Monday, January 10, 2011

The United States of America, Sharing A Sad Chapter

To Our Peace Garden Visitors,

I would feel rather remiss if I didn't share thoughts regarding the tragic topic of what recently occurred in Tucson, Arizona this past Saturday January 8, 2011.

This Peace Garden blog is basically a forum promoting & advocating ideas & ways of peace, as individuals, communities & nations continue in their efforts in working towards a peaceful world.

A person does not need to be an animal biologist, historian, psychiatrist, social scientist, therapist or social worker [or other professions of specialized studies which of course can be added to this chain of thought], to know that human beings can be a very angry, violent specie. Our predisposition to violence is prehistoric & in many ways animalistic due to the way we've been wired. But these are modern times, we really do know better. Whether or not an individual suffers from a mental illness condition, it is not a blanketed excuse, for human beings to do violence upon one another.

I for one don't have any original solutions, but I will add this; individuals with mental illness walk amongst us here, & in societies all over the world. Does the U.S. have more per/capita of the population of these individuals walking the streets of society, then elsewhere in the world?
Does the voting population in our country realize how prevalent, lack of quality mental health care is, here in the U.S.? Only recently we were faced with a similar tragic incidence at a military base where the so called psychiatrist, who was part of the military, totally lost control & innocent people were forced to suffer the consequences.

This is not a quick fix solution. It will take a reexamining of what is going on in our fast paced society, of detachments, abandonment, latch keys, & the prevalence & reinforcement of violence on our airwaves, in the market place, in the homes & on the streets, which are the first & early staging, the smaller, yet leading up to; the larger elementary tools being, drones, missiles, & other weapons of mass destruction.

Why do I say this, as we all already know. I say this from the mind & heart of the prospective of an ordinary person, trying to fathom & make sense out of what many of us knew to be most insane. Many of us still remember when we were herded out to the hallways by our well meaning teachers to stand together when the siren's long, deafening blast went off. We all had our faces up against the wall, with our arms folded at the back of our heads, covering our necks, being told that this would save us. That, & the under our desk's locations, those episodes were our living life lessons of, living in the cold war in the nuclear age. We were mostly herded into those situations for our protection we were reassuringly told, to protect us from flying shards of glass.

Fast forward, & here we are now. Let us continue to put forth ideas which will bring forth solutions for a lasting peaceful society here in our beloved country. It will take more than pablum, or band aids & no amount of time being herded into positions of so called imaginary safety will bring forth solutions for quality mental health care, as this is a very real illness of our society, & the sooner we face it & begin to remove some of the factors & elements that have gotten us to this place, the better off U.S. society will be, & with that a better world.

Our prayers of condolences to the families of the six people who's lives have been cut short, & our prayers of healing & recovery to the 14 wounded. This is a very sad chapter in the history of our nation. "We are the world, we are the children..." The American people are all of us, & we pray, work, & yearn for true peace & healing. *Please, help us God.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing an excellent piece on this sad and senseless tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go to those families, whoe's lives are now changed forever. The little girl born on 9/ll and among the dead, sums it all up so sadly...what next, what next. b. Malin