Monday, January 3, 2011

A Breakfast Of Champions With My Pup Dolly

There she is that little mug & in all honesty, she adopted me. Now she's got me where she wants me. It's a true reciprocating friendship Dolly & me, as we can each drive the other nuts, I'm sure. Dolly especially likes acorns, & hickory nuts, I've been told.
New England products are especially good, as they are made with old fashioned quality.
A perk for me, is she really does do a much better job at getting those forgotten areas on the floor than I do.
And when she does allow herself to slowdown, she can really be quite pensive. Perhaps she's a poet too. Yes, I think perhaps she may be. We'll have to further explore that one together Dolly. You never know....

Good morning world. It was certainly a breakfast of champions, here in our corner of the world. Dolly is still missing her transformer for her e-collar, & due to this, the benefit for her has been an A+ situation with far more perks than she could have ever imaged! Her transformer is less than fifty miles away, but due to the holiday weekend, it's not due for it's arrival until sometime today. We certainly hope they've sent the correct one this time, as we're now on round two. Dolly pretty much gives us the impression that she's now trained to stay within her designated acre here on the property, but really would you trust that mischievous, loving face.
The plus for her today was to be in the kitchen this morning, & also the yolk from the egg when I was making pancakes. She of course got a few pancakes too, as her kitchen manners were outstanding. No syrup though, as one of us must stay slim & fit for the New Year, so we'll inspire one another. Team work, it's all doable.

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