Saturday, January 1, 2011

May 2011 Be A Time Of Continued Hope & Goodwill To All- A Pledge For The 21st Century On 1/1/11

The first sharing of a poem for 2011, is written in a style I am sure you will recognize. It is to be my very first submission for this year's Poetry A Muse In Motion Project.
This poem which came through me is of us all, & is written in the form of a pledge. It is therefore- not solely for any one person, community or nation, but for us all-

A Pledge For The 21st Century

I pledge allegiance to this earth

of the planetary solar system,

and to the orbit

of which it spins

one world


with elements,




for all.


As the New Year, continues with all of it's newness, truly--

May Peace Be With You

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© 2010 by Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

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