Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Night Flakes of Snow, Good Night

Good night Dolly,
Good night snow
Good night winter,


Not truly a poem, but the entire day's been rather poetic. Thus competes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project. Of course I do love winter, my husband's birthday is tomorrow 1/27, & our son's was 1/18. So what's not to love.
Mighty winter, please just lightened up with the storms already, just a wee little bit, just a wee. For we now have over three feet, yes over, one yard stick, of snow on our deck. That's a bit much, & we're running out of peanut butter. Thank goodness I'm all set with coffee, but in all actuality peanut butter is a staple here, but that's ok, we'll get ourselves plowed out. All in good time, until the next storm that is.

Happy winter everyone!

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