Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Social Networking & Staying On Track In The Facebook Era

There are only so many hours to a day, & some of us tend to be more easily distracted than others. I tend to be one of them. I know I have that "a" personality trait, as my history with it goes back, to those peer pressure moments of a teenager with cigarettes, sweets, & coffee, need I say more. Though now I have strategies to combat some of these lures, & here we are in another era. With distractions of a multiple pixel, I will have to once again find a way to discipline myself, otherwise the end results will be as meaningless as one of those crumpled up notes I sent flying around our freshman algebra class. Always striving as the great communicator back in the day, but with a rather mixed up, useless mission. No, not a pretty picture, which led to four years of total useless rebellion.

That was then & this is now-

The beauty & gift of being on facebook for me, has been hearing from friends from a way back time, some as far back as when we were barely teens. Friends of whom we shared some very meaningful chapters, doing things together, & knowing one an other's families too. Only last night yet a new chapter, having been contacted by a cousin who I haven't seen in decades for an im chat, of who's mom, my aunt, she & I visited with, also for the first time in decades. It is all these recent encounters of reconnecting that has put the "awe", for me in this new age, social networking phenomenon.

So here it is, I am finding a re visiting of a challenge, where I find myself easily distracted, especially wanting to be part of this zooming social network. I must continue to work on this, as the "a" personality will always be part of who I am, but it is I who must be in the control tower of my creative endeavors, "I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul", [William E. Henley's, Invidious, 1875, & embraced by Nelson Mandela, 20th century], to not allow myself to click my days away.

So that's my renewed realization, that the key is moderation, & I will begin to work on it in a more disciplined way, & , "forever hold my piece/peace".
I want to stay connected enough for the propose & realization, that it is what it is. Just like any of the other aspects of a modern day life, too much can be too much, & as the Jewish folk writer, Issac B. Singer, said, "Just enough is plenty".


I do really enjoy this era of facebook, & will just have to discipline myself, to relearn the fine art of time management, & balancing.
Please help me God, *Amen*

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