakened after experiencing one of my most vivid of dreams. Friendships are a very unique thing, for when we are blessed in these experiences we share not only our joys, but our sorrows too. How could it be any other way.... It has been said that blood is thicker than water, but don't let that deceive, for with special friendships, we connect in most profound ways. No, definately not through bloodlines, but an equally important way, through the portals & the makings of the heart, a small, but mighty muscle, that enables what it is we experience, as we live & breathe.

For the last day of Feburary so concludes today's entry into the Poetry a Muse In Motion Porject.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The New Wing Of All The Americas, At The MFA/ Boston Museum Of Fine Art, Here's A Sampling....

Just a few images from our day at the New Wing of the Americas of the MFA, Boston.

It's so much fun to see how the energy flow of the art changes as the museum participants becomes part of the work...

This painting including the closeup, does it remind anyone of a local window view....

The mobile that the mom above agreed to pose with, was made by her daughter during MFA's Vacation Week Adventures, an obvious Alexander Calder inspired project by the museum's program coorinators. What a sweet mobil too, I'll have to share this with our Interfaith Group, yeah, now I know how to make one. We're so on our way to this year's United Nations International Day of Peace.

I am most fortunate to be married to a wonderful guy who also happens to be my complete opposite in temperament. I consider myself to be a turtle-penguin. It's my penguin nature that allows me a sort of break free, free form style, a bit opposite from the slow & steady, often times, lack of adventurous, side of myself. My husband of forty years plus, on the other hand, is definitely a much more adventurous soul, as he considers his totem to be an otter, river otter, that is. For him it was the book Ring of Bright Water he read as a child that clinched it. For me it was my first pet Tobey as my hopes & dreams were answered one Chanukah when I was five. My father named my beloved pet turtle Tobey. The penguin part was from those early preschool years of living in the Bronx, & going to the zoo every weekend with my father. In those days the penguins lived in their own refrigerated house, & we could view them behind a glass wall. We would see them waddling, sliding down hills made of ice, & just living a life of, what to me, seemed like never ending fun. Especially striking was their overall look, always decked out in beautiful contrasts, for whenever we visited the ice party was always a-go. What's not to love. Yes, definitely this Gemini has her other side, & it's a penguin too!

Anyway, the Otter yesterday was up for what an otter usually wants, fun & adventure, never all work, & no play, he's a rather balanced otter. This Turtle, had to quickly morph to Penguin, if she wanted the more adventurous side for the day's unfolding. We had to go into Boston anyway to pick up our son who was coming back here for a weekend. He works at one of the universities in the city, & my husband proposed that instead of picking him up at the train station in Worcester for the early evening, to just go into the Boston for the day, & check out the new wing at the Boston Museum of Fine Art or MFA as it is known. The weather of course was unbelievably iffy yesterday, with a soaking downpour to last all day, & with snow & freezing temperatures into the night. The MassPike, & the driving, the driving rain, all of it. Decisions, decisions, decisions..
The thinking was, that no way was I going to let the tv's network, weather people, who of course have a satellite feed, allude to possible oncoming horrors of the day, which I have been prone to listening to in the past. Then I would go right into that protective, not going anywhere fun, turtle shell. I now have my own acu weather site bookmarked, & I would check out their hour by hour feed. They certainly were more precise, with their predictions, no drama, & none of the gale force winds that the tv station had alluded to. And so, after a little of this, & a little of that, here on the ole slope, we were off. No hemming, hawing, or extensive discussions that this turtle- otter pair, could by nature find themselves becoming engaged in. Yes, it was a good decision, & off we went into the torrently wild, gray yonder.....

It was a good decission, as the New Wing of All The Americas, at the MFA, is worth a zillion trips into the city, rain or shine. Art, art, art, & what is exhibited, though when we're living through it in our own times, is at times, of course wrenching, but to see versions of it in all sorts of shapes, textures, forms & materials, what humanbeings have created & what has come forth, & is now exhibited, is one of the finest tributes to the human spirit.

Viva la art, evermore. Amen, yes amen, so be it truly.

[As amen does mean, "so be it truly", I just looked it up, truly.]


Over three hundred images were taken yesterday, & I'll be back again, posting from the MFA here at the Peace Garden. Hope you enjoyed the sampling, but better yet going to visit, up front & personal is the best of the best. So in my "adieu today", I encourage you if at all possible to make the sojourn. Some informative links are just below, of which we found very helpful-

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Think Spring With Spring Lake Gardens 2011

This is Mike, he's the artist who designed the photo card that caught my eye.

Just about a month ago when I was out having lunch with friends, at the Vanilla Bean, in Pomfret, Ct., I met this really nice guy named Mike. Mike had some neat postcard photos & was distributing them on the tables. After talking to him for a little while, & learning about the project he & his friend Andy were working on, I said I would post what he told me, as I liked their idea, & you may too. Here's the information in their own words-

Spring Lake gardens 2011 Pilot CSA Program

Starting this spring, we are breaking ground on a new CSA-based vegetable farm in eastern Ct., & we need your help! What's a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture, & it's a way for local communities to support local farms, & in exchange you receive a share of the harvest!

For our first year, we're looking for a small group of people to help us get off the ground. We will be providing a box of fresh organically grown produce to each of our members every week for 22 weeks [May-Oct.]

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Time To Get Cracking In This Winter's Garden, With Thoughts of the United Nations

It's so nice to be inside on this cold morning, as I do have this special vitamin A, complete with omegas & protein, special treat for my favorite pooch. Along with thoughts of A cup of Peace, & some coffee too, just enough for now to make some progress...
Many of us here in the northeast this winter are wondering how our plants have weathered this season... One of my concerns due to all the snow is the well being of our butterfly bushes. They were so happy before this winter, & have lost a lot of branches due to so many storms. I hope they heal this spring, & continue to grow forth, only time will tell...
Well here she is our pup of the century, Dolly. This is a special treat for her to be inside, as usually she's outdoors in the daytime. I could tell she was lonely yesterday & missed us, as I was away with the writers in Boston, & my husband was away in the Berkshires skiing.
Oh, poor lonely Dolly. She just couldn't get enough sniffs of my jeans yesterday, with all the arrays of odors from my rides on the T. I should just bottle it next time, & call it Channel Number T , Perfume for Dogs.
Here she is once again basking in the sunlight, how could I ever refuse her as we did miss one another, turtle I am. The sweet turtle with the energy sign you see below, was given to me from a dear friend, during the time of a very special Garden Party of which we all gathered together one early May to toast & honor friends of old & friends of new.
Yes, just like the Girl Scout song, so many of us sang of ole, & sung always in a round-
"Make new friends and keep the old
One is silver and the other's gold"

A new day has begun & it definitely is time to get cracking here in the Peace Garden, as progress is being made in getting my mind organized & focused for the projects at hand. Yesterday thankfully we were blessed with expansive sunniness, though still very cold, but thankfully had the grace of a beautiful sky. It also was my second time of traveling into Boston in my new mode, as a member of a very professional & focused Writers Group. It has been nine months since I left my former job as a nurse in a private school. Nine months a true gestational time for many a woman, & I see these new challenges as, another aspect of my life's true calling, & purpose. It was a special time, & very exciting for all of us in attendance yesterday, as one of our members had recently completed her novel, which we in our mutual function got to read & critique, as far as the last three chapters that is. I being the newest member had not had the opportunity yet to read what had come before the final segment as the other members had, but was assured I would most definitely get to do so, as the processes of doing one's rewrites, is as important I would say, as a nurse doing her repeated med checks, until of course she knows they are just right/write. Our co members writing was excellent, as I could tell by it's tone that it is a most compelling story. Everyone assured me that I will definitely get to read it in it's entirety, as there would be many rewrites, which is of course another reason why writers do need writers, in order to refine the craft, & do the best that they can do, mentoring one another.

On arriving home, it was important to get myself ready to again jaunt out, as our Interfaith Group, has a lot of behind the scenes work to do in order to get ready for our next United Nations International Day of Peace for autumn of this year. We are in the works of not only putting together our list of speakers & entertainment, but this year we will also be sponsoring an art show, which is so exciting. In putting together the art show not only will we be displaying & making peace flags, but are in hopes of having the involvement of established artists, & also including the children of our community. The sharing of art is an exciting aspect, as the color & vibes art puts forth is so very enhancing to the theme of peace worldwide.

We all know these are very challenging times in the world, & the countries of the middle east certainly comes to the forefront of the mind. We as people can be the best that we can be, or the worst. Many will forever ask me, where are your answers, what are your solutions... I have only one answer, war is not the answer.
For I am swearing to tell, "The whole truth & nothing but the truth, so help me God."

Please may we all help one another & do what we know is the right thing. A true amen, amen,
as humanity, we all know, what it is, we do know.


Below is some info. to the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council, of which we belong. This site is in need of some current updates, but please feel free to check it out, as it may provide you with some helpful info.

Also- Many of us still remember that the Friends, also know as the Quakers, have been actively working for a peaceful world, in this country, & before this country was a country. Please consider visiting their site, in order to stay abreast with the honest news, of the day, as they are very good at not only informing, but letting us all know what we could do to help-

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakfast With Tolstoy & Other Friends

The books in the above Still Life are my family's volume of, Tolstoy's, War & Peace, next to that a newer translation of the Tolstoy original which is titled Three Novellas, to the right is Ghandhi an autobiography, opposite Tolstoy is John Stanizzi's Sleepwalking poems, & the thin sliver, yet awesomely powerful are James Scully's, Santiago Poems.

I met with James Scully back in the 70's & interviewed him regarding Santiago Poems, during my whus 91.7 fm radio days.

The Still Life below, includes of course Santiago Poems, which I must say, almost thirty eight years later, that the poem Now Sing is one of the most powerful, yet tragically beautiful works I have ever read, & view it as a statement to end all wars, now & forever more, & certainly deserves to be kept in the company of Tolstoy & Ghandi.
The other two books that I have included in today's mindset, & which are also to be counted to be amongst the Other Friends, are two volumes of poetry by my old childhood friend John Stanizzi, Sleepwalking, & Ecstasy Among Ghosts.

Yes, the life of a writer, never really easy, as those who possess the poetic heart, feel the elements of life so very deeply. We do not ask for this, but when the time comes that we have come to terms with it, & no longer wrestle it, we take it in, in the form of the rawness of which it presents it's self to us, & if we listen ever so carefully, ever so carefully & close, we can realize & fathom a glimmer of what it is it means at that very fleeting moment.

Good Day Everyone,

I awoke a little on the later side this morning, probably closer to nine that not. Originally I had an out of town hair appointment, the salon called to say it needed to be re booked, as the gal that does my hair was out sick today. The topic of my hair, is of course an information overload topic which I will address at another time. I'll just add a hint of a tease here, & say the words, curly, frizzy, mind of it's own, at times ruling my life, & yes I used to tease it back in the day. Ok, all right already, I told you... oye, but that is of course a very tiny hint, with the true story eventually unclasping with, straightening products, shampoos, cream rinses, rollers, electric, & non, hairpins, clips, papers, dippity do & sprays, to name a few... Yes, my hair has a mind of it's own, & has been known to rule.
So with that being said, & re booking this ongoing episode of my life, I must say that it's good to be able to remain open to change, as adaptation will always be the key.

Coffee always being a must, & deciding to sit in one of the less sunny rooms this morning, as my husband was, [& is still doing so, at this very moment] working hard on a project of bringing one of our spare bedrooms up to a more energy efficient level. Heating a home during our northeast winters is always a challenge that requires staying on top of. So there I was, finding myself in the corner of our family room, as it was a bit more removed from the project at hand. I wanted to begin the day in quiet, surrounded by many of my favorite books, enjoying that first cup of the day, which I did, & then this came to mind-

Breakfast With Tolstoy, and Other Friends

Breakfast with Tolstoy
or breakfast with none
my mind is made up
to just get it done
to write a novella, a play or a poem
can do it, will do it
a tale to behold

We all have a story
one of our own
to plod it, to write it, to make sure it's told
and truth be, does matter
these tales from our hearts
what's never been written
that is our true part

I will say this moment
I will say for me
my stories run deeply
like roots of a tree

So if you will grant me
an inch of your space
I'll tell you my story
to state my full case

It's long, though not boring
It's short in it's time
a lifetime of knowing
this one must be mined

Please grant me your patience
your love and support
for my story's
your stories


As I am about to embark on a special project, which I do know, is a very important part of my life's purpose, & to share this story, which will eventually come to page, is a blessing I am thankful for, each & every day. Amen

As of last week I decided to accept a dear friend's invitation to attend a meeting of a very professional writer's group, that she facilitates. This group of very talented & dynamic women have been meeting together for many years, accomplishing much in this very challenging & solitary profession of writing. I'm a bit of a newbie in all of this, though I've been writing ever since childhood, as I have never put the paper & pen aside, never. To be invited to join in, is a true answer to my prayers, my very dreams. As yes, according to the above rhythms of Breakfast With Tolstoy and Other Friends, I am in the process of working on the telling of a story. For me it was a very profound aha moment, as we all have a story to tell, & this one was truly life changing.


As the day continues to remain open with infinite possibilities, a few errands, & a bit of a this, or a that, it's time for me to move on. I wish you all truly, good day, no matter where you may be in this rather hectic, erupting place we call planet earth. The world of course has become smaller & we communicate much better, & faster globally. I wish you truly all safety & peace in all your daily encounters.

This concludes today's addition of the Poetry a Muse In Motion Project, peace be with you.

& here's a link you may enjoy-

& an additional link here of John Stanizzi's blog-

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Billions & Billions In Space & Time

Eagle Nebula (M16) Pillar Detail: Portion of Top

In all honesty the Poetry a Muse In Motion Project, has been going very well. Not all of my poems have been posted as yet, as not all of them are of the to be shared category. The poem I will be adding to today's inclusion is one inspired by a very favorite & beloved scientist. All this talk about moonlight, & colorful light in general, has inspired me to share the following which I have had stashed away since 1/28/11

Today's posting is dedicated to someone, who I've hinted to as being one of my favorite scientists, but it is also a bit of a "shout out", with positive thoughts going out to The Bynars. The Bynars are, our favorite Boston based band, whom we believe do honor, to our favorite scientist noted in the following poem, & most appropriate to this winter's resurgence of their recent Star Wars film festival.

Billions and Billions

billions and billions
a favorite scientist
astro physicist
I do believe
ahead of his time
my time
your time
that space and time
universal thought
engages the most
brilliant and the ordinary


of an infinite

we have always known
that the here and now
always moving
in the zen
of a you

that's to always be a me
a part
of the you


our billions




Thank you Carl Sagan for sharing your ideas of infinite possibalities.
Am continuing with creative thoughts this winter, & looking forward to reuniting this coming springtime with friends of ole, of whom we love & hold so very dear, & who continue to inspire.
May peace be with you.
Spiral Galaxy M100

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Invitation To Join In & Enjoy The Colors Of These Winter Lights

Greetings to all the Peace Garden People,

Wanted to leave everyone with a bit of a light show before the end of this weekend. The colorful photos above were taken this afternoon at the Connecticut Science Center which is on the northern banks of the magestic Connecticut River, in Hartford. Hartford is the capitol city of Mark Twain's, Connecticut, of where he is known to have written the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Near Full Moon's Light On Black History Month

Near Full Moon's Light

what's dot
the day is done
no yawn's
been spun
we've had our
no pun
so truth be told
we're not so old
but young we're not
that was our lot
the days did melt
such feeling spelt
sat on the bus
when they did fuss
the century's dawn
our kingdom's pawn
we kept it up
they made up stuff
it's said and done
not fair for some
the white wash's thin
the white wash's thick
it covers some
not all,
just some


Poetry A Muse In Motion, a continuation of the day, under the light of the near full moon.

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Courage of Conscience Award Presented to Greenpeace, From The Peace Abbey

News From The Peace Abbey

Courage of Conscience Award Presented to Greenpeace

Saturday, February 19th 2PM

The award will be presented on Rowes Wharf where the Greenpeace ship Arctic North is moored. Students from The Life Experience School will be present as well as staff members and friends from The Peace Abbey.

Greenpeace is an international environmental organization with offices in over 40 countries and with an international coordinating body in the Netherlands.

Greenpeace states its goal is to ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

The focus of its work is on world wide issues such as global warming, deforestation, over fishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues.

Greenpeace uses nonviolent direct action, lobbying and research to achieve its goals.

The global organization does not accept funding from governments, corporations or political parties, relying on more than 2.8 million individual supporters and foundation grants.

Greenpeace evolved from the peace movement and anti-nuclear protests in Vancouver, British Columbia in the early 1970s.

The captain of the Arctic Sunrise Joel Stewart will be present to accept the award on behalf of Greenpeace.

Emma Cassidy, former Clark University intern at The Peace Abbey and current Greenpeace staff member will be arriving for the ceremony.

The ship is open to the public from 10-4PM.

Everyone is Welcome!!

Where & When

Rowes Wharf
off Atlantic Avenue

February 19th

The Peace Abbey
2 N. Main Street
Sherborn, MA 01770-0216

Thursday, February 17, 2011

As Time Melts, That Means Snow Too

It's been awhile since sharing a poem, & I've been keeping this one in my makeshift folder, until today-

As Time Melts

If I've never been a morning person
and I've never been an
early, evening person
to get somewhere
to arrive
on time
in my
will speak to you
in person,


Well it's still early afternoon, with much to do, & distant places to go, & yes you could say I'm that sort of person, please don't take it personal, except for this-

love & peace to all & ttyl

& so completes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project.


From yet another corner of the world, I would like to introduce to you the work of a very talented, & accomplished poet-

John L. Stanizzi, I can honestly say, is one of the most gifted, & artful voices of yes, my generation. Since John's posting has only just come in, I thought it best to share what it is I have now, & promise to talk about his poetry at a future time, here at the Peace Garden.

I have been fortunate to have read his book Sleepwalking, & must say the poetry truly created music in my mind. A most alluring piece of work that I couldn't put down, & will certainly revisit & talk about again real soon.
This note & link is from our beloved poet & friend, of who I hope you too will have the opportunity to read-

"I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit my publisher There are beautiful books of poetry to look at and purchase. I'd also ask you to take a look at my two books -- Ecstasy Among Ghosts and Sleepwalking, which you can purchase on the site. If you're inclined, pass this along to your friends. Thanks." JLS

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Carpe Diem Of One's Seizing The Day, A Writer's Life

Yesterday, what a day-

It's been a long & windy road, in my mind... as I have a writing project in a first draft form which I had begun, some months ago. How to continue, where am I going with this.... not wanting to become the tormented writer, ever..... , yet knowing if I don't write it, the possibility is just that, a possibility.

What it is I've been working on is an episode in an ordinary person's life, which has far from ordinary meaning. Are my thoughts up in the clouds, reaching for the stars.... Well, yes, they probably are, after all what can I expect with my family background. And though it's a very small story, it did become a pivotal changing point. Everyone who walks this earth has at least one compelling story inside of them. It's just a matter of figuring out, which one is worth retelling. I am no different, as this small episode is a gift from a place & time deemed to retell, by taking good notes, & listening to my heart.

So as we await spring, the time has come to sit down & stop agonizing over it. To stop hemming & hawing... For the one who hesitates, has much to loose, & if one chooses to live without regrets, then carpe diem is truly the order of the day.
With that I will close by saying- Yes, & will begin this new chapter by continuing to space clear, as this winter mind, needs it so. And, the other thing I can do for starters is so plain & simple...
It's sunny, the sky is blue, & it's not too cold a day. Hmmmm.. yes I know, a good time to get out there, one foot in front of the next. Next step. It's all so very doable, recognizing the gift, of the blessings which have been given to, us all.

Amen, Amen, Amen

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daniel Berrigan An Honored Father of The Modern Day Peace Movement

Who are the people we look up to these days in this modern day peace movement, hmmmm...

Never gave it much thought really, not until this morning that is. What should I find downstairs in the cellar amongst my husband's papers, glasses & things, but the 12/10/10 issue of the National Catholic Reporter, loaned to him by our dear friend Ruth, a most devoted & informed peace activist. Ruth has told us she has been studying these issues, since growing up during WWII. And there it was a message to peacemakers right on the front page of a newspaper of sorts, which I had been ignoring. The paper had been sitting there for several days, & now that my eye reconnected with the peacemaker leading topic on the front page I figured I'd give it a through read. Never in all my life had I ever been so pleasantly surprised by a leading article in any publication, but here it was in black, white & many spectrumed colors. It was, a figure of a man, like any man, a you, & I kind of man, but then the eyes had it, there he was, the man who inspired an entire generation, the Jesuit Fr. Dan Berrigan or as he is know to the rest of us, Daniel Berrigan the peace activist priest, who demonstrated against the Vietnam War & went to prison for it, for all of us. I read the clear & concise article silently to myself, & was utterly moved to tears. Here he was speaking in Staten Island, N.Y. at the Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat House, in honor of it's 100th Anniversary, which was in part founded by Dorthy Day a co founder of Catholic Worker communities in this country, & around the world. The event was marking & honoring the life & work of Dorthy Day, & the Catholic Worker communities which are known for their international work in combining aid for the economically impoverished with nonviolent peace action work worldwide.

Information for today's posting is credited to the National Catholic Reporter/NRC, & it's reporter,
Joshua J. McElwee with photos credited to, Kenan Malkic, & can also be reached by going to this excellent paper's site at

The following quote is of the words of Daniel Berrigan, as quoted by, Joshua J. McElwee from the 12/10/10 article in the NCR-

"They shall beat their swords into plowshares"-- as he reflected on Day's long-ranging impact on him as well as as on the wider world.
Berrigan noted Day's cautionary wisdom that "we may never see the good outcome of the good we do," adding, as Day taught, that we must "do it anyway."


The Peace Garden says, thank you *all, so very, very, much. Thank you for these inspiring words to never, ever, give up, or to ever, ever, loose our hope, ever. Please help us God.


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Remembering My Grandfather's Garment District Of- The Lower East Side, NYC

Our grandchildren's Valentines proudly on display.

We had a very busy & lovely weekend with our grandchildren, my motto being- All of the fun & none of the work. Going to the movies to see, Guomeo & Jullet was at the top of our list, & we gave it three, definite thumbs up! So, no matter what anyone of the reviewers might say, this Nana & her two grand kids give it high marks & if you have a chance to see it, believe us when we say, you'll love it!
Over the weekend we all cooked together, & enjoyed the blessings & simple pleasures of learning from one another, & living in the precious moments that weave together these chaptered memories.
This brought me to, today of course, & with no deadlines of having to be here, there or anywhere, it was the perfect afternoon, to listen to my muse-

My Grandfather's Garment District, Honoring A Cloth

To my sons and grandchildren-

I stitch
and weave
a gift in

these thoughts
in a distant place
torn fibers

sixty six degrees
amazing travels
getting there

I patch my jeans, how extreme
the past

so just

the past

strongly reinforced

these moments



So concludes today's inclussion into today's addition of Poetry A Muse In Motion, it is still Valentines Day, & my husband & I have our special plans for dinner this evening.

For those who have yet to find their special someone, or for those who may be in the healing mode from what may have caused a heart to ache- We want you to know that as challenging as this time may be, you will heal, for we know this from having been there our very selves, & having shared these experiences in our human condition.

Wishing * All-- Love & Peace, in regards to yourselves, intentions & interactions with others. There is, as we have learned a true season & purpose, for everything under heaven, no matter where the garden path is. It is all a true certanity as we make our way.



Our son is the drummer for the Boston based band The Bynars, & being today is the date of the release of their new single, I just wanted to be sure it's given a special spot here in the Peace Garden. If you have the time give this link a click, & let The Bynars know what you think...