Sunday, June 20, 2010

These Days Are Zooming, & Packed With Treasures--

Each building a unique statement.
The building above is a favorite of my husband's, it is all done in a metal lattice technique.
The colorful umbrellas & the linens below, are all made of imported fabric, some from Italy.

Coffee this morning in San Fransisco, served in a giant china bowl for those who ordered a large. Works for me!
Yogurt & granola from this morning's brunch, at a local Italian Restaurant/Bakery.
Doing our own home made sign of 40 years!
Farmers Markets are a common & routine Saturday event, for San Franciscans. Hundreds of tables of farm businesses with thousands attending.
This young man is a poet, he has a portable Smith Corona typewriter on his lap, & as you can see he's quite busy at work.
The above is my fellow poet's sign, announcing what it is he does.
In the far right distance is just one of many public sculptures, see if you can locate an arrow in a bow...
Here's a better angle of it.

Today was a very vibrant street fair.
The view from the restaurant of where we had dinner this evening. In the far distance is the Golden Gate Bridge.
I photographed this VW Van for my family to have a chuckle, as we had one like this, same color & model, & drove it for a decade or more.

A busy day of taking it all in.

Today we visited with our dear friend's extended family who live here in the city on the bay. My friend M* from back in Connecticut, & who also was born & raised in the Bronx, is a dear friend that goes back to our early days of motherhood. She & I have known one another for 3 1/2 decades. During all that time we have raised our families, & have shared many of the chapters of our lives with one another. M* & her husband D* are the parents of two wonderful sons. Their eldest S* is engaged to a most charming gal, they will be getting married this July. Our reunion & the meeting of his fiance R* for the first time, for my husband & I, has made our anniversary journey, even more special.

A healthy & blessed life to all of our families, we pray.


The following photos will show a bit more detail of where we are now, & some of today's jaunts. This is our last night in San Fransisco, as tomorrow morning we leave to pick up our rental car & continue up the Pacific coast, first stop-- wine country, for our anniversary.

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