Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After The Party, In The Still New Year

Yesterday we traveled into the urban area outside of Hartford. My husband, & I each had a few errands to do. For about an hour or so I enjoyed my time at Rein's Deli having a coffee & a bagel, wrote two poems, & a short story as I relaxed. It was the first time I've had a little R & R since the holiday season began. It certainly felt good-

After The Party

at the Deli
from the Bronx
ordered bagel
no, not lox

cheesecake, apple
pie's delight
please, just coffee
hit's the spot

will see a movie
this PM
about a King
his Speak
that thing

we're winding down
from holiday chores
we live a life
and nothing more


We saw the movie The King's Speech, & must say it was *most excellent. I don't know how many programs or movies you have seen about the Royal Family, but it seems like I've seen zillions. This current movie is definitely worth seeing. There are aspects of true humanity portrayed in this very compelling story. Certainly a very small chapter of life in the monarchy, but nonetheless, a chapter for the everyman. If you have a chance, do check it out, & let us know what you think.

Well that about wraps up today's Poetry A Muse In Motion's, episode. Here's wishing everyone, a continuation of all that is good in 2011, as we travel on...

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