Monday, June 14, 2010

The Show Is On The Road

Here we are at Navy Pier, with the vivid colors & shapes. This evening there was a high school graduation going on in the ball room, & in another section of the pier a group of teenagers were waiting to board one of the ferry's for a class trip. On another section of the pier was a group of adults all dressed up, also about to board for a social event on Lake Michigan, dinner perhaps ?

This wonderful young man, Todd, is working hard towards earning enough hours to become a Boat Captain, here in the City of Chicago. Todd offered to take our picture, & shortly after he had the boat taxi's Captain make an announcement regarding our 40th wedding anniversary, which the captain did on the boat's speaker system. It was very sweet & fun. Thank you Todd, you'll make a really good Captain & you're an excellent Ambassador of the city.

Flag Day on Lake Michigan. The Chicago Braves recently won the Stanley Cup, & the Brave's flag has been on display & flying throughout the city.

We had only a very slight breakfast, & cheese crackers & peanuts on the plane, so our early dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe, in a glass faced building on The Miracle Mile, was a gourmet delight. This is the gentleman who seated us at the restaurant. The people of Chicago have been generous in friendliness & spirit. So far we New Englanders give thumbs up, on all marks.

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