Monday, June 14, 2010

Here In Chicago On Central Time

This above photo is from the window of the shuttle van on the way to our hotel.
Lake Michigan on an overcast day, welcoming out of town guests.

A city bus, bearing a message that gets me time & time again....

We arrived at Midway Airport in Chicago ahead of schedule, touching down at about 1:40pm. My husband & I sat together at a window, just about on the right front wing. Our seating companion for the flight was a very nice young man who had grown up in Chicago, & was traveling back to the windy city to help his mother move to New England. I told him that I had lived in the Chicago area for a little time as a young girl, that I had loved it, & was so very happy to be going back there together with my husband. Other than the young children sitting behind us, with their video games blasting, it was a very good flight.

Just when the flight was nearing it's end & our pilot announced we were about 100 miles outside of Chicago, & we were going to be landing, I leaned into the slight space of my seat, where I could see the little boy sitting behind me & said, "You really ought to lower the volume on your video game, you know you're not the only person on this plane." He lowered it several decibels, it was a great help, & our landing was perfect.

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Michelle said...

Happy Trails Cher! Good for you for "parenting" that boy in the plane. It takes a village, indeed. I'm looking forward to following along on your journey!