Saturday, January 8, 2011

To The Children Of Planet Earth, Amongst The Trees-

One lives in the mind, as one lives in the world. We move, we breathe, we share ideas, we live a life. All good, all interesting, & all factoring in.

I shared Four & Twenty Blackbirds + A Thousand Or Two, several days ago. Part II is coming forward, it's chapter is titled, Amongst The Trees.

Amongst The Trees

Sitting in a forest, far, far away... A child sitting quietly thought to himself, most silently, for a few long minutes, he then gave his mother a quick tug, on her long worn sleeve...

"..... but, where are they now, where are they going..?"

"Humankind", Gaia answered, as her deep beautiful eyes, as deep as the purple blue of a mountain range, pooled with tears, "Humankind", she continued, "they are all going..", she took a deep sigh,
"they are all going to the mall...
to the mall of dusty mines,
acid water,
and blackened seas.."

She sighed again, and heaved simultaneously,
"I have cried from the beginning of time, to the centuries of now, but humankind is wasteful and selfish in their stewardship of our beloved home. We have spoken up, have given warnings, with the birds, and the fish, our silent messengers, united in their spirits with the winds. It is now so very, very sad to watch this beauty, our beauty, plummeted to such depths.
You asked me my child, of this humankind, the human beings that walk amongst us, where are they, where are they going..."

{ You be the one to decide what's next, is it to be, as the story was originally written, which is included below.... ? }

Gaia continued, "It breaks my heart to think these thoughts, for the wave has come. You ask where humankind is going? The past tells, that the now is a wave of addictions that are so very hard to cure....
They are going, yes they are going, going, going gone.... be it.. to the mall."


So concludes today's addition of Poetry A Muse In Motion. We will visit again soon, & until that time, please share thoughts of plu,m / peace, love & understanding, with those you encounter along the way, as we will all continue to remain hopeful, & do our very best to right this story, as best we can, & to always, listen.


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Anonymous said...

wow... getting heavier and heavier... nice writing..

Mike Champ said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Your last lines say it all...Are there any answers? Only time will tell...but what is the alternative? Well written, Cheryl. b. Malin