Thursday, January 13, 2011

Embarking On A New Day, On Planet Earth

The above views were at 8:20am, & after getting myself prepared with all the layers it will be cold out there, I now have the power of the mighty coffee bean. It's off now to our digging our way out project, as there will be billions & billions, to shovel....
This is Dolly of course, her last jaunt on the moon before going into her kennel last night. Our winter landscape does have a rather other worldly beauty. Mother Earth the most incredible & creative artist that we will ever know.

As kids in New England we always loved our snow days. Not quite as easy for those that have to get out there & shovel, plow & drive in it, but nonetheless for today I'll enjoy this other worldly beauty for a bit more time, even when we're out there shoveling.

A winter wonderland in our neck of the woods, with calorie free cupcakes [can you find the cupcake] & views of nature so simple yet pristine.

Safe travels everyone, & in this other worldly landscape, "may the force be with us all."

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