Friday, August 28, 2009

A Bird's Eye Summer's End View*

The summer of course is just about at it's end. We visited with our son who returned from his music Tour earlier in the week. We still have yet to see The Bynars perform, as the dates & times have not been do able for us yet, but hopefully we will. Our other son breezed in for a late summer visit, his girlfriend joined us for a few days, it was great to share time together. Last night we joined in for our grandson's 7th Birthday mini celebration, the big party's tomorrow with cake & all that goes with it in a very big way.

The pup's been settling in, her dog house arrived yesterday from Omaha, Nebraska. I don't think Dolly's dared to go in it yet, though our son & his Dad placed it right in her kennel just after it's arrival. It's plastic & igloo shaped, supposedly cool in the summer & warm in the winter, time will tell.

With all the comings & goings of every one, including "us" it does get a bit emotionally exhausting, I suppose that's another reason I got the dog, for her company & loyalty & to help ease some of the constant changes that go on in any family's nest. It feels right & good this time of our life, but being an "empty nester" is not an easy exercise, to say the least.

Of all generations I suppose you could say it was ours, who were most deeply impacted by the Kennedy's; beginning with John F., his short time in office, then his sudden & tragic death, his brother Robert, another sudden, tragic death, & then the ups, downs & ups of the political career of their youngest brother Ted. Edward Kennedy proved that a man can brush himself off & come up from the shadow of his ashes & do more than survive. He did a remarkable job as a Senator all those decades, giving voice to those less fortunate & no matter a person's politics, one could not help but say, he too realized what it meant to be only human.

Edward M. Kennedy may you rest in peace.


Monday, August 24, 2009

What's Not To Love--

A morning routine begins with Dolly on the deck after enjoying her breakfast.

Every day in every way it's getting better & better in every way--

Today I slept in till 8:15am, & the day went well. Dolly's getting into a routine, & my body feels a whole lot better. She seemingly enjoys hanging around us, & stays around the yard. My husband fine tuned the kennel, so there are no more escapes. We only put her in her 12' by 12' fenced area if we are going out. Tonight we had dinner out with our son & his girlfriend, & were gone for approximately 3 hours for a gourmet dinner. No escapes from the kennel & Dolly-- "All's well that ends well." She's now in her crate in our airy & spacious cellar, for her usual overnight which she seems to like & that situation too [staying dry & clean] is also improving.

"See you in the morning Dolly." I too am getting better & better at this with every day. Which is a good thing as my work schedule kicks in on Sept. 1st & we should be jelled into a positive & workable routine.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Evening Out Without The Pup*

We finally had a night out without Dolly. It was fun to finally get out to see a movie. We saw "Julie & Julia" & give it 2 thumbs up. A very sweet movie with some interesting aspects to it's two stories, within the story, all around good acting & wonderful photography. This is not a review per say, just a positive note on a good summertime flick. It doesn't really make me want to cook any more than I already do, but I do appreciate the fine art of it, though cooking has never been one of my gifts or talents, except for baking cookies & cup cakes, that's my thing.

I put Dolly in her new kennel, she had all ready had her dinner, & a fair amount of exercise in the yard before we left for the evening. When we arrived back to our neighborhood there was a strong scent of skunk on our road, but luckily it faded as we entered our property & all. We sat in the driveway for a bit, & I wondered aloud why the dog wasn't barking. I thought that seemed odd, & I told my husband I had better check the kennel to make sure she was ok. I was somewhat concerned & all, & as I got out of the car & approached the path to her kennel who would come bounding down the stairs of our deck, but Dolly. That was a surprise & a relief, there she was taking it all in & happy to see us home too. It seems I didn't put the latch all the way down on the kennel door & that was just enough for our escape artist. I won't know till tomorrow morning what shape the deck is in, I can just image, but that can wait as I'm really not in the mood for any damage control right now & it's not going anywhere anyway. So in the AM I'll be sure to have my disinfectant spray & gloves in hand, & onward we go....

A puppy's mom's work is never done, from rising star to setting sun, something like that--

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Late Summer's View, Yet The Weeds Beckon, In Thought Too--

The bees today were hard at work, too hot for me, I drank ice tea, but I think about the bees in the zillions & their collapsing colony disease. The birds & the bees & the flowers in the trees. Human beings, why I wonder, does our specie just not get it? We get it all right, but you know how the story with humankind goes, & our few bad apples of power & greed, these individuals with all their splendor will stand in the Global Marketplace, the Global Town Square, they too wearing New Clothes as the Emperor, & then will they get it? Well, we all remember the story & who spoke the truth.

It's A Pet Party Of Sorts, With Introductions All Around--

My grandson introducing Dolly to his cat Zoey--
Bailey, I'd like you to meet your cousin Dolly--Dolly in our backyard today, a rather hot & humid-- "Dog Day Afternoon", of-- "Home On The Range"--

I was exhausted last night. My husband & I both had a good laugh when he said regarding Dolly-- "She's kicking your butt." & that she is. My joints & muscles have so many more places & spaces to say "oye" from-- wow, have I gotten soft.

I know I should have gotten up earlier this morning, but I needed to catch up on my sleep & 8:30am that was it. No complaints here.

Yesterday we took Dolly to meet her cousin, Bailey-- a bouncy, sweet, buff colored cockapoo, [our son's family dog]. She also had an-- "Encounter with A Cat, For The First Time", as she met Zoey their orange colored, sweet fluff ball; of a cat. Our son & grandchildren were thrilled with the visit, as were we; the proud-- parents, grandparents & new puppy parents-- of all, that we've evolved to be.


We've Heard From A Bynar--

These photos are of a tee shirt a fan did in support of The Bynars 2009 Tour*

We received an email yesterday, from our main Bynar, our son who's the drummer. He said he didn't call as the international phone rates are way too high, he was in Toronto for one of the Tour's gig's & "yes" they had, had bad weather up there, but it was ok. I mentioned my concern for them in my previous email regarding the tornado that came through on the day of their performance. From there they were heading for Montreal to preform & tonight their schedule says- Burlington,Vt. My husband & I are going to try to catch up with them tomorrow evening, as they're booked in North Hampton, Ma.

{The above tee was done by the brother of the drummer, our son who may some day be asked to be his brother's entertainment attorney. Time will tell as we shall see, it's all of course still evolving.}

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Summer Reading List*

I found the book, & I may have misspelled the author's name it's proper spelling is, Herriot. Another book I've selected from the shelf here is, "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" by, Douglas Adam. This book was presented as a series on PBS some years ago, & I always seemed to have missed it. Just the way it was presented made it sound so interesting. I'm gonna give it a go, especially with The Bynars on Tour, as they're-- "Back From Outer Space". They were scheduled to play in Toronto last night. An area near Toronto experienced fierce storms & a tornado touched down near the city, needless to say my thoughts are of The Bynars. I've left both a voice & an email message. As a Mom, all I can say is a line from "ET", we all know what that line is.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

From "Paws Of Hope" & Remaining Hopeful--

The above photo was taken on the hot steamy day of this sweet pup's adoption on Sunday August 9th, 2009, since then we all pretty much know the story; Dolly Madison was rescued by "Paws Of Hope", she was born somewhere in South Carolina this past April, & brought up to our neck of the woods by this very devoted nonprofit. She was placed with me by the two gals you see above, who work very hard at getting the right pup for the right home, as I shared with them our past puppy adoption stories & as of today of course, my story continues--

Last night in the early evening we met my son, daughter in law & grandchildren downtown for ice cream, a walk by the waterfall & of course-- "Main Event" being-- "Meet the Puppy". Everyone really liked her, there were thumbs up all around, which makes sense as she's really just about the sweetest & smartest pup we've ever had. Here's the quandary-- We are uncertain of her breed, as she's a rescue pup of a mixed heritage. So this is the question that has arisen from time to time on our puppy topic-- What does a new mommy/puppy owner do? How can one be sure that the new dog they are bringing into their home, that their temperament is suitable for the family's lifestyle? We are by no means animal behaviorists, but we certainly know a good dog when we've met one. This pup has only been with us since Sunday, & she has only shown aspects of a sweet nature. My husband suggested we have her checked by our long time Veterinarian who has taken excellent care of our pets for some twenty years, & has always guided us in a well balanced direction. Our son last night said that even if this pup has some breed in it that may have a bad reputation, that those reputations were due to the owners of the dogs raising them in a poor way, that we are a kind & loving family & our dogs have always reflected kind & loving personalities & we have had mixed breeds & purebreds before. Anyway today at 4:30pm we will be getting an objective opinion, this will help to guide our decision making in a way that's in keeping to what we ultimately want, a good pet, for a good home.

Which President said-- "There are no guarantees in life." I believe it may have been our Nobel Prize recipient for "Peace"-- Jimmy Carter. No matter what, we are going forward on this in a well thought out & balanced manner. I do know that no matter the dog, a dog is a dog, & even the sweetest, most gentle of breeds have been known to be provoked when in situations that evoke their original basic instints of their times way back before domestication. For that reason alone we have always been cautious with our animals for they are just that, far closer to their earliest of heritage than we humans, or are they. What's our excuse?

6:05 pm Posting of the Day, Before We Go Off For A Walk:

Our late pm appointment with our Veterinarian worked out great. Our pup has of course many breeds mixed in her, the predominant one is Beagle, of Snoopy's "peeps", how right she is as I found fresh digging in the yard from today's outing, a basic instinct, "yes" an instinct of many dogs, but Beagles are know for this. As I reminded myself, [the earlier Jimmy Carter reference & all], truth be known, we as creatures at the top of this mass chain of the animal kingdom, must remain-- aware, vigilant, & continue to do our best in all situations in which we are charged with the care of others, be it our own families, friends, all creatures, & all life forms on this beautiful planet we call earth.
For my summer reading I think I'll take out James Herott's "All Creatures Great & Small", now where did I put that book? [It would certainly help in the spell check of the author's name.]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Do I Even Have A Dog?

Why do I even have a dog, I was thinking a few minutes ago as I was dosing out on the deck? Good question I say to myself, as my life only a few days ago was rather simple & untethered for us. I thought about that after I took that power nap. I was up at 6:30am today, really that was a bit of a sleep-in break, the previous mornings I was up closer to 6. I knew what it was, what it's all about, at least some of it. I never wanted to be completely untethered, that isn't me. From a young age I've always been responsible for someone other than myself, be it my siblings, other people's children, patients, you name it, that's just who I am & how I've been woven. At times it gets a bit overly, overly as because of it going so way back I have a tendency to "feel" responsible even when I'm not. In life we have these lessons, that's just one of mine that I constantly work on.

My commitment to adopting a new pet certainly is an extension of all of that, but there's even more involved here. When my father passed on in '94, the need was re aroused, some of our children were still rather young, & I wanted to be sure that I didn't in anyway impede them from developing their own views of life by exploring & expanding their own individual worlds by becoming more protective then I all ready was, so I adopted a puppy back then. It was of course a lot of work, but fun, & my family enjoyed her company too. She's been gone from us for several years now, she too in dogie years became weak, old & ill. Our family is grown now, I'm even a grandmother & enjoying "all" of it, & of course always working on my concerns for as I said my sense of concern & responsibility is a scad overly developed, but time heals all wounds & I am most whole. We are empty nester's now, with one, or a few of our family members coming back for day, or extended visits depending on the event & variables from time to time. No matter what, my dna has me mapped first & foremost as the overly protective Mom & now of course, for the next generation, being the Nana I am. So why not a dog? I say, it's a win, win for all. My protectiveness nature becomes redirected in a more positive & productive way, having a cute, new friend, one that is loyal, & protective, well it's a nice balance to have & the added exercise though achey & exhausting at first, in the long run, creating a deep nonverbal friendship for me, is most heartfelt-- a lifetime quest of healing the heart.

Now it's that dogie smell, I must learn to solve.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts On Puppy Care & Temperament*

When it comes to puppies they tend to take center stage. I remembered this morning back to when I was a kid, there was this very cute dog in the neighborhood I lived in when I was nine. I was at my friend's house that summer afternoon sitting on her back steps & the dog of center stage was a friendly brown Cocker Spaniel pup. Me, well I always loved dogs, wasn't allowed to have any pets other than a turtle when I was five, & a dog was a dream pet for a kid like me who enjoyed playing with her friends & all, but also liked to have a good share of quiet time, for reading or just plain day dreaming. A dog in those days was always out of the realm of possibilities, so if a friend had one who was friendly I could always be counted on to be it's friend too.

I'm still in the newbie stage with our new pup. Can't really be certain of what her mix is, but she is sweet, loving, friendly, & gentle. Is that enough of a qualification to keep a dog, & incorporate it into my family, for that I will have to give it all time. The dog I was petting at my friend's house just about five decades ago, who was seemingly so very sweet, sent me to the hospital that summer for a series of stitches. As a kid I was far too trusting, & I had allowed her pup to lick my face. Big, big mistake, as she really left her mark on me with two bites to my right eyebrow. In time they healed very well & it only presents a problem if I allow fashion to get in the way of my common sense & give the A ok for them to be plucked.

So, as with all new pets, it will be necessary to take a turtle approach, slow & steady, with good training & loving care & in time I'll know if all that's mixed in with her breed-wise is a good match for us. I'll keep you posted, so far so good.

*{End of the Day Note at 9:33 pm, with one last mini walk of the evening awaiting--

Puppy care is lots of fun

Puppy care does make one run

Puppy care it has it's treats

Puppy care is on one's feet

Puppy care has many walks

Puppy care it has it's talks

Puppy care there is a mess

Do it now, so there'll be less.

In puppy care she barks & cries

In puppy care the time does fly

In puppy care I get my laughs

In puppy care there is no pass,

Puppy care, I once was young

Puppy care when day's begun

With puppy care I need my rest

When puppies care, we've done our *best.

"Ok", "I'm coming".....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A New Day & New Adventures In Puppyville--

We have a new member of our family, Dolly seems to be the name for now. She was given the name by her "Paws of Hope" family, & now that we've adopted this very laid back pooch, Dolly seems to still fit. When I finally reconvened my search for a puppy this summer, I looked at Standard Poodles, also considering; Labs, Boxers & even New FoundLands, my Aunt who is one of the dog experts in the family had encouraged me to pursue this, "Don't get a purebred" she said, "Ask some people who really know dogs. If you want a laid back dog, that doesn't jump up on you, they're out there. Rescue one. There are so many dogs that are unwanted & put down, use the Internet, be patient, you'll find one." & that's just what I did, with the help of my son who got me to a good site on Craig's List & here we are now.

Let me know what you think? It's been less than an hour since we've returned home with her & it's all way too cute & me-- well it's pure puppy joy! Why not.

*Closing Statement Of The Day-- {6:41 PM}

I've taken Dolly for 3 walks in the yard so far, every 2 hrs. is a pretty good schedule for starters. We've had one mini puddle in the house so far, & she really enjoyed having a dish of Puppy Chow all to herself, with no sharing necessary. Yesterday she was with a group of apx. 5 mixed pups, so her appetite really showed it's self today.
She seems to enjoy checking out her new yard, it's the smells that she's into. She's pretty much an Elvis-ite, a hound dog, very laid back, & with no rocking round the time, yet. Well I'm gonna get her up from her Dolly-nap, it's time for our walk, & new discoveries await.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tomorrow's The Day*

It looks like it's pretty much definite & when the new week begins our family will have a new pet. My husband & I are going to keep the name Dolly for our new puppy. I visited her today & at first decided that now is not the right time to adopt a new dog, as we have some mini traveling coming up for Labor Day Weekend, but the thought that another family would perhaps claim her became too much to bear, & as I was driving down the road this morning after saying goodbye to these sweet pups & the dedicated volunteers who work so hard to place them in good homes, the tears welled up in an unbearable way, & I had to turn my car around, drive right back up the ole country road & ask these kind folks if I could pick Dolly up tomorrow morning.

So-- we're all set for her now, my husband set up our kennel in the cellar right next to my stationary bike & tread mill, she & I will keep each other company, & I'll get back into the puppy routine, provide a good safe home, we'll go for walks, meet new "peeps", play dogie games & at the end of the day, I'll have a new friend who I know will make me laugh, smile, & teach me about her world.

Snoopy, you've certainly given good advise over the years, & I'll do my best to reacquaint myself with viewing life through the eyes & heart of a human's best friend, to be sure.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Thoughts On A Favorite Poet, We Too Drink Constant Comment Tea--

I just saw a Leonard Cohen documentary & was totally blown away by the depth of this humble human being. The genius in his poetry put to song, an eternal sadness in the irony of it all, painful to feel, yet richly beautiful. That is our life, our collective consciousness-- our human condition.

After viewing this film my first emotion was pure love & acceptance, not only to those that are my sunshine to get along with, in-- living this life, but especially to the individuals who I have perceived, as to having had given me grief, to them I remain truly grateful for the opportunities of growth. With this growth my renewed desire to visit the Peace Abey becomes a more focused thought. I am totally re newed, re inspired, & re acquainted with a mind that allows me to absorb what it is I have always know. Leonard Cohen has given us yet another spiritual avenue, sharing with us the valuable thread we all weave.

For God is with us, in our joys, in our sorrows & all the spaces in between.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Close To Making Up My Mind*

& Yes It's Been Slow & Steady--

Well I've been looking for a new puppy all summer. A call came in this evening from: "Paws of Hope" a nonprofit rescue organization out here in our neck of the woods. This little cutie is calm, sweet & very smart. She may very well be the one, I think this weekend will be the day I officially adopt this doll of a "Dolly". They call her Dolly & why not, I like Dolly Parton, she too is smart & is a cutie!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Letting Go*

My husband of 39 years. We were at Harkness Memorial Park, Waterford, Ct. getting a good view of the Long Island Sound, the ocean of our youth, before embarking on a most perfect bike ride.

As you can see the beauty & the power of nature speaks for it's self-- "The power & the glory, for ever & ever, *Amen*
Creativity & talent, must be nurtured, & expressed in order to fully blossom & grow. That's how it's done on earth, & they are back from outer space, so there they go--

I was talking with a dear friend this morning we planned for an up coming visit, but this one certainly sufficed. We touched upon many topics, but the one that resonates so very deeply is the one about letting go. Children grow up, we want them to go out into the world & lead well adjusted lives, parents grow old, when they leave they take part of us with them, our childhoods, & we of course grow older, God willing eventually old, but certainly not an adventure for cowards.

This very evening our youngest, our son of 23, was leaving from his home in Boston with his friends for a 2 week tour with their band "The Bynars". Yes, taking their show on the road & perhaps to a city near you. Their first stop; New Haven, Ct., promoting their most recent CD-- "The Bynars Back From Outer Space". I think they sound great. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Of course she would say that, she's the Mom." But I do know good music when I hear it, they have a modern tight sound, with a spacey edge. That's them-- "The Bynars Back From Outer Space".

So what does a woman like me do, with all this out of the nest flights going on? "That's right, take flight." It's my true, true way-- travel a bit out of my comfort zone, make plans to go to Michigan to my cousin's son's wedding, continue to pursue having our Children's Book published, & yes, finally get a dog. There's a new puppy out there somewhere that's just, just right, I'll find it & we'll have a new friend.

These changes are hard for me, a real challenge, but I can learn, grow & adapt. When life brings forth these major changes & adjustments, I find going to the sea, helps me to truly see. I look way out, as the land & the sky meet the vast ocean, the colors & the light, the air all around, & I know for these brief moments, as I take this experience into my fuller days, yes "life is beautiful", inner & outer space.

*Post Script of 8/8/09 at 4:40 pm} I just spoke to my son, The Bynars did not make it to their gig in New Haven last night, it seems there were some technical difficulties, it was in Worcester that their car broke down. The engine was turned off, for one reason or another & wouldn't restart, that was it, a no go. As we speak they're heading on a train to NYC, for yet another gig. As any mother would hope & pray, we are forever hoping & praying for the very best, indeed.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Far Reaching Possibilities--

The above is of my cousin's relief wall sculpture, can you tell what it is? 

My dear friend & coauthor & I have continued to make wonderful progress on our Children's Book.  We really like the proposed sketches that have been sent our way & have proposed only a few minor changes.  This is a very new & exciting venture for us, though I've been telling & reading stories to children all my life, this is the first time a project like this has ever been attempted on our part, so as Luke & his friends have said soo many times before--- "May the force be with us.", {turtle I am, Yoda-speak}

At the end of the day, I often find reassurance & a quiet friend indeed when I visit the web site of Deepak Chopra, his philosophy & wisdom is far reaching.  You too may enjoy it & can visit him anytime that is good at -- [].  The internet with all that it has to offer, the positive that is, has certainly brought forth a world of immense & far reaching ideas & possibilities.

May peace be with you.