Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Friends The Quakers Standing For Peace Today, At Coolidge Corner, Brookline, Ma.

Standing patient & tall, for what they have always stood for in a most peaceful way...

This gentleman working the ticket booth at the Collidge Corner Theatre, is wearing important information right out there for one & all--

Just a small update of magnetic info posted at the Brookline Booksmith, a really cool independent bookstore, where time melts...
A jaunt into Boston, quite the mecca for the senses & the mind. It was balmy enough today for a fair amount of snow melt, which is a good thing, as we'll be bracing once again for another storm soon. We've been wanting to get into the city to visit our son, in celebration of his 25th birthday.
Always special these moments, the milestones that mark the celebratory occasions of our so very human, human experience.

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