Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Laughter At Breakfast Continued--

Here's the google map of where Werner & Annemarie live in Varel, Germany. Computers provide us with our modern day, cave painting communications, worldwide, it does provide us with a window on the world for sure.

After Bill & Sue left for their day to do some out door nature treking, we met--
Werner & Annemarie, who are from Varel Germany.

It must have been Werner's friendly smile, & Annemarie's sweetness that was extended our way, that got us to chat with one another a bit. Werner showed us on his PC through google maps just where they live in Germany. We told them we were from Connecticut, & he asked if we knew Bradley. Bradley I asked, do you mean Bradley Airport, & he said yes, that he was a pilot & had flown into Bradley before. He is retired from flying now, & he & his wife Annemarie, who they said were married for about [?] apx. 17 years, or so [if I get the # wrong please excuse, as I'm really not very good with remembering numbers]. Werner & Annemarie, left on their long trip on 6/16, departing just 2 days after we did. They had also done a stop in Chicago to visit with family or friends, & had been traveling across the U.S. & finally to Point Reyes where we met this morning.

Werner had us laughing so, so much, & the hostess at the lodge gently asked us if we were done with breakfast yet. We said we were all set, & then Werner & I made these remarks as to how they really need to stop having all these friendly people stay here, as it's a real problem. That was quite a laugh, especially when my husband kicked in with his dentist joke, & Werner's "dirty people club" joke. We added the [yes I'm sorry to admit, if our family is reading this], I retold my husband's "Picasso toilet paper joke".

How's that for the morning news of the day....

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